5 Best Affordable Wetsuits for Every Type of Swimmer [Buying Guide]

What should you look for when buying a wetsuit? Do you need a neoprene or a triathlon suit?

As in most things, the answer is “it depends”. And either way, you must consider your climate and geography. If it rains where you live (or if the water is cold), then get an inexpensive neoprene suit to keep yourself warm.

If not, then get something with more Lycra or another type of stretchy fabric that will help your muscles work better while swimming (and also make sure there are some seams at the back of the neck). The best thing about these best affordable wetsuits is that they come in every price range imaginable.

Buying Guide

There are a few things you need to look for when buying your wetsuit.

  • First of all, make sure that it fits well and is neither too tight nor too loose.
  • Second, take into account the entire length (from neckline to ankles).
  • Thirdly, pay attention to thickness: neoprene suits will be thicker than other fabrics like Lycra or nylon/spandex blends.
  • finally, remember about shoulder seams they should not cut across your shoulders.

Below we have reviewed our top five affordable wetsuits available on Amazon today and provided you with information on what makes them great value products.

5 Best Affordable Wetsuits

Xterra Wetsuits – Men’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit – Best Affordable Wetsuits

The XTERRA Volt triathlon suit is the ultimate for men that want to be comfortable, durable, and fast. With 3/2mm neoprene construction, it has maximum flexibility with its affordable price tag too.

The streamlined body of this wetsuit makes you feel like a champion while not sacrificing any performance features such as water resistance or breathability – making both training sessions in tough conditions as well as racing more enjoyable than ever before.

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Don’t let your friends have all those cool-looking but low-quality swimsuits when they’re ready to go into action at their next race day because now there won’t be anything standing between them & victory thanks to one incredible product.

  • Horrible Customer Service
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ZCCO Men’s Wetsuits 1.5/3mm Premium Neoprene Back Zip Shorty Dive Skin

ZCCO Men’s Wetsuits are the perfect accessory for all your aquatic needs. Made with premium materials, they have enough protection against water to keep you warm on those cool days at sea.

With a wide range of suits available in different colors and sizes that can be customized according to their preferences, these wetsuits will give an amazing look while being fully equipped with safety features so there are never any worries about getting wet again.

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just put them on swimsuit style then go enjoy some fun activities like diving underwater or playing around nearshore waters where visibility isn’t too bad but not guaranteed due to currents changing quickly.

  • Incredible custom fit for your body
  • Warmth without sacrificing mobility
  • Sleek, high-performance design
  • Affordable price tag
  • None
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O’Neill Men’s O’Riginal 2mm Back Zip Sleeveless Spring Wetsuit

O’Neill Men’s O’Riginal Wetsuit is a one-piece needle-felt neoprene rubber suit that has been imported from us. The water-tight zippers are an innovative feature of this product, making sure you stay dry in all conditions.

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This high-quality fabric also has strategically placed pure silicone slacked pannels on both arms and legs which provide extra protection against abrasion when riding your board or surfing waves for hours at a time without having sore spots due to rubbing together while wearing it.

  • Protects against friction and abrasion
  • Waterproof zippers for safety in any situation
  • One-piece suit with a high-quality fabric
  • Affordable price
  • None
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Hevto Wetsuits Plus Size Men and Women 3mm Neoprene Full Scuba Diving Suits

Hevto Diving suits are essential for water activities, such as scuba diving. A wetsuit can keep you warmer in cold waters because the material helps insulate your body with its own layer of trapped air that will warm up when heated by movement or friction against another object nearby.

The Guardian (Ⅰ) Warrior line is made from 3mm neoprene + nylon elastic fabric which keeps it light yet durable while maintaining flexibility so there’s no discomfort at all. Even during long periods underwater! Flatlock stitching makes this high-quality product’s edges look delicate but neat too.

  • Increased comfort while underwater
  • Reduced bulkiness for easier mobility
  • High quality stitching
  • Poor zipper design
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ZCCO Ultra Stretch 3mm Neoprene Wetsuit – Best Affordable Wetsuits

ZCCO’s Ultra Stretch 3mm Neoprene Wetsuit is made of a durable and sleek material that offers superior protection. It has four small zippers on the arms, legs to make taking it off or putting it on easier than ever before.

This wet suit also features a water stop sealant where you can stick your skin for an even tighter fit. Preventing much more from coming inside when wearing this suit in colder environments such as those found near boat harbors with saltwater contact areas often have higher moisture levels.

Because they’re fed by currents running through them which causes evaporation rates almost immediately rise above ambient conditions. The anticyclone design helps keep air moving freely around our body so we stay warm throughout any sort of adventure without feeling.

