Top 10 Best Triathlon Wetsuit For Beginners

Wetsuits are a great addition to your summer swimming gear. Triathletes who choose to participate in the sport of triathlon will need this for several events including the swim portion of the race. Depending on how cold or hot you will be racing or training in, there is a wetsuit type for every temperature and every level of skill. Some types include:

Tri sleeved, no sleeved, spring suit, shorty, etc. This article will focus on some of the best entry-level affordable tri wetsuits that are essential for those new to this awesome sport.

1. How to Choose Best Triathlon Wetsuit For Beginners Ultimate Guide

There are many types of Best Triathlon Wetsuit For Beginners and you can get confused between them. Here we will provide you the information about triathlon wetsuits for beginners so that your search becomes easier. You can check out the Top 10 Best Triathlon Wetsuit For Beginners.

Triathlon wetsuits usually come in two main categories: sleeved and sleeveless. These two different categories present the pros and cons of each type, which directly affects whether they’re right for your style of swimming, training, and racing.

Sleeves add additional buoyancy during the swim by filling with water; this makes it harder to sink into a streamlined position underwater and increases drag against the water while swimming (on average, 20% more drag).

Sleeveless suits are designed for serious swimmers who focus more on speed than buoyancy in the water. More streamlined without the sleeves, these wetsuits present less surface area to push against the water during your race (on average, 20% less drag).

2. What’s The Best Sleeve Length for Your Race?

Depending on how long of a triathlon you’re swimming in, you’ll want to make sure your sleeved wetsuit fits properly. If you purchase a sleeve that is too short it may be difficult to pull over your shoulder and get into place. If it’s too long, it could get caught up in your arms or legs when submerged underwater – which will slow you down.

Sleeves should hit right at the base of your triceps (the muscles on the backside of your upper arm near your shoulder).

If you’re swimming a short-course race (under .75 miles), sleeves that stop just before and including your elbow are perfect. This will maximize hydrodynamics and buoyancy during your swim, which is key to fast times.

3. What’s The Best Wetsuit Length for Your Race?

Optimal wetsuit length varies depending on the temperature of the water and how long of a triathlon you’re swimming. When it comes to sleeved wetsuits, we recommend using our Size Finder Tool – this will give you an accurate recommendation based on all available information about your body type, height, weight, and of course the race you’re training for.

4.      What’s The Difference Between Triathlon Wetsuit For Beginners?

When it comes to triathlon wetsuits many different styles work great for beginners. One of our most popular styles is the Ignite by Aqua Sphere – this has been a top pick in water aerobics classes worldwide! It includes 100% Super-Stretch neoprene throughout the arms, legs, and core – improving flexibility while boosting your confidence in the water.

Another great style from Aqua Sphere is the Arena Powerskin Carbon Flex, which features a carbon composite panel in key zones along with integrated gaskets along the neckline and wrist openings to further improve comfort.

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Two other popular styles include the Zoot Triathlon Wetsuit Top and the Blueseventy Sprint Sleeves. The Top is made with 100% Aqua Flex neoprene throughout, providing maximum flexibility for low drag. While the Sprint uses an Aerodome upper-body construction to maximize hydrodynamics while minimizing arm resistance in the water – it also includes strategically placed panels that reduce drag no matter how you slice through the water.

After reviewing all of these different styles, we’d have to recommend our top pick for beginners would be either the Ignite or Arena Powerskin Carbon Flex wetsuits. Not only are they comfortable but they’ll make you look great in the pool.

Here is The List Of Best Triathlon Wetsuit For Beginners.

Top 10 Best Triathlon Wetsuit For Beginners

1.  Triathlon Wetsuit – Men’s Synergy Adrenaline Full Sleeve

With a sleek, high-performance design and the perfect fit, it’s no wonder that Synergy Adrenaline is loved by swimmers. The swimmer can do their best without worrying about being uncomfortable or hindered in any way while providing them with all of the buoyancy they need to feel free underwater.

The perfect water-wearing skin for any type of sport. The bladder, which can be inflated to increase its volume and fill with air on the surface above your head in case you get dunked underwater by another swimmer or racer.

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It also has super soft low neck fabric ensuring maximum comfort so that it feels like there’s nothing around your neck when we’re out running hard through open seas – just enjoy this amazing feeling while maintaining high-performance standards at all times.


