Top 7 Best Swimming Goggles With Nose Cover

When it comes to snorkeling, freediving, or scuba diving the most important piece of equipment you need is your swimming goggles. You can’t dive into the water without them. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite goggles that not only will keep your eyes safe while underwater but also won’t let any water get in through the nose.

The best thing about these goggles is they are all affordable and come with different lens colors which means there’s something for everyone on this list. No matter if you’re an avid swimmer or beginner we hope this guide helps you find the perfect pair of goggles just for you.

How to choose the best swimming goggles with nose cover?

Swimming goggles are best used for both recreational use and competitive swimming. The best kind of goggles to buy depends on what you’ll be using them for, as different types of goggles are best suited for different purposes. For example, swimmers who just need to stay out of the sun will benefit best from regular swimming goggles with nose cover whereas competitive swimmers will need racing goggles.

When trying to pick the best swimming goggles with nose cover certain criteria should be considered: There are three main styles of goggles available – which style depends on your personal preference and purpose. Each type has its benefits and drawbacks so consider which you want before buying your new pair of swimming goggles.

  • Filtered lenses minimize the effects of sunlight and wind.
  • The best feature about split lenses is that they don’t fog up
  • Clear lenses make it easier to see objects underwater, but over time they may become scratched

There are many different swimming goggles available on the market. Today we break down the top 7 goggles that cover your nose.

Top 7 Best Swimming Goggles With Nose Cover

1. EXP VISION Adult Pano 3 Panoramic View Scuba Diving Mask

Expanding your field of view to see all the underwater creatures and beauty is what Exp Vision’s panoramic diving masks do best. These comfortable, durable products have been designed for pro divers who want an enhanced experience when they’re out there in their snorkeling or scuba gear—they provide great visibility so you can get a closer look at everything going on below.

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Choose from black/blue tinted versions that will make even such brightly colored fish seem dull by comparison.


  • Three-lens panoramic design
  • tempered glass lenses
  • Lightweight
  • Fit on Any shape of the face
  • Push-button buckles
  • Made with hypoallergenic soft silicone to ensure a perfect sealing
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2.  Speedo Adult Recreation Dive Mask

The Adult Recreational Dive Mask from Speedo offers recreational swimmers and snorkelers maximum comfort, performance, and safety at an affordable price. Thanks to a 100% silicone skirt that creates a strong seal against water penetrating through your mask without hurting your face – it’s even designed so you can drink during those long floats.

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The trademarked Speed Fit head strap system makes securing quick & easy while offering great clarity underwater or coming up for air–polycarbonate lenses offer ultimate protection underwater as well with anti-fog max coating making visibility perfect no matter what adventure awaits next in-store.


  • Polycarbonate lenses with anti-fog coating
  • clear view
  • Adult Size
  • leak-proof fit
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3. Speedo Unisex-child Adventure Swim Mask Junior

Speedo’s Unisex-child Adventure Swim Mask Junior will help your little one focus on creating underwater adventures. This full-coverage mask is designed especially for smaller-faced children and has anti-fog lenses that make it easy to keep a sharp lookout without any distractions around them (not even water).

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The silicone skirt also ensures they stay safe at all times by keeping your child nice and snug against the surface of their activity towards safety.


  • Full-coverage mask designed
  • 100% silicone skirt for ultimate comfort
  • Anti Fog Max coating
  • Great clarity underwater
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4.  Swimline 9471 Thermotech Swim Mask

The trusted Swimline Brand products are always made with the highest quality standards. The 9471 Stingray mask is an excellent choice for any swimmer, whether they’re in a backyard pool or at their local chlorinated beach.


  • Designed to cover eyes and nose
  • Amazing clarity
  • Comes with an adjustable buckle
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5.  Glum Swim Goggles with Nose Cover

The Glum Swim Goggles with Nose Cover -Diving Mask is perfect for those that want an accessory that’s not only stylish but also functional. These swim masks provide total protection from the sun and saltwater while providing optimal visibility so you can avoid accidents on your next adventure.

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The silicone headband allows them to fit comfortably over most heads without any straps making them lightweight & easy to handle; no more worries about losing or dropping this valuable piece of gear during playtime in deeper waters. Now go out there confidently knowing these goggles will keep anything (including gazes) at bay.


