10 Best Low Volume Dive Mask for Beginners

Freediving is an increasingly popular sport, and skin divers are one way to get close in the water. Freedivers wear snorkeling equipment while they practice their form of diving called “skin” which allows them access for viewing aquatic life without needing much air like other forms would stack on top or below you when swimming underwater.

No matter how experienced you become as a part-time diver (or full-timer!), having proper protection always remains important because no one wants an accident while exploring underwater worlds.

Today we break down Top 10 best low volume dive mask in this Article. Firstly Check out some frequently asked questions about the best freediving mask or best low volume dive mask.

1.  What is a freediver?

A freediver likes to explore the deep. They can stay underwater for long periods without needing much air, which allows them to get up close and personal with aquatic life that would otherwise be hard or impossible to see while using standard diving equipment.

2.  What is low volume dive mask?

A low-volume mask is used for freediving, but it also works great for scuba divers too. If you are beginning this type of diving or even an experienced diver, a low-volume mask can help with equalization and breathing easier under the water.

3. What problems does a freediver face?

Freedivers have some issues when trying to breathe air from their regulator because they don’t want any more pressure on them as they dive deeper down below the surface of the water. They need masks that give them space so there’s no added pressure while doing something like free-diving in shallow waters.

4. How do I choose the best low volume dive mask?

Beginners should look for masks with a low volume which makes it easier to equalize and breathe underwater.

5. How does a freediver feel in water?

Freediver feels safe when using their snorkeling equipment because this keeps them from taking too much air while diving down below the surface of the water.

6. Why is the best freediving mask important?

The best way to have a good time freediving is with proper protection always remain important because no one wants an accident while exploring underwater worlds.

7.  Does a freediver feel safe in the water?

Freediver feels safe when using their snorkeling equipment because this keeps them from taking too much air while diving down below the surface of the water.

8. What is great about a low volume Dive mask?

No matter how experienced you become as a part-time diver, having proper protection always remains important with a low-volume mask

9. What is great about the finest low-volume dive mask?

Best Freediving masks are an inhalation style that lets you breathe normally without any added pressure on your face or ears – making it easy for beginners who may not yet know what they’re doing.

Best Low Volume Dive Masks

1. Cressi Mask And Snorkel designed from Freediving and Scuba Diving

The Calibro mask is equipped with Cressi’s proprietary fog-stopping system that reduces the amount of eye irritation. This innovative design ensures you get a clear view underwater, no matter how thick things are getting. The dual frame makes sure your peripheral vision stays intact while also providing an optimal seal against water intrusion for ultimate comfort in all conditions – whether it be warm or cold out there.

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The exclusive integrated technology offers excellent fields of view and secure sealing so not only can this product perform well on any dive but it will give you peace when being used as well.

Finally, a mask that can go anywhere. The Corsica is the ideal snorkel for freediving and spearfishing. With its large-diameter tube to provide clear breathing underwater without obstruction caused by bends in regular masks – it’s perfect when you’re exploring new depths with your buddy or just having fun at home on those lazy days.


  • Designed for freediving and scuba diving lovers
  • Exclusive Fog-Stop System
  • Dual Frame Technology
  • Wide lens
  • Very light and comfortable
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2.  Palantic Spearfishing Free Dive Low Volume Black Mask

The Palantic Spearfishing Free Dive Low Volume Black Mask with Mirror Coated Lenses is a great option for divers who want to keep their eyes on the fish while they catch them. This mask comes equipped with an easily adjustable buckle and tempered glass lenses that provide a wide field of vision.

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  • All Non-Transparent Silicone Rubber Skirt
  • Wide Field of Vision
  • Super Low Volume Design
  • Flexible and Easy Adjustable Buckle
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3.  Cressi Adult Free Diving Photographer Low Volume Mask

The Metis mask is a two-window, high-quality silicone snorkeling spearfishing or scuba diving designed for boats. It has an easily adjustable strap with wide buckles that fit securely on your face so you can avoid water leakage and fogging up of glass lenses while enjoying yourself underwater.

The skirt ensures total customer satisfaction by adjusting easily to different types of faces shapes; it will fit perfectly without leaving any unwanted space between bodies because its material makes sure no air leaks through at all.

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The large size also allows comfortable use even if the wearer experiences motion sickness during deep-sea activities like long walks near beaches where there might be lots of additional waves crashing against each other creating vibrations throughout the landscape.


  • Ideal for snorkeling
  • Made with premium quality neoprene
  • Made with silicone for optimal comfort
  • Ideal for free diving
  • Great for spearfishing
  • Protects skin from scratches and chafing
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4.  SalviMar Noah Mask

The Noah is a low-volume mask with innovative technology for those who like their frames merged in. The frame provides an excellent range of vision and is very lightweight to make it comfortable throughout the day, as well as its design which was made by Salvimar; this company also makes micro metrically adjustable straps so you can find what’s right on your face without any worries about fitting wrong sizes.