  • Easily fits both the lean and muscular swimmers
  • Provides buoyancy for people to go deeper underwater than they could without it
  • Great for any type of sports water wear with its breathability
  • Super soft neck fabric ensuring maximum comfort.
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2.  Arena Men’s SAMS Triathlon Wetsuit Full Sleeve

The SAMS wetsuit has all of your bases covered with this top-of-the-line suit. It’s made to keep you safe from sharks, provides unparalleled core stability. Thanks to carbon technology and neoprene materials paired together for maximum buoyancy at key points on one’s body where they are needed most; not only does it protect but also improves performance by keeping their posture level in the water.

Buoyancy is important in the open water swimming, but not as much for short-distance events. A long sleeve wetsuit provides more coverage and warmth than a full suit because it covers all of your arms which can alter the stroke slightly when raced against someone else using only one arm to propel themselves through those same strokes you’ve been practicing.

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This may result from increased material around certain joints like elbow or wrist areas where silicone could be used instead if preferred – just make sure there’s enough room underneath so nothing gets caught between fingers during turns/rotations etc…


  • Provides more coverage and warmth than a full suit
  • Increases buoyancy in the open water swimming for longer distances.
  • Prevents injury from accidental knocks of your arms against other competitors’
  • Less material will create less drag during races.
  • Allows freedom to customize sleeves with silicone if desired.
  • Fits well under wetsuit gloves or can be worn as a stand-alone one-piece swimsuit if desired
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3. Men Full Body Neoprene Triathlon Wetsuit

If you are looking for a diving suit that will keep your body heat in, but not bogged down by excess weight – look no further. We have the perfect solution. our seamless suits with elastic lining provide excellent flexibility and breathability while also providing warmth on cold days at sea or lakeside adventure.

Our full-body nylon materials ensure comfort even during long periods spent underwater as they allow air movement to pass freely through them without interruption from any seals that might occur naturally due avoid chafing caused by tight clothes rubbing against skin.

If there’s one thing we know about divers who spend countless hours submerged beneath surface waters every day, it’s this. They don’t want anything restricting their movements so if it isn’t possible.


  • Amazing full-body suit for surfing, snorkeling and diving
  • 100% waterproof and very comfortable design
  • Very easy to put on and take off: just step in and zip up
  • Allows free circulation of air around the body while underwater
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4. NeoSport Men’s Sprint Triathlon Wetsuit (Large)

This budget-friendly Men’s NeoSport Triathlon Full Wetsuit is a great addition to your tri-wear. This suit has all of the features you need to swim faster and be more comfortable in the water.

5mm central buoyancy panel that helps keep afloat, super flexible neoprene which will not restrict movement or cause chafing from rubbing against skin cells on contact with fabrics like other wetsuits do at high speeds (yes they do exist), superstretchinem panels reduce friction so it feels light as air when moving through pools or oceans alike plus an easy out zipper makes changing over between suits fast without having to remove gloves first.


  • Keeps you afloat
  • Super stretchy and flexible
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to change in and out of suits
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5. blueseventy Kid’s Torpedo Triathlon Wetsuit

Blueseventy’s full sleeve wetsuit is specially designed for juniors ages 8 to 12. The torpedo complements all the benefits of a normal suit, such as heat retention and safety with its ample insulation in freezing waters without compromising flexibility or fit.

Thanks to an anatomical panel design handed down from high-end suits like bluesevens events own line. This product comes equipped with bright colors that will make you more visible while swimming underwater which has been one problem plaguing young athletes who are not yet confident enough on their terms out there underwater.


  • Increased visibility and safety
  • Equipped with neoprene that retains heat
  • More flexible than other wetsuits for children
  • Available in four colors
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6. UTTER Transformer Triathlon Teenager Children Neoprene Wetsuit

The 5mm Triathlon wetsuit by Transformer Yamamoto SCS is a great choice for swimmers who are young at heart. The neoprene on the chest gives this type of suit not only extra buoyancy but also protects them from cold water while swimming in open waters or lakes.

This high-quality wet outfit comes with silicon printed grip paneling which helps keep you afloat, so it’s easy to take off when needed too – no more worrying about stinking up your house because sporty swimwear keeps us smelling fresh even after hours underwater.