  • The lens is made of tempered glass
  • Headband Adjustment system
  • Large frame and full window design
  • Safe And Comfortable
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6.  Tilos Revo, Wide View Snorkel Diving Mask

The Tilos Revo mask is a game-changer for 2019 with its innovative UFIT technology. The 100% crystal silicone skirt creates an airtight seal around your face and slims down towards the upper lip, while also preventing exhaust bubbles from billowing out between you and those who are nearsighted as well.

This channeled design makes it supple to touch so that any diver can wear it comfortably without feeling like his/her head will pop off at any moment – because let’s be honest here not all masks have been designed equally.

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The Revo Mask is designed for divers who want to see as much of the underwater world they can get their hands on. With its two window frames and crystal clear lenses, this mask will give you an unobstructed view thanks to its low volume design that allows easy mask clearing while still giving objects a natural-looking hue.

All without having any difficulty equalizing or breathing through it. It’s also great if your activity requires proximity with face downtime like freediving would do because fewer air needs are exhaled by our bodies when using these products instead which makes them preferable in those cases too.


  • 100% crystal silicone skirt
  • Crystalline lenses
  • Quick-release strap
  • 180-degree panoramic view

7.  Craftend Diving Mask

The ultimate in clear underwater vision is now available. Go ahead and explore depths like never before with this snorkel mask, which offers both maximum visibility and comfort for your eyes thanks to its advanced lens shape design.

Plus you will be able to see clearly when swimming laps at the pool or just relaxing by the lake Michigan shoreline without having to wear goggles that can get uncomfortable after wearing them all day long.

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This product comes equipped with fully adjustable head straps as well silicon face skirt molding that fit nearly any face form ensuring complete authenticity–made right here in America too so no matter what kind of water activities you enjoy this gear.


  • 180° degree view
  • Anti-fog and Anti-leak panoramic glass
  • Fit different shapes of faces
  • Unique Design
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1. Are there swimming goggles for your nose?

Yes, there are the best swimming goggles with a nose cover. Swimming is meant to be a fun activity that you can enjoy in the water. However, it also exposes your eyes to harsh environments which could damage them if not protected properly. While many people wear sunglasses while swimming to protect their eyes, they tend to fall off easily when underwater. So what do you do? Buy best swimming goggles with nose cover of course.

2. How do you anti-fog your swimming goggles?

There are the best swimming goggles with nose cover anti-fog resistant, so you do not need to worry about them fogging up. However, if your best swimming goggles with nose cover are not anti-fog, then there are a few tips that you can follow.

First of all, when putting on the best swimming goggles with a nose cover, make sure that they fit properly and that there is no excess space in the eye area. By having the best swimming goggles with nose cover which don’t fit properly, it will let in water and moisture due to their poor seal. This will lead to the best swimming goggles with nose cover fogging up since water contains a lot of moisture.

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Another thing you can do is spit inside the best swimming goggles with a nose cover. Spit is a natural way of keeping the best swimming goggles with nose cover from fogging up. Some best swimming goggles with nose cover manufacturers recommend doing this before every swim. It is quite effective in reducing the number of best swimming goggles with nose cover fogging up while you are wearing them.

Some also recommend using the best swimming goggles with nose cover anti-fog spray which you can easily buy from any local best swimming goggles store near you. There are a few different types of best swimming goggles with nose covers that exist on the market today, and they all work differently when it comes to preventing them from fogging up while being worn underwater.

3. What are mirrored swim goggles?

Mirrored best swimming goggles with nose cover are swimming goggles with noses that have a metallic finish on them. This is meant to give the best swimming goggles with nose cover the best visibility possible underwater, and they will also prevent best swimming goggles reflection which can be distracting when you are trying to navigate. They tend to look quite nice as well, which is another benefit of the best swimming goggles with a nose cover.

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Mirrored best swimming goggles often come in different colors as well, so you can easily find the one that matches your swimsuit best. Some even come with tints on the mirror finish itself, making it easier for people to see underwater while still giving them some eye protection against the harsh sunlight above the surface of the water.

4. Are Polarized swim goggles worth it?

Some swim goggles with nose guards are polarized, but this is not something that you need. For example, if you are out on the best swimming goggles with a nose cover, then it will often be quite sunny.

This means there won’t be any best swimming goggles reflection to worry about, so the best swimming goggles with mirror finish are usually more than enough in these situations.

However, the best swimming goggles with polarized lenses can help reduce eye fatigue as well as protect your best swimming goggles from harsh sunlight above the surface of the water.