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The first thing that comes into mind when thinking of something “Noah” would be ark–the biblical story behind why we wear these masks out there on risky jobs where dust or other particles may irritate our lungs…


  • Low volume mask
  • Light and comfortable
  • Tempered glass
  • Hypo-allergenic Silicone Skirt
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5. Scuba Choice Black Free Dive Low Volume Silicone Mask

ScubaChoice Black Free Dive Silicone Mask and Nautilus Snorkel Set is a best-selling item in Scuba Choice. It features everything you need to get started, whether it’s your first time or an expert.

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  • Low volume mask special design for free dive
  • Snorkel Keeper Included
  • Snorkel storage container diameter: 3-1/2″
  • Snorkel length: 15″ (unfolded)
  • Tempered glass lenses mask
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6.  Scuba Choice Palantic Black Free Dive Spearfishing Low Volume Mask

What’s the perfect combo for your next dive? This Scuba Choice Palantic Black Free Dive Spearfishing Low Volume Mask & Flexible Snorkel Combo has everything you need.

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The low-volume tempered glass silicone mask is great around rocks, wrecks, and overhangs. Plus it makes an excellent spearfishing snorkel with its unique design that won’t get in the way while underwater adventures take place at sea level or deeper depths of water where there isn’t much breathing room left between breaths due to pressure changes making this type of specialized equipment recommended by experts only.


  • Low Volume Tempered Glass Silicone Mask
  • Unique design for spearfishing/scuba diving
  • Perfect for free dive/spearfishing/scuba diving
  • Great around Rocks
  • Wrecks and Overhangs
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7. Scuba Choice Black Spearfishing Free Dive Ultra Low Volume Dive Mask

Scuba Choice has been a leader in scuba diving equipment for years, and their black spearfishing free dive ultra-low volume comfort fit silicone mask is one of the bestsellers.

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This item features everything you need regardless if you’re a beginner or expert – it comes with an adjustable nose piece so that users can get comfortable fast.


  • Ultra-low volume weight
  • Field of vision is almost completely non-impaired
  • Skirt features
  • Designed specifically to avoid glare
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8. Seac Eagle, Compact Low Volume Mask

3D tilting buckles that follow every face movement in all 3 dimensions, keeping the mask firmly in place. They are durable and comfortable to wear even when wearing thick neoprene gloves – allowing quick adjustments with ease. Symmetrical lenses made out of ultra-resistant tempered glass offer visibility both ways (transparent or mirror) for any dive preference you may have; gray or yellow color choices are available as well.

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The mask is easy and quick to change lenses. You can replace your original ones with optically perfect opticals (sold separately) for nearsightedness or presbyopia The practical semi-rigid case has a carabiner, which makes it very useful when storing the equipment after use because of its safety features.

Always make sure that you rinse off this product in freshwater before putting it into a storage container–the last thing we want happening here are any mold spores taking residence on our face masks while they’re gathering dust away from the public eye.


  • Mirrored lenses
  • Designed for freediving and spearfishing
  • 3D swiveling buckle system
  • Comes with semi-rigid case
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9.  Cressi Low Volume Adult Mask for Scuba, Freediving

The Cressi Nano Mask is for divers who want to go deeper than ever before. The Integrated Dual Frame Technology System makes this mask the perfect choice, as it ensures optimum fit and comfort with ease of use in mind.

The new NANO by CRESSI Masks is specially designed so you can stay safe while exploring your inner depths or reaching out towards something thrilling nearby – like grabbing onto an object just beyond arm’s length away from shore during freediving competitions (whereas most masks would not offer enough protection).

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This model also has patented technology called IDF-Integrated dual frame system which enables flexible optics coupled seamlessly into one durable construction.

The new hydrodynamic mask with a silicone skirt is designed to offer the optimal seal. The two frames are joined and locked together, producing a drastic reduction of internal volume while maintaining proximity for wide viewing laterally or downward in lower zones of vision.


  • Advanced freediving, designed
  • Lowest internal volume
  • Dual Frame
  • inclined and inverted tear-drop lenses
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10. Scuba Choice Scuba Diving Spearfishing Free Dive Low Volume Black Silicone Mask

Get out there, explore the world. The Scuba Choice logo shines through this mask. It’s one of our most popular items because it provides everything you need for underwater adventures regardless of your experience level is a beginner or expert-level diving gear in one package that will have fun being used by everyone who gets their hands on them.

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  • Tempered glass lenses
  • Low volume mask
  • Silicone skirt and adjustable strap.
  • Perfect for small face people
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Deciding on the best mask for your next dive is an important decision. When you do, consider these 10 options as they’ve been tested and proven to be some of the best low volume masks out there. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses so it can be tough to pick just one. we recommend that you read through them all before making a final selection.

This will give you a better idea of what might work best for your needs or preferences in terms of fit, features, style, etc. In addition to including them here, don’t forget to check out our other articles about diving gear – from fins and snorkels up to wetsuits! What type of Mask are you looking at? Let us comment Section.


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