7 Best Swimsuit To Hide Tummy [Buying Guide]

When it comes to the beach, you want to feel like a million bucks. And if your tummy is making you self-conscious, there are some things you can do about that. The truth is that the right swimsuit will make all the difference in how confident and comfortable you feel at the beach.

That’s why we put together this buying guide for finding a suit to cover up those unwanted pounds on your stomach and give yourself peace of mind when heading out onto the sand. So read on for our 7 best swimsuit to hide tummy picks.

Buying Guide To Choose  Best Swimsuit To Hide Tummy


Before you pick out the best swimsuit to hide your tummy, it’s important to think about the type of material. You want something that is going to be comfortable and soft against your skin, but you also don’t want it to cling too tightly.

Some good materials for swimsuits include:


this is a great choice because it will give you some stretch and is lightweight and breathable. It also dries quickly and resists chlorine damage.


offering lots of stretches, spandex fabrics are very comfortable for sunbathing or swimming.


while may not dry as quickly, this material is still soft and comfortable. Plus, it offers a stretchy fit that won’t hinder your movements in the water.

You also want to think about color when you are looking for a swimsuit that will help disguise your tummy. For example, bright colors like yellow or red tend to make you look larger than neutral colors like black. So if you’re looking for something more slimming, stick with darker colors.


The best choice is really up to your budget! But generally speaking, expect to pay somewhere between $50-$200 for a good suit that will do the job of hiding those trouble spots.

Features to Look For

High Cheeky Coverage:

this style of swimsuit is offered in many different cuts and styles, but they all have one thing in common: they completely cover your bottom. This makes them great for hiding flabby thighs, cellulite, and other tummy problems.

Halter or Ruched Tops:

these styles are made to hold you up so that you don’t feel like you’re spilling out of the suit. This type is often worn by models who want to look their best on the catwalk because it’s supportive without being too revealing.

Portrait Collars:

this type of neckline helps slim your upper body and gives you a little more support. So if you’re worried about revealing too much chest, this is a great choice.

Tummy Control:

some swimsuits are made with interior tummy control panels that make your waist look thinner and help smooth out any jiggle from those love handles.


if your stomach is one of those trouble spots that tend to stick out instead of lying flat, then ruching or shirring is a good option for camouflaging it. It gives the suit a bit more structure so you don’t look like you’re spilling out the top.

Skirted or Ruffled Bottoms:

this style of swimsuit bottoms is great for hiding your thighs and butt because it hides some of that extra weight from behind. You can get a high-waist skirt, a short skirt, or shorts to help look your best on the beach.

Who Should Wear It?

These types of suits are great for ALL women who want to conceal their tummies when heading to the beach. No matter what type of body shape you have, there is a suit out there for everyone.

So if you’ve been feeling self-conscious about your stomach, then start looking into the 7 best swimsuit to hide the tummy. There is something out there for you, so no more hiding in your clothes at the beach.

7 Best Swimsuit To Hide Tummy And No More Self-Consciousness About Your Tummy

Tankini Swimsuits for Women Flounce 2-Piece Top Swimwear

We all wear swimsuits, but not many of us find them as comfortable or attractive. Tankinis are made with fabric that is 80% polyamide and 20% elastane. They’re stretchy so you can move freely in them without feeling restricted. It’s durable too perfect for water sports like snorkeling where there’s occasional contact with the bottom half of your body underwater.

Plus tankini tops have ruffled panels on top AND at the back which will give off a sense of flow while covering what little skin exists around the belly button area making women look slimmer than ever before.  The tummy control waistband helps provide extra coverage where needed most giving users an elegant yet sexy style throughout their everyday lives.

  • Comfortable and durable
  • No tan lines
  • Larger coverage area
  • Flattering
  • Sizing way off
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Tempt Me Halter One Piece Bathing Suits for Women

We all know that a good swimsuit is a key to looking great in the water, but it can be tough finding one piece suits with style and substance. The temptation halter suiting solves this problem by providing an adjustable neckline for support or fashion purposes.

With two ways of tying straps depending on what you prefer (ribbon vs band), they provide just enough coverage without being too revealing. Thanks to its plunging deep v design & backless cut which make wearing them feel sexy not exposed like some other less flattering styles might do while also hiding any imperfections perfectly so your confidence never suffers over something simple like covering up prone areas where cellulite occurs most often around our midsection.

