Top 10 Best 3/2 Wetsuit For Surfing

Surfing can be a fun activity for people of all ages. However, the surf is not always warm enough to wear just shorts and a t-shirt. To stay protected from the cold water, you must have the right wetsuit for surfing.

If you are looking for one of these suits or if you want to know more about how they work, then this blog post is perfect for you. We will provide information on some of our favorite 3/2 wetsuits as well as tips on what size and style would work best for your needs. Read on to learn more about what we recommend.

1. What are wetsuits?

Wetsuits are commonly used by surfers for protection against cold water, or by swimmers in the sport of swimming. Wetsuits are made of foamed neoprene. The foamed neoprene is often referred to as wetsuit material or just wetsuit. The wetsuit is a very tight-fitting suit that insulates a layer of air between layers of wetsuit material which provides insulation between the user’s skin and the water.

This region contains some blood vessels close to the surface, so limiting heat loss here will keep core temperature up even when environmental conditions would otherwise cause rapid heat loss such as in cold water (i.e., less than 5 °C).

2. How to Choose Best best 3/2 wetsuit for surfing?

best 3/2 wetsuit for surfing is the best top wetsuit that comes with high-quality material that maintains warmth & flexibility for a longer time.

3. Best 3/2 wetsuit Guide

Wetsuits are designed to keep your body temperature normal through the water. It is made up of neoprene with nylon lining.

  1. Material

The warmest 3/2 wetsuit has spandex or rubber side panels that increase flexibility and construct it stitched with polyester thread. It makes them durable too.

  1. Fit

The fit should be very flexible and stretchy so that you do not feel tight or constricted. The best 3/2 wetsuit for surfing should be able to fit in easily without any trouble.

  1. Flexibility

best surfing wetsuits need to make you flexible enough in the water, so they should offer maximum flexibility when you are moving your elbow and arms to give strong turns over the waves.

  1. Neck entry 

When you bend down, you should not feel that your neck will slip out because of loose material at the neck. It should provide good support when entering the water with heavy currents under harsh conditions.

  1. Seams

Seamless stitching makes them the best 3/2 wetsuits, as it reduces the risk of getting cut by the frayed warmest 3/2 wetsuit. Seams also reduce flexibility and the 3/2 wetsuits have to be designed with that in mind.

In short wetsuit for surfing should fit well, be made up of high-quality material, and be stitched closely without any outer skin or plastic showing up at the seams.

There are tons of different brands and styles out there—some better than others—so we’ve made a list of some of our favorite 3/2 wetsuits.

Top 10 Best 3/2 Wetsuit For Surfing

1. O’Neill Men’s Reactor II 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit

The 3/2mm Reactor II Wetsuit from O’Neill is a great all-around 3/2 wetsuit for surfing. It comes with additional features which include an ultra-soft interior face seal for comfort, highly flexible kneepads so you have an easier time on the board, and super-stretch neoprene panels that conform to your body movement.

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This 3/2mm full-length wetsuit is ideal both in and out of the water due to its quick-drying properties. The 3/2mm Reactor II is designed for surfers who are looking for nothing more than a 3/2 full wetsuit that provides flexibility and warmth without weighing them down with excessive insulation.


  • 3MM thick throughout the body
  • Made from O’Neill Superfreak 3/2mm neoprene
  • 3-Zipper front entry for easy on and off
  • Chest Zip Entry makes it easier to get into the suit.
  • Two hands warmer pockets allow you to warm up your hands after a long day out on the water.
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2. Lemorecn (16 Sizes) Wetsuits Men’s Neoprene 3/2mm Full Body Diving Suit

This 3/2 full-body neoprene wetsuit is great for both diving and surfing because it provides warmth and flexibility. They provide 3/2mm thickness, which helps retain heat and keep you warm even in colder water than 3mm. This material is also stretchy enough to increase movement without compromising warmth.


Additionally, these 3/2 wetsuits have been created from the highest quality materials available today. The outside of this 3/2mm wetsuit features a PVC coating to protect against abrasion as well as help reduce the sinking effect that heavy 3mm suits may cause. Many divers love this 3/2 full-body design because they can use it over a T-shirt in warmer waters.

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In addition to 3/2mm thickness, the 3/2 wetsuit features wrist and ankle cuffs with adjustable hook and loop closures which can help compliment a more comfortable fit. In addition, these 3/2mm wetsuits have been seam-sealed using an innovative process called hydrolock which ensures that no water gets inside of the suit. The 3/2 full body 3mm wetsuit is available for men; it also comes in 16 different sizes so you are sure to find something that will fit you perfectly.