You might have the best swimming goggles fog up when underwater since it contains a lot of moisture and having the best swimming goggle glare reduction from polarized best swimming goggles, can make a difference here because the best swimming goggles with a nose cover are best for staring at the water for a long period.

5. What color lens is best for swim goggles?

You should always buy the best swimming goggles with a nose cover in what is called a mirrored finish. This is because they will provide you with more visibility underwater, and there won’t be any distortion from the best swimming goggles reflection when looking through them.

Mirrored best swimming goggles come in different colors as well, so it’s generally a good idea to buy one with a color lens since you can select the most appropriate color for your particular situation.

For example, if you are going on a sunny day out on the best swimming goggles with a nose cover then you might want a darker lens that will keep your eyes safe from harsh sunlight above the surface of the water while making sure that there isn’t too much glare or light refraction underwater either.

If you are going on a day where it is overcast, then you might want one with a light lens so that your eyes aren’t protected from the sunlight.

6.  Should I wet my goggles before swimming?

It’s not a bad idea to wet your goggles before swimming, and this can often help reduce the number of swimming goggles that cover your nose fogging up.

The main reason why you need to wear goggles when swimming is because the chlorine in the water can damage your eyes if it gets into them, so if you get water onto your goggles then it will prevent any of this from happening.

However, some choose not to do this and instead just splash their goggles with water before putting them on. This helps protect against fogging while still allowing you to see through them without too much distortion underwater even though they don’t have a protective layer on them anymore that would stop the chlorine in the pool from getting into your eyes.

7. How do I prevent swim goggles from bruising around my eyes?

The best swimming goggles with a nose cover are designed to be tight around the face, which is why you might end up getting some bruising around your eyes if you wear them for too long.

This isn’t a very big issue though because the effects only last for a short period and they will disappear in a few minutes or even sooner after taking the goggles off again. Also, this doesn’t take away from how comfortable goggles can sometimes feel on your face when you use them correctly.

Many people simply recommend that you take regular breaks when wearing goggles over an extended period to prevent bruising, but this isn’t always possible in every situation.

Therefore it’s still better to look for goggles that fit more securely around your face by using goggles that have a double head strap as this will help prevent any possible goggles from slipping or falling off.

8.  Why do swimming goggles hurt my eyes?

Some people complain that their goggles are hurting their eyes after wearing them for an extended period. This is most likely due to the goggles being too tight around your face, which can cause pinching or even create small cuts in the skin if they are pulled too tightly.

9.  Can swim goggles cause bags under the eyes?

When you wear goggles for too long, this can create premature wrinkles around the eyes because of the amount of stress placed on them. If you want to prevent bags under your eyes and also look younger for longer then it’s a good idea to wear goggles over a certain period and then take them off again so that you don’t suffer from any wrinkles or premature aging on the skin around your eyes.

This is one of the reasons why goggles are such a great invention for those who like using goggles as they can be great for protecting against many things related to your faces such as smelling chlorine all day or getting some sun damage on different parts of your face while swimming in pools or natural bodies of water.

10. Are swimming goggles bad for your eyes?

Swimming goggles with a nose cover or goggles for swimming, in general, can be great for your eyes, and most people find them to be very comfortable when used correctly.

This is because they help protect against many things such as the chlorine in the water that will irritate your eyes if it gets into them while also protecting you from sunlight coming down on top of the water.

Swimming goggles are generally designed to fit tightly around your face so that there isn’t any space between them and your skin. However, some goggles might squeeze too tight and this could cause small cuts or pinching if they are worn for too long.

This means that you should try and take regular breaks every once in a while wearing goggles over an extended time to help protect your face.

11. Are goggles bad for the skin?

Swimming goggles can be great for the skin because they will keep any sun damage, wrinkles, and other things from happening on different parts of your face.

This is because goggles create a protective layer over certain areas of your face while you swim so that stored up chlorine and other harmful chemicals in water can’t get into those areas and affect them as much as they might if goggles weren’t worn.

Therefore goggles are recommended by many dermatologists for this exact reason as they can be very beneficial against premature aging of the skin or just generally protecting yourself from sun damage that would otherwise happen without goggles being worn during swimming time.


It’s not enough to simply purchase a pair of goggles. You need the right type for your needs and wants, which is why we compiled this list of the 7 best swimming goggles with nose covers that are perfect for every occasion. We hope you find what you’re looking for.

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