  • backless cut
  • Moved straps for comfort
  • Provide enough coverage
  • Wearable in 2 ways: with band or ribbon ties
  • None
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CLUCI Swimsuits for Women Two Piece Tankini

The best swimwear. They provide you with an ideal solution to your worries of not being able to find flattering suits. CLUCCI’s high-quality two piece tankinis come in 80% chino and 20% spandex fabric, which is quick-drying and elastic meaning it will mold around any body type comfortably without worrying about irritating skin or sticking anywhere on the wearer’s figure.

This also makes them super soft so there should be no need at all when wearing one if people have sensitive stomachs like me (yikes). There are even adjustable straps located near each hip bone as well as a flounce design allowing ladies to show off their assets while still maintaining some elegance.

  • Swimwear that flatters every body type
  • Comfortable Designs
  • Made out of high-quality fabric
  • Adjustable straps and flounce design
  • Not good for busty women
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W YOU DI AN Women’s Swimsuits – Best Swimsuit To Hide Tummy

W YOU DI AN Women’s Swimsuits are made with 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex. They’re comfortable, soft, and high-stretchy. The Pull-On closure makes them easy to put on great for those busy days when you need something quick that still covers up all your assets.

Plus there is no backless design which ensures good tummy control as well as elegance contouring around curves in both front cross straps or hidden behind an adjustable Nero chain strap. One-piece suits give firm support whether it be at the poolside during summer vacation OR wearing this special suit out afterward.

  • Soft, stretchy fabric
  • Pull-on closure
  • Front cross style with wide straps which is flattering
  • Backless design for easy tanning
  • Not good for chesty women
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Aqua Eve Plus Size Swimsuit Women One Piece Swimsuit

Plus size black swimsuits are the perfect solution for women who want to look glamorous, elegant, and comfortable. These high neckline pieces feature a ruched stomach area that offers tummy control.

While still being able to show some skin with removable padded push-up bras without underwire making you more confident in what’s underneath. The sleek mesh material makes it easy on your complexion.

  • Provides all-day tummy control, support, and shaping
  • Soft, quick-drying fabric is soft on the skin
  • Comfortable to wear in the summer heat
  • The stretchy elastic allows for a comfortable fit of your bust line
  • Great! If you’re short
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Miraclesuit Women’s Slimming Swimwear – Best Swimsuit To Hide Tummy

Miraclesuit Women’s Slimming Swimwear is the perfect way to get that sexy carp and confidence all in one. Our exclusive Miratex® fabric slims while still giving you curves like no other. The unlined shelf bra never creates any irritation on your skin, so it can go up against anything we put before her during these hot months of summer (or year-round).

And with a high-quality full coverage bottom this suit will keep everything magically covered from A) sun damage B) frizzy hair follies C). It’s not too tight or loses everyone has their preference when buying swimsuits.

  • Slims without being too tight
  • Never irritates skin
  • Full coverage for any kind of swimsuit wearer
  • Gives curves while not taking away from your body
  • None
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Summer Mae Women’s Plus Size Floral Swimdress Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

Summer is finally here and we’re ready for some tropical waters. The Summer Women’s Swimsuit from Summer Mae will keep you looking your best as well. This suit can be worn anywhere, including on the beach or poolside with friends this summer (and beyond).

It features an open neckline that shows off those gorgeous Adam’s apple tattoos paired up top by a v-neck style showing medium cleavage instead of too much. because let’s face it no one wants their breasts spilling out all over.

  • Swimsuit that is perfect for the summer
  • Open neckline
  • V-neck style showing medium cleavage
  • Sizes way off
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How do I get rid of back fat in my swimsuit?

When you are trying to stay fit, there is nothing more annoying than having to deal with body issues when it comes time to change into your suit. Your back fat can get in the way of looking great in your swimwear. Follow these tips to prevent this from happening when shopping for new swimsuits:

1) Make sure that the straps on your swimsuit are not too thin or narrow. Thinner straps will cut into your shoulders and cause discomfort, creating unsightly bulges over top of them. If you find yourself in this situation, simply switch to a wider strap until you can replace the suit completely.

2) Look at the lining of the garment. If it has sewn cups or mesh fabric, make sure it’s not attached to the outer fabric through a narrow strip. This is one of the worst things you can do when designing a swimsuit, as it creates an incredibly unflattering appearance from front or back.