  • Keeps you warm and buoyant underwater
  • Silicon printed grip paneling
  • Has an easy-to-take-off zip at the back
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7. NeoSport Wetsuits Men’s Premium

The best item to keep you warm when water activities like diving, snorkeling, and kayaking in the coldest conditions is a durable neoprene suit. It’s made with high-quality material that provides comfort while protecting from wind chill for those who enjoy outdoor sports such as kiteboarding or wakeboarding.

The exterior surface of our import suits will not get wet because we’ve used spot taping at stress points so there isn’t any risk of getting hurt if something goes wrong during your activity.

This also allows it to be easily cleaned after use without worrying about staining clothes too much due solely to how much sweat was produced by physical exertion.


  • Durable and long-lasting material for cold water activities
  • Comfortable and flexible fit with easy cleanup
  • No risk of you getting wet because spot taping at stress points
  • The sleek exterior surface will not become wet
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8. SUMARPO Triathlon Wetsuit Women‘s N-Joy Full Sleeve

You know when you’re in the water and it feels like an instant heat soak? Well, this wetsuit is designed with a low collar that will keep your neck cool while maintaining hydrodynamic flow.

The drowning protection provided by Folded Yamamoto SCS 38 design ensures no water enters through awkward seams or pores–and best yet. Thanks to our innovative SQ-flex inner lining found on both arms and shoulders wearers can swim without limitations.

The sleek, contoured shape of the paddle adds grip and improves stroke efficiency. Eliminates drag by water-repelling properties while providing a nonstop grip in your hand.


  • Reliable and comfortable
  • Utilizes innovative technology
  • Keeps neck cool in the water
  • Slick design for an optimal experience
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9. Triathlon Wetsuit – Women’s Synergy Endorphin Sleeveless

If you’re looking for a wetsuit that will let your swim move as freely and easily through the water as possible, then this is just what you need. Ironman & USAT approved with Athlete Endorsed.

Comes in a wide range of sizes ensuring perfect fit comes standard hydrodynamic neoprene made from Yamamoto #39- SCS Silicone Coated SyPrene 5mm thick core buoyancy panel 3mm legs and back Full motion Unsurpassed 680% flexibility. Highest grade anti corrodes internally We recommend wearing a jacket over top or dress it down style if hitting colder weathers float higher Move faster.


  • Improves your swim performance
  • Keeps you warm when wet, dry off in minutes
  • Maintains shape and flexibility 800% better than a regular wetsuit
  • Durable against corrosion struggles from saltwater
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10.  arena Men’s Triathlon Wetsuit Triwetsuit Full Sleeve

With the Triwetsuit, you can swim all day in comfort. This neoprene wetsuit features bonded nylon fabric that offers durability and optimal freedom of movement while maintaining skin-to-water temperature regulation with its triathlon design for faster swimming without sacrificing flexibility or glide through the water.

Its fully coated polyurethane coating cuts down on drag so your strokes are easier too! With this suit, there is no need to worry about getting cold when entering open water.

Because we’ve got reverse zippers that make transitions quick as well as adjustability at key points throughout body coverage ensuring total comfort during those long laps around lanes 1&2.


  • Get more time swimming
  • Stay warm longer and enjoy the water with less overheating
  • Reverse zippers make transitions quick and easy
  • Adjustability at key points for a perfect fit
  • Full sleeve
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1. How much is a triathlon wetsuit?

A triathlon wetsuit can cost anywhere from $150 to $700. This high price range is due to the different quality of materials and design.

2. Why would you need a triathlon wetsuit?

A triathlon wetsuit is worn during open water swimming, which takes place in a body of water such as a lake, river, or ocean. A normal bathing suit also does not provide enough insulation against cold water and therefore swimmers feel cold even during warmer months.

A wet suit, on the other hand, provides much-needed warmth that allows the swimmer to endure longer sessions on colder days for training or competition. Wearing a triathlon wetsuit makes it possible for swimmers to comfortably train in any body of water even during cold months.

3. What are some popular brands?

Some popular brands for triathlon wetsuits include Best, Zoot, Aqua Sphere, and Orca. These companies offer many designs to choose from at different price points. Best is known for its comfortable design that allows more movement than other suits with the same thickness material.