  • Designed for all water sports
  • Maximum comfort and durability
  • Made with premium neoprene
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3.  Rip Curl Men’s Dawn Patrol Warmth 3/2mm Chest Zip Wetsuit Black

The 3/2mm Dawn Patrol Zip 3/2mm Wetsuit from Rip Curl has been by our side for years. The 3/2mm neoprene is ultra stretchy, allowing increased movement in the water without sacrificing warmth or flexibility. We have never had a complaint about this suit, only compliments when it comes to how warm and flexible this wetsuit is.

3D molded collar reduces slipping while maximizing comfort. Exceptional upper body flexibility through the arms, shoulders & chest. Raglan sleeve design enhances upper body flexibility allowing increased range of motion in this critical area which is often restricted by full-length zips.

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Quick-release lower back panel provides access needed to get your wetsuit off quickly. Warm flat-seam construction reduces seam chafe at ankles and wrists while increasing comfort. Contoured underarm panels provide unrestricted flexibility and thermal protection. 3mm high-density black neoprene panels on the lower legs for increased warmth and durability in key abrasion areas.

Lightweight kneepads with a 3mm layer of black neoprene protect your knees from the elements while walking out to the lineup without restricting movement when diving through waves. Ergonomic nylon-lined Kneepad Pockets make it easy to add or remove kneepads.


  • 3/2 means neoprene thickness decreases cold water chills
  • Flash lining with a durable exterior coating
  • Chest zip entry for easy on/off
  • 3/2mm
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4.  Rip Curl Women’s Dawn Patrol Back Zip 3/2 Wetsuit

Hands down, the 3/2 wetsuit by Rip Curl is one of the best 3/2 mm wetsuits for women. It provides a high level of flexibility which allows a range of motion to perform stunts and tricks on your surfboard.

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Wearing a 3/2 mm neoprene thickness enables you to stay in the water longer which means more time surfing. This 3/2mm has been designed with styles and colors that will easily fit into your lifestyle as well as your budget.


  • 3 mm chest and back panel
  • 2 mm arms
  • Stretchable Yamamoto #38 Neoprene
  • 100% Super Stretch 3D Tape
  • 50mm Back Zipper
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5. XCEL Men’s Comp X 3/2mm Chest Zip Wetsuit

The XCEL 3/2mm Chest Zip Wetsuit is the ultimate in flexibility with its soft-stretch neoprene and flex zones. The 3/2mm chest zip wetsuit has a closed-cell interior seal, a double injection knee & shin pad, a diamond flex zone at the elbow, and exterior ankle articulation panels. This 3/2mm wetsuit will have you performing at your best in the water.

Xcel men’s 3/2mm full cut 3d speed suit black Used only once for surfing Great condition Size L Made from 3D spandex material that hugs your body for an unparalleled fit. 3D seamless underarm panel Enhances your range of motion.

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The 3-D speed suits hydrophobic lining Faster glides through the water. 3d shoulder and sleeve panels Allow unrestricted stroke length Diamond flex knee pad Expansion zones for flexibility without sacrificing durability.

3/2mm thickness is Warmer than a 3/2mm but not as thick as a 3/4mm Flex zones at the elbow and heel Increases flexibility and range of motion Speedseal exterior. ankle zipper Provides easy entry while eliminating flushing Glued and blind stitched Seamless construction increases comfort Durable fire-retardant material Meets all C.A.R.B regulations.


  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Maximum warmth
  • Easy Entry System
  • Balanced shoulder design
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6. Bare Men’s 3/2mm Revel Wetsuit

This wetsuit is ideal for cold weather surfing in coastal waters or on the lake. It will keep you warm and comfortable throughout your entire surfing session.   Bare 3/2mm Revel Wetsuit – 3/2mm thick neoprene offers plenty of insulation and warmth but remains flexible, making it ideal for surfing in cool waters.

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The 3/2 design provides a flexible thickness for warmth and flexibility, helping you enjoy every moment of your surfing session. 3/2mm thick neoprene offers enough insulation to protect you from freezing water temperatures without limiting mobility or dexterity.


  • Vitora lining (for thermal protection)
  • Mizzen exterior (moisture management)
  • L exterior (ultra-strong, reduces stretch up to 20%)
  • 3D molded chest & back (shape retention)
  • GBS seams (seamless interior)
  • YKK #8 zippers (watertight seals)
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7. Billabong Women’s 3/2 Salty DayZ Full Wetsuit

The Billabong 3/2 Salty DayZ Full Wetsuit 3/2mm is made with extremely stretchy water-tight neoprene that helps keep your body warm. The 3/4th zipper makes it easy to take this full wetsuit on and off.