3) Check out how much material there is in the lining. If there is a lot, then it’s going to create more bulk around your stomach and waistline. The goal with a swimsuit is to have a minimal lining so that you don’t look larger than you are.

4) Make sure that your side seams sit at least 2-3 inches higher than your hip line. If they fall below this mark, this will add extra volume to the hips and rear end area. A high rise on each side will make your legs appear longer and thinner, creating a slimming effect.

5) Try on swimsuits that have compression fabric panels on the side of the garment. This is going to make you look slimmer, as it’s going to cover up problem areas for most women. Just make sure that these panels are not too tight or too large, as they will cause uncomfortable bulges and lumps in all the wrong places.

6) Check out what kind of material this paneling is made from – if it’s spandex or some other type of stretchy fabric, then this will create an even more slimming appearance than usual. Many women love wearing spandex as part of their workout routine because it allows them to see results even faster.

7) Take a look at the cut of the suit itself, making sure that it is not too low or too high on your body. You should wear a suit that hits your mid-hip so that you don’t have any unwanted areas left exposed. For many women, this means wearing an underwire bikini top with full bottom coverage to avoid having their stomach peek out over the waistline.

8) Try on suits with sewn-in bra cups if you are looking for maximum support and comfort while still trying to achieve a sexy look. This will allow you to go braless without worrying about flopping around everywhere because there will be no need for extra straps holding up the garment.

How do you hide the fat in a bathing suit?

When it comes to bathing suits and body image, there is always going to be a problem area or two that we would like to minimize or completely hide from view.

There are many ways to go about this when trying on swimsuits, but the most important thing you can ever remember is that thicker, shapewear fabrics such as nylon and spandex will do the best job of concealing problem areas without feeling too tight or uncomfortable.

1) The side seam:

If your suit has a vertical seam running down the right and left sides of the garment, you want to make sure that these lines sit high on your hips so they don’t spread out and create extra volume around this area.

A majority of women have flabby skin on the sides of their stomach, thighs, and lower back, so they want to avoid wearing one piece swimsuits that have a horizontal side seam.

2) High rise bottoms:

When you are looking at one piece suits with high cut or high waist bottoms, this is going to give the appearance of longer legs since it will cover up any fat deposits around your thighs and rear end.

The ruching along the sides of these kinds of bathing suits will help create a slimming effect as well, hiding larger areas such as love handles and other problem areas for women.

3) Minimizer bras:

If you wear a minimizer bra when you go out shopping for new bathing suits, try on those two pieces that also include a built-in bra. This will help to smooth out the extra bulges around your stomach and waistline, making them look flatter and smoother under thin tops.

4) Control underwear:

Control underwear is also a great way to hide problem areas when shopping for bathing suits or going swimming. A pair of tummy control briefs, as well as a matching sports bra, will do wonders for your appearance in a bikini, taking away any unwanted attention from these problematic areas.

5) Ruching at the sides:

When you see horizontal ruching throughout the front and back panels of a one piece swimsuit’s bottom, this is going to make your rear end look smaller while helping to slim down larger thighs if you have cellulite on these areas.

6) High waisted bottoms:

This is a must-have for women who are looking to hide their stomach, thighs, and other problem areas when they’re putting on swimsuits. A high waisted bottom will sit snugly under your belly button so it creates the appearance of being slimmer than your actual curves might suggest.

7) Full coverage bottoms:

When you are shopping for one piece bathing suits, try on full coverage bottoms that help conceal all the extra bulges and flab around your legs and waist area.

If you don’t like showing off your rear end in public, this style of suit is perfect for ladies who want more modest styles with maximum comfort and support.

 8) Ruching or gathering:

This is always a flattering design to help make your hips and thighs look smaller, which is why women with problem areas in these areas generally prefer this style of suit.

Many one piece suits come with ruching or gathering at the top or bottom around the stomach area as well as the front and back of the garment.


The best way you can hide problem areas when it comes to wearing bikinis is by minimizing certain parts of your body so they don’t stand out as much against the graphics on your bikini top or bottoms. By following some of these tips mentioned above, you will be able to figure out exactly what might work for you depending on your specific body type problems.

Rather than choose an unflattering suit that makes you look ten pounds heavier than you are, try on styles that minimize your figure and take away the attention from these problem areas so you can feel confident about your body even when wearing swimsuits.

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