Best also has a large variety of shapes designed for male or female swimmers depending on your body type. Zoot offers similar features but is priced slightly higher due to its brand name recognition. Aqua Sphere’s Orca is slightly cheaper than Best and Zoot but provides less flexibility which can hamper performance in some cases. All these brands produce quality products so it comes down to personal preference.

4. Do you need a wetsuit for a triathlon?

A triathlon wetsuit is not necessary for everyone. When training in a warm climate, wearing a suit can slow you down due to decreased flexibility and increased weight.

This means that it is hard for swimmers to generate power when strokes are less flexible due to thick material. Those who train in cold climates generally have better endurance so they don’t need the extra speed that a thinner wetsuit can provide.

5. How thick should my wetsuit be for a triathlon?

When choosing a triathlon wetsuit, you should choose thicker material for colder conditions and go with thinner fabric if training in warm water. Best’s thickness scales goes as follows: Cold Water (40 Degrees Fahrenheit or below) = 3/4 mm thickness; Cool Water (60 to 70 Degrees Fahrenheit)= 7/8 mm; Warm Water (70 to 80 Degrees Fahrenheit)=1 mm; Hot Water (80 to 90 Degrees Fahrenheit)= 1 1/8 mm.

6.      Are Xterra wetsuits always on sale?

Yes, Best’s Xterra wetsuits are always on sale. Best offers different designs of high-quality neoprene for swimmers who want to train in any water during all seasons.

Best Triathlon is committed to providing our customers with the best service and price for your triathlon gear. At Best, we aim to make sure you have all the information you need from brands you trust so that you can make a decision based on facts rather than hype.

7.  Can I use my Xterra wetsuit for other races?

If your goal is to eventually swim in a triathlon then your wetsuit will be fine for training through various race distances including sprints and Olympic-distance events.

Best Xterra wetsuits are made of high-quality neoprene that can keep you warm in even the coldest water. Best also offers a variety of styles that can cater to all body types.

Best Triathlon Wetsuits make it easy for anyone who swims to get the right gear from brands they trust. Best’s prices can’t be beaten either – our goal is to make sure you have access to the latest information and deals on your favorite triathlon gear at all times.

8. How tight should a wetsuit be?

You should be able to fit two fingers between your skin and the wetsuit while it is completely dry. Best recommends that you use talcum powder on any areas that are difficult for you to slide into your suit. If your wetsuit is too tight, get a larger size; if it’s too loose get a smaller size. It can also help to get assistance from someone else when putting on your triathlon wetsuit.

9. Can I soak my wetsuit overnight?

No, Best does not recommend that you soak a wetsuit. Best’s wetsuits are made of high-quality neoprene that can withstand being in the water for long periods without deteriorating.

Best recommends that you rinse your triathlon wetsuit with fresh water after each use to remove excess pool chemicals and salt from the surface. If possible, hang your suit in a cool dry location when it is not in use so it can dry out completely between swims.

10.  Is it bad to leave a wetsuit in the car?

You should avoid leaving Best’s wetsuits in the car during hot summer days. Best recommends that Best’s wetsuits are stored in a cool, dry place where they will not be exposed to high temperatures.

Best also warns against hanging your suit on a direct clothesline or laying it flat while drying because these can lead to stretching. Do not use chlorine bleach on Best wetsuits because it can break down the material if used too often or after each swim.

11. How often should you wash your wetsuit?

Best recommends that you wash the triathlon wetsuit after every two uses. Best recommends using mild soap and cold water to clean your swimsuit. Best also suggests hand washing your wetsuit instead of putting it in the washer or dryer.

12.  Are Best’s Xterra wetsuits warm?

Yes, Best Xterra Wetsuits are manufactured with 100% closed-cell neoprene insulation that will keep you comfortable in even the coldest water temperature. Best also uses flatlock stitching on most of Best’s Best Triathlon Wetsuits to further prevent uncomfortable chafing at the seams.


Which type of triathlon wetsuit you select will depend on your budget and what kind of swimmer you are. If this is the first time investing in a triathlon suit, we recommend trying out one that’s designed for beginners.

These brands offer affordable options with high-quality features that can help keep beginner athletes comfortable while they learn to compete at their best level.

Let us know which style was right for you below so we can share more about it with other readers who might be looking for something similar.



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