  • Wetsuit made of ultra-stretch neoprene
  • Four small zippers at the arms and legs
  • Anti-abrasion knee pad
  • Keep your skin warm when in water
  • Solid wetsuit for the price but definitely not a premium product
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FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is A Good Budget Wetsuit?

We recommend the TYR Hurricane 2.0 for men, which meets all of your needs without breaking your wallet. On the other hand, if you are looking for something that is more durable and offers a lot more support, we recommend the O’Neill Epic.

These are both great wetsuits at affordable prices — you cannot go wrong picking either one.

Which Is The Best Wetsuit For Open Water Swimming?

The Maelo Evo is the best wetsuit for open-water swimming. It is tight-fitting and will keep you warm, while still allowing you to swim fast.

What Is The Best Wetsuit Brand?

The best wetsuit brand is O’Neill. They are all designed to keep you warm, while still allowing you to move freely.

Which Wetsuits Are The Cheapest?

The cheapest wetsuits on this list are the TYR Hurricane 2.0, and the Jaked 20 Ultralite Wetsuit. They come with all of the features that a beginner swimmer would need at prices that cannot be beat.

What Wetsuits Do Pro Surfers Wear?

The top wetsuits that the best pro surfers wear are Quiksilver and O’Neill. These two brands come with a lot of features and benefits that you will not find on other swimwear brands, all while keeping your wallet full.

What Is The Difference Between 1 Piece And 2 Pieces?

A 1-piece wetsuit consists of front and back pieces, as opposed to having separate leg pieces as a 2-piece does. This design makes it easier to move around but makes you colder.

On the other hand, a 2-piece wetsuit comes with separate leg pieces which make it more restrictive but it keeps you warmer than a 1-piece would.

Best Way To Put On A Wetsuit?

Each wetsuit is a different fit, but they all have similar steps that you can follow. You should be standing in a bathtub or a large basin with the legs of the suit down and the open end of the suit facing upwards.

If you are putting on a 1-piece suit, pull it over your feet first, then up your body to your thighs. Try not to let any air get trapped under your arms as this will make it more difficult to put on the rest of the suit.

Lift one arm at a time into each arm-hole and then zip/close up each side accordingly before pulling over your shoulders/chest area to cover yourself completely. Then, run your fingers around all seams so there are no holes.

If you are putting on a 2-piece suit, start by putting your legs in first and moving them up to your thighs so they are inside the rubber. Then pull it over your shoulders/chest area before zipping each side closed. Make sure that your neck is completely covered as well.

 How Do Wetsuits Work?

Wetsuits help you move faster because the material keeps you warm, allowing you to swim for longer without getting as tired as quickly as you would if wearing normal clothing. They also give buoyancy support to help ease the strain on joints during training or racing.

What Are The Best Wetsuits For Surfing?

The best wetsuits for surfing are the O’Neill Wetsuits. They are durable, comfortable, well-designed, and have a lot of great features that will help them stay attached to your body as you ride the waves.

In terms of shoulder mobility, the O’Neill Wetsuits are incredibly flexible and will not restrict your movement even during all-day surfing sessions.

And if you’re looking for a full-body wetsuit with great flexibility and durability, we recommend the O’Neill Epic.

 What Is A Wetsuit Made Of?

There are many different materials that wetsuits can be made from; some examples include nylon, neoprene (or polychloroprene), spandex (Elva Dry), fluorocarbon (Fastskin), GBS (Glued Blind Stitched), or tape seam construction. All of these materials serve to keep water out and warmth in while still allowing you to move around freely and naturally.

What Wetsuit Should I Buy?

The best wetsuit to buy is the Jaked 20 Ultralite. It has a lot of great features that you can expect from expensive brands, but it only costs $150 which means you will save over half of what you would spend on other brands like Yean or Arena.

 Is There Such Thing As A Good Cheap Wetsuit?

Yes! The TYR Hurricane 2.0 is our choice for the best cheap wetsuit because its qualities and features are superior to brands like Nike and Speedo at half the price! It also comes in a wide variety of sizes so finding your perfect fit will be no problem.

 Where Can I Buy A Wetsuit?

If you are looking for great online discounts on swimwear, check out our wide range of products at Swim Outlet. We have the best brands all under one roof so you will be sure to find your perfect suit within your budget. And if you want something even cheaper but of great quality, check out our Amazon Deals section for more discounts.


You may be asking what type of wetsuit we recommend. We’ve compiled a list Above to help you find the best option for your needs and budget, depending on which type of swimmer you are.

If you have questions about any other features that these suits offer or which one is right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out in the comments section. Happy shopping.


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