Top 7 Best Swimsuit To Hide Tummy Bulge [Buying Guide]

Swimsuit season is just around the corner.

The perfect time to start thinking about how you can improve your look with a new swimsuit.

You may be tempted to buy anything that will cover up your problem areas, but it’s important to also think about what type of suit would best flatter your figure and show off all the parts you love most.

This might sound like an impossible task, but it’s actually easier than you think. You just need to know what to look for. To help narrow down your choices, we’ve put together this handy guide on 7 best swimsuit to hide tummy bulge for every body type.

Buying Guide

  1. High-Waisted One-Piece

This type of swimsuit is a great way to make your stomach look slimmer and also compliment your bust line.

Choose a cut high enough on the leg that it completely covers your lower belly bulge while still making you feel comfortable.

If you’re self-conscious about your upper abs, choose a suit with padding.

The high-waisted cut will create the appearance of longer legs and draw attention to your bust.

  1. Tankini With Printed Tummy Control Panel

Similar to the one-piece, this style covers up any problem areas while also being flattering on many different types of figures.

You’ll want to choose a printed panel over plain flat fabric so that it won’t be too obvious against your skin tone, but you also want the fabric to have some stretch for comfort and durability.

Strategic ruching can help hide any problem areas or accentuate certain assets, so pay attention to where the ruching is placed when you’re trying it on.

You can also have a suit custom-made that has built-in tummy control panels.

  1. Sailor Suit With High Neckline And Halter Tie

Sailor suits are a flattering style for all types of figures since they show off your shoulders and upper back while hiding the midsection.

This cut is also great for accentuating your bust.

Opt for a halter style where the ties are in the back so that you can adjust it to fit snugly against your body and give you extra support.

If you’re uncomfortable wearing halters, choose one with thin spaghetti straps.

  1. Striped One-Piece With Ruched Front

Stripes can be very slimming, so this style is a great choice for hiding the lower tummy area and drawing attention upwards to your face.

Opt for ruching that’s placed just below your chest in the front of the suit, and more ruching towards the back of the suit along your spine.

The more ruching, the better to create a slimming effect, but also be careful not to choose a suit with too much fabric across your stomach area because it will add bulk.

  1. High Neck One-Piece With Shirring In The Abdomen Area

If you have a bigger bust, choose a high neckline so it will help balance your top and bottom halves.

Shirring across the middle area of this style is very slimming and can also give you more support if you’re worried about your bust spilling out of the suit.

  1. Tankini With Seamless Midsection

This style is also very slimming since the lower part of the suit will tuck under your belly bulge.

Look for a tankini with an empire waist that’s slightly higher on your body, which will end right at your natural waistline to create sleekness across the tummy area.

It’s also important that the bottom of this suit is not too tight around your hips, so don’t choose a style where you can pull it up and off or take it all the way down to your knees.

  1. Halter One-Piece With Ruched Waistline And Solid Bottom

The ruching in the midsection of this style can help hide any problem areas while also slimming all over.

You’ll want to choose a suit with an empire waistline, which is slightly higher on the body than the natural waistline so that it creates sleekness across your stomach area.

This cut is great for women with large busts since it draws attention upwards to your face.

If you have a small bust, choose a halter style that has thin spaghetti straps so that you won’t feel like you’re being smothered in fabric by the higher neckline.

Again, this cut will accentuate the appearance of long legs.

You’ll want to pick a style that isn’t too full or too tight around your stomach area, so choose one with an elasticized waistline rather than built-in tummy control panels.

The solid bottom will also help elongate the torso and draw attention downwards to create balance with your top half.

7 Best Swimsuit To Hide Tummy Bulge

GEMAN Women’s Retro High Waisted Bathing Suit

Water is awesome, but sometimes you want to take a break from your workout and enjoy some downtime with friends. Luckily for the busy working woman who wants stylish yet comfortable swimwear that will make her feel sexy instead of uncomfortable in an outfit designed by women just like her.

The GEMAN Women’s Vintage Bathing Suit comes complete with two pieces: A romantically printed top paired up nicely against our vintage lace straps bra which fits comfortably around any figure type while providing full tummy coverage without looking drab or bulky on anyone no matter how much weight they’ve lost since giving birth.

  • High stretchy fabric that is durable
  • Form-fitting for flattering curves
  • Push up padding bra to accentuate your bust line
  • Smooth fit with color options
  • None
View on Amazon

Daci Women Vintage Plus Size One Piece Swimsuits

Daci Women Vintage One-Piece Swimsuits are the perfect way to be fashionable and comfortable at once. The adjustable straps, a removable padded push-up bra without underwire or clasp hook closure on the back ensure maximum support while still flattering your figure with a shirred front & high cut design that accents curves for a more conforming fit than other swimwear brands all at one affordable price.