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The Salty Dayz wetsuit features a signature style and progressive performance, with cutting-edge technology that includes chest zip as well as a mix of Graphene Recycler Plus thermal lining. It’s equipped with palm-printed panels for added flair blended seamlessly throughout the whole outfit.


  • Features 3/2mm neoprene throughout
  • 3/4th front zipper
  • Hydroshield internal chest panel Booty
  • 3D seat Construction
  • 100% Super Stretch 3/2mm neoprene
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8. Rapido Boutique Collection Men’s Equator Superior Flex Stretch Neoprene Wetsuit

The Rapido Equator 2.5mm Neoprene Back Zip Short Sleeve Spring Wetsuit is the perfect suit for those who have a passion for surfing or spearfishing. It has superior flex stretch neoprene construction, so it will keep you comfortable in high-performance water activities like swimming with dolphins at sunset on an island.

Paradise off guard coastlines near Baja California Sur Mexico where this product was created by one’s talented hands using only top-grade materials such as acrylics and elastane which makes sure there are no leaks whatsoever while offering ultimate comfort through its tailored fit that fits just right.


  • Made with neoprene
  • Back zip entry system
  • Breathable shorty wetsuits
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9. Bare Women’s 3/2mm Elate Wetsuit

With the energy of an explorer, Elate is designed for those who love water sports. With its 3D anatomically correct design and advanced materials, it provides ultimate performance Inuits with improved comfort level during playtime.

The ultimate in comfort and mobility has been achieved with this one-piece wetsuit. Its anatomically correct design provides outstanding three-dimensional fit throughout the entire suite, but it doesn’t stop there.

The shoulder area is ergonomically designed for added relief from pain while you’re surfing or bodyboarding; to make sure your neck stays cool under pressure we focused extra attention on making our neoprene stretchy enough so that getting dressed after long periods. Out of water becomes effortless–literally seconds before starting up again just get back into yours quickly without worrying about any snags catching hold because its buttery soft exterior finish protects against scratching.


  • Zipper System
  • Made with neoprene
  • Low-profile collar tab
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10. O’Neill Women’s Reactor-2 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit

The O’Neill 3/2mm Reactor is perfect for riders who need more flexibility and comfort. Excellent buoyancy control in the torso area provides a balance between warmth and flex, while extra flexible 3/2mm neoprene in key areas ensures this 3-piece wetsuit is ultra-comfortable.

The 3/2mm women’s Reactor 3-pc.suit is created for the surfer girl who likes to take their 3-piece suit to the max.


  • Neoprene Rubber
  • Imported
  • Zipper closure
  • Ideal Entry Level Value-Driven Wetsuit
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1. Is a 3/2 wetsuit warm?

3/2 wetsuits are something of a sweet spot when it comes to warmth. It’s 3mm thick in the torso and arms, making 3/2 surfing wetsuits thicker, warmer, and more suited to colder conditions than summer 3/2 suits.

2. What temperature is a 3/2 wetsuit good for?

3/2 3mm suits are good for in-between cold and really cold water. They can work down into the high 40’s or even low 50’s, but 3/2 3mm wetsuits excel when it is 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. What is the most flexible wetsuit for surfing?

3/2 3mm wetsuits are the most flexible and comfortable 3mm suits. 3 2 wetsuits hug tightly to your body and provide plenty of warmth, making 3/2 3mm wetsuits an ideal choice for those surfing in deep water.

4.  Are 3/2 wetsuits bulkier than 4/3’s?

4/3 suits are thicker than 3/2, so they will be bulkier as well as warmer. 3/2 3mm surfing wetsuits will generally be as bulky as a spring suit without being as thick or heavy.

5. What brand makes the best men’s 3-2 full suits?

Patagonia 3/2 3mm wetsuits are great for surfing and offer a classic look and fit. However, they’re also on the more expensive side of 3-2 full suits.

Xcel 3/2 3mm wetsuits tend to be less expensive than Patagonia 3/2 3mm suits but still provide excellent warmth and overall high quality. They’re perfect for professional surfers or advanced amateurs looking to stay warm in cold water.

6. What wetsuit should I buy for surfing?

3/2 3mm suits are great for surfing in cold water. 3/2 3mm wetsuits are also exceptionally flexible and comfortable, making them perfect for long-term wear. 3/2 3mm wetsuits will provide excellent warmth yet will generally be less expensive than 4/3’s or 5/4’s.

However, 3/2  suits can also work in water up to the high 50s Fahrenheit when they’re paired with thick neoprene gloves and boots.