These suits will look great during any tropical vacation or summer outdoor activity such as beach trips abroad this year. they’re also durable enough not only to withstand saltwater chlorine but perspiration too so you can take it into pools when temperatures rise later into autumn come October time.

  • Durable & comfortable
  • Solid and lightweight
  • Fashionable and fully lined
  • Bathing suits that cover back
  • Cheap
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Yonique Plus Size Bathing Suit for Women One Piece Swimsuit

The gathered materials offer great tummy control, which helps hide little imperfections or bulges around the waist area and gives a slimming looking swimwear that can be easily adjusted for torso length or bust size. The removable padded bra provides good support while still being flattering on all body types. Perfect if you’re going on an island honeymoon trip with your new husband (hint hint) in tow.

Sweetheart neckline backless style & ruches up front top show sexy without providing full coverage. Elastic fabric means this suit goes from pool party fun at home with friends during daytime hours down right into a sexy mode when needed most like by romantic seaside locale after sunset.

  • Provides tummy control, slimming look
  • Offers great support
  • Swimsuit to hide tummy
  • Adjustable to accommodate torso length/bust size
  • Slim fit that is perfect for swimming
  • Sizing Way off
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Daci Women Plus Size One Piece Swimsuits

Daci Women’s swimsuits are perfect for your next vacation. The chic cross lace-up design will not only show off some skin but also offers an extra layer of coverage. Plus size bathing suits in this brand come with ruffled tops that can be worn buttoned or unbuttoned to suit any occasion from pool parties and cruises all the way down to honeymoons by waterfalls full of exotic flora.

And if you want a little bit more support than what comes naturally from just being lukewarm during cold weather months then Daci has got ya covered too. Their padded bras have been designed so they give jiggle-free support without feeling bulky at best nor uncomfortable at worst.

  • Elegant one-piece swimsuit
  • Glamorous retro style
  • Flatter all shapes and sizes
  • Chic cross lace-up design
  • None
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B2prity Women Tankini Set Plus Size Swimwear

B2prity’s Women Swimwear is the perfect outfit for workouts and events. The tankini top with adjustable shoulder straps design, flattering floral print on a stretchy polyester fabric that gives you just enough coverage without being too revealing at your backside or in front makes it easy to work up an appetite while sweating out those last few reps of every set.

Soft wire-free bras highlight curves without any chafing so they can be worn day after day as well as sport-style boyshorts made from smooth material which provide comfort during movement all over again making them ideal whether playing Volleyball outside by waterfalls. Or taking part in camping activities like swimming

Boat necklines are another way this line really stands apart.

  • No bra needed with the cami
  • Swimsuit offers bust support
  • Tummy control
  • Sport style
  • None
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Daci Women Plus Size Tankini Swimsuits

Daci Women Swimsuits has a variety of styles to suit any need. The deep cut sides blouson tankini top is perfect for sunbathing on the beach or an active day at the pool, while their floral printed triangle bottom provides coverage when you’re out fishing in deeper waters without looking too over-revealing.

If comfort isn’t enough reason alone why these are some incredible swimwear options from Daci let’s talk about how flattering they really are: this set will hide all those problem areas with no skin tightness feeling whatsoever. Thanks to its flowing design and stretchy fabric that feels great against your body type as well as making sure nothing shows off unwanted bulges either way around even after hours spent.

  • Hide your tummy
  • Enhances curve-wear
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Wide Variety of Colors
  • None
View on Amazon

Smismivo Women’s Tummy Control Swimwear Plus Size Halter One Piece Retro Swimsuit

The smismivo swimsuit is the perfect one-piece for all your summer needs. It can shift between two styles in seconds, depending on what look you are going for that day. With a halter neckline and ruched pattern across the abdomen area, it’ll make those curves pop while hiding any imperfections.

Plus removable padded bras help give support as well as shape to those girls who love showing off their assets (or lack thereof). Made from nylon fabric with polyester spandex mesh lining inside which gives extra protection against rubbing or chaffing when wet. This suit doesn’t just cover up anything but makes sure nothing shows through too much either so we’re confident every curve feels elegant.

  • Versatility for stylish, modest swimwear
  • Supportive push-up bras
  • lightweight material
  • Flattering silhouettes to accentuate your shapes
  • Not falttering
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FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

How To Wear A Bikini If You Are Chubby?

Don’t get insecure! Try the following tips on how to wear a bikini if you are chubby.

Even if it doesn’t look that flattering, there are still tips on how to wear a bikini during your summer vacation.

1     You can try minimizing your midsection by drawing attention away from the center of your body. This is done by wearing high-waisted bottoms with low-cut tops, this way it will cover up some of the bulges in the middle of your body. If you want to hide them, go for high-waisted bikinis or tankinis.

2     Another idea would be to experiment with combining patterns and prints that don’t match but might distract people’s attention from the spots you want to hide.

3     Try pairing your smaller assets with a bigger bottom half, it will draw people’s eyes up and create an optical illusion that makes you look slimmer. You can also opt for all-over print or retro-inspired swimwear pieces that are flattering on every body type.