Overall, 3/2 3mm suits offer good warmth, flexibility, and value that is hard to beat.

7. What is the difference between 4/3 and 3/2 wetsuits?

3/2 3mm wetsuits are thicker than 4/3 3mm suits, 3/2 3mm suits also offer greater warmth and comfort as well as better flexibility. 3/2 3mm wetsuits excel when the water is 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit but can work in water as warm as the high 50s.

4/3 3mm suits will always be bulkier and heavier than 3/2 3mm suits, which can make a huge difference to you if you’re surfing long sessions or where there’s a lot of swells.

However, for very cold water (below 50 degrees) 3/2  suits may not be thick enough to keep your body warm without adding gloves and boots.

8. How tight should a wetsuit be?

3/2 wetsuits need to fit snugly. 3/2 3mm surfing wetsuits should be tight enough that you can wear a thin thermal layer under them. At the same time, your 3 2 3mm suit shouldn’t be so tight that it’s uncomfortable or leaves red marks on your skin.

3/2 3mm suits work best when they’re worn with a neoprene hood and gloves and booties. 3/2 3mm surfing wetsuits will also keep you warmer if you wear a good thermal undersuit.

Neoprene socks are optional but recommended for serious surfers who spend long hours in cold water waiting for waves.

In terms of flexibility, 3/2  suits will always be more flexible than 3/2 3mm suits. 3/2 3mm surfing wetsuits will also be easier to get on and off, making them a good choice for surfers who wear 3/2 3mm full suits throughout the winter.

9. Is it better to have a tight or loose wetsuit?

3/2 3mm wetsuits are meant to be tight — 3/2 3mm surfing wetsuits are not. 3/3 3mm suits will always be bulkier and more insulated than 3/2 3mm suits, making them less flexible.

3/2  suits are good for warmer water because they allow a maximum range of motion without sacrificing warmth or comfort.

However, 3/2 3mm wetsuits tend to be much cheaper than 4/3’s or 5/4’s so if you’re looking for something that will keep you warm in the coldest water possible then 3/3  suits may still be your best bet.

10. How do I know if my wetsuit is too small?

3/2 3mm suits that are too small will leave red marks on your skin and may even leave you feeling like your circulation is cut off. 3/2 3mm wetsuits need to fit snugly and shouldn’t be so tight they either make it difficult to move or feel uncomfortable.

If you can’t move, if it feels like your circulatory system is being cut off, or if there’s a gap between the neck of the suit and where your collar bones meet (where you’d expect to see a crease) then 3/2  suits aren’t right for you.

11. What do you wear under a hired wetsuit?

3/2 3mm suits are designed to be worn alone. 3 2 3mm suits allow a range of different underlayers to be worn, from body armor thermal layers and neoprene undersuits to thermal tops and even hoodies. 3/2 3mm wetsuits aren’t seam sealed so they require an inner thermal layer if you plan on spending more than 5 minutes in the water without a drysuit or thick gloves.

3/2  suits come with built-in internal pads that help with buoyancy as well as added insulation making them just as warm as 3/2 3mm suits when used as full bodysuits.

3/2 3mm surfing wetsuits can also work with socks, boots, and gloves for added warmth. 3/2 3mm suits are often worn with 3/3 3mm boots and gloves — they can be worn without these items but they will not provide as much insulation as a 3/3 3mm suit alone.

12. What do female triathletes wear under wetsuits?

3/2 3mm suits are the most popular choice for female triathletes. 3/2 3mm surfing wetsuits are worn by more experienced surfers who already know how to adjust their 3/2 3mm suit (3/2 3mm suits can be adjusted on the fly with velcro) and who aren’t bothered by the extra weight 3/3 3mm suits come with.

3/2  suits can be worn with any undergarment but they require an inner thermal layer if you plan on spending more than 5 minutes in the water without a drysuit or thick gloves.

3/2 3mm suits are designed for colder weather, allowing for thicker inner layers of insulation as well as different types of boots and gloves for added warmth. 3/3 3mm suits are designed for warmer weather, allowing 3/3 3mm suit wearers to wear neoprene gloves and booties with their 3/3 3mm suits for added warmth.


While different people have different preferences, the best 3/2 wetsuits for surfing are typically made of neoprene. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that’s often used to make wet suits because it has many beneficial properties including being flexible and resistant to tearing or puncturing.

Whether you need an affordable option or one with more features like quick-drying capabilities, these 10 top picks should give you plenty of options so your next surf session will be enjoyable.

Which brand of suit do you prefer? Please let us know in the comment section below. Thank you for reading this article on our blog about what type of wetsuit we recommend based on research from experts.


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