They usually have high waist cuts and simple shapes without any extra fuss. If you feel more comfortable wearing solid colors, try them in darker shades as they slim your silhouette more compared to lighter ones which tend to emphasize bulges instead of hiding them.

4     There is another option: wear bikinis and one-piece swimsuits that feature strong side cutouts or those with interesting back details such as criss-cross laces or sporty racerback cuts. These designs will distract people’s attention from the center of your body and draw it to the side instead.

5     You can also try bikinis with embellishments like beads, pearls, sequins, embroideries, and other details on top of prints that aim to divert attention away from the middle part of your body.

6     If you don’t want to go for high-waisted bikini bottoms then consider getting some tummy-reducing swimwear like shirred bandeau bikinis or patterns like houndstooth which make you look visually extended all around.

7     Last but not least – if nothing seems to help, choose a swimsuit in dark color. It would make you look skinnier and visually raise the level of your hips and bottom at once.

What Swimsuit Is Best For  Big Tummy?

If you are asking yourself ‘what swimsuit is best for big tummy’ – the answer is simple: the one that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

You can always experiment with different shapes, styles, prints, etc. but it would be better if you start with choosing a flattering pattern or color first. For example, a houndstooth pattern will draw attention away from your center and simultaneously make your bottom look bigger than usual which will visually raise your hips.

If you want to wear something lighter then try wearing solid tones in darker shades such as maroon, brown, or navy blue. They all look great on curvy women of any age.

Try monochrome bikinis with dark bottoms and light-colored tops. Or mix and match different patterns to create a result that works for you.

You can also wear dark-colored bikini bottoms with plain patterned or printed top, this way your center will be covered up and the bottom half of your body won’t look bigger than the top part.

If you feel more comfortable wearing solid colors then go for darker ones as lighter ones will simply emphasize bulges instead of hiding them.

Wearing bikinis with embellishments like beads, pearls, sequins, embroideries, and other details on top of prints can also divert attention from the middle part of your body as well as make it stand out at the same time. It’s great for those women who want to conquer the swimwear industry with their sense of style and creativity.

Another idea is to experiment with pattern and print mixing. For example, wearing a piece that has houndstooth print on it would be great for hiding tummy because this pattern does exactly what we’ve described in the previous paragraph: it draws people’s attention away from your center and makes your bottom look bigger than usual which will visually raise your hips at once.

If nothing seems to work, choosing a dark-colored swimsuit will make you look skinnier and visually raise the level of your hips and bottom at once. It’s also comfortable especially when you are expecting as it covers up some of the areas that might get rubbed squeezed.

As for high-waisted swimsuits, they are great for hiding tummy because they make the waist look smaller and visually raise your hips which might be one of your problem areas.

Apart from the above-mentioned suggestions, it’s also good to keep in mind that wearing two-piece swimsuits would be better than one piece if you want to hide your belly because high-waisted bikini bottoms or skirts at least visually reduce the size of your middle part.

That said it is still important to wear a suit that fits you well and makes you feel comfortable and confident – this way everyone will appreciate your style and beauty even more.

What Is The Best Swimsuit For Big Thighs?

If you ask us what is the best swimsuit for big thighs, we’d say one that doesn’t draw too much attention to them as it will only emphasize your problem areas and make you look bigger than usual.

The best solution, in this case, would be wearing dark-colored swimsuits as they look great on curvy women of any age and won’t make you stand out from the crowd as lighter ones do.

Wearing dark-colored bikinis with patterned or embellished tops can also distract people’s attention from your center and make your bottom half of the body stand out visually – for example, if you choose a houndstooth or similar pattern – which will automatically raise your hips and give your body an hourglass shape.

Another idea is to try wearing monochrome bikinis with dark-colored bottoms and light-colored tops. It will make your upper part of the body look smaller which in its turn will make your hips look bigger than usual which is exactly what you need when it comes to hiding big thighs.

What Color Swimsuit Makes You Look Skinny?

The color that makes you look skinny is without a doubt dark-colored swimsuits. They make your legs and thighs look skinnier and even longer than usual and draw all the attention away from your center.

Another color of a swimsuit that looks great on curvy women is black because it conceals some parts of your body while drawing people’s attention at the same time which will make them pay more attention to other areas of your body like breasts, bottom, shoulders, etc.

If you find yourself mistaken in one way or another when choosing swimwear to hide tummy or big thighs or simply looking for inspiration, try experimenting with colors as this trick works every time.


Shopping for a swimsuit is no easy task. There are so many options, and you want to make sure that the suit not only fits great but also looks flattering on your body type.

Above we’ve outlined some key factors to consider when shopping for the best swimsuit to hide tummy bulge in order to help you find the best one possible.

What do you think? Do these tips seem helpful? Let us know what other information would be useful in this guide by leaving it in the comments below.

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