Top 10 Best Triathlon Wetsuit For Poor Swimmers

Is the best triathlon wetsuit for poor swimmers is difficult to find? Do you think athletes can just use a regular swimsuit for the best triathlon wetsuit competition? If so, then read on.

Triathlon suits are specifically designed with consideration given to maximum resistance in the water. Triathletes need this special consideration because most of them are not strong swimmers and the race requires endurance in the swimming portion.

If the best triathlon wetsuit is certainly suited that offers flexibility when you’re doing your best time in open water or sea – either during training or actual competition swimming trials and races then what should be done?

Here are some tips on how to choose the best triathlon wetsuit for poor swimmers

  • Choose the best triathlon wetsuit based on your swimming pace. There are best suits designed specifically for sprint, middle distance, and long-distance swimmers.
  • Consider the triathlon wetsuits that have a hydrodynamic front panel design to cut further drag when you swim. It will help you to improve times in water during training or competition race.
  • Select the triathlon wetsuits with bright colors, especially if the swimming area is open water or sea because it’s going to be difficult to see a black or dark-colored suit against the backdrop of waves and depth of the lake in green or blue water due to lack of visual references.
  • For the triathlon wetsuits, choose the best one that has anti-chafing material. Some suits use smooth fabric on the arms and legs to prevent irritation or bumps that can cause wounds or blisters when you swim long distances in every stroke.
  • Always triathlon wetsuit with best zipper designs to make it easy for you to wear or remove your suit quickly even without any help from other people. Skipping tie is most desirable although most of these best suits have buckle closure for waistband because it’s a little risky to move too much with a zip-only suit alone in the water during best competition swimmers trials and races with a wetsuit that can cause accidents in the water.
  • Look for the best triathlon wetsuits with special antimicrobial materials to help reduce odor when you wear them in everyday training sessions or actual competition trials and races when a wetsuit is worn too long without proper care. You know, material that moves sweat and water vapor away from your skin reduces the chance of rot and growth of fungus or bacteria inside wetsuit that causes bad smell even if you wash it regularly after each use.
  • When choosing the best triathlon wetsuit, prefer those made of neoprene material because all wetsuits are not made of the same materials. Neoprene has better elasticity and flexibility than other suits that are often made of rubber or polyurethane material. This neoprene wetsuit is ideal for open water swimming where humidity is high and you need the best triathlon wetsuit with better chlorine resistance to keep your suit long-lasting even if it’s used in everyday training sessions or actual competition trials and races in the pool or seawater.
  • Always choose the color for your triathlon wetsuit, especially when you swim in an open water area like a lake or sea where visibility is low. A bright wetsuit will help you to be noticed by other water users like scuba divers or boats in wetsuits color that can be easily seen even in murky water.
  • Go for the triathlon wetsuit with special fabric lining inside the suit especially around the neck, arm, and leg openings. It helps you feel comfortable when wet because there is no direct contact between your skin and neoprene material which can irritate because of too much moisture or chemical imbalance (chlorine) on a wet suit.
  • Always choose the triathlon wetsuit with 100% glued seams because it’s more durable than the sewn version where stitching thread can burst open during wetsuit use, especially when your triathlon wetsuit is not properly taken care of.
  • Finally, choose a wetsuit that has anti UV material to prevent sunburn on areas where wetsuits are exposed to sunlight like the back and shoulders when you swim during hot weather conditions for a long period.

 Top 10 Best Triathlon Wetsuit For Poor Swimmers

1. blueseventy 2021 Men’s Sprint Triathlon Wetsuit

The blueseventy Sprint wetsuit is an entry-level suit that has more features for the money than any other, and it comes with our best-selling 3/4th Yamamoto neoprene.

While you’re taking your first strokes underwater in this lightweight fabric as we do here at BluesEventy (watch), its design will immediately help improve efficiency by lifting hips while encouraging body roll – all of which means less fatigue on land or sea.

The Sprint swimwear is perfect for those looking to get in some water exercise, but not have the luxury of being able-bodied.

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The 1.5mm arm panels preserve mobility as you bring your arms into and out of the suit while an exterior coating on this model improves glide which may seem less than ideal when compared with higher-end competitors that are more flexible or buoyant – nonetheless, these features make up for it by providing a palpable advantage over old suits thanks to its streamlined design modeling itself after top-shelf gear made just like it (Sprint).


  • Provides a more enjoyable swim with improved buoyancy and efficiency in the water
  • Increases glide as you swim
  • Helps move through T1 quickly
  • Enhances mobility
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2.  TYR Men’s Men’s Hurricane Wetsuit Cat 1

This is the perfect suit for anyone who wants to get faster in their swim. This neoprene rubber imported product features a hand-washable design that will minimize drag and maximize speed.

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It’s ideal as an introduction to triathlons, but it can also work well with any other water-based sports like surfing or scuba diving too – just because this wetsuit doesn’t have extra material on top of your arms doesn’t mean you’re stuck without protection when going deeper underwater.


  • Drain water quickly and easily by hand-washing
  • Minimize drag and maximize speed with a streamlined design that doesn’t drag like conventional wetsuits
  • Perfect for the competitive swimmer looking for an edge, or recreational sports fanatics who want to explore their underwater world – it includes all of the protection you need without any extra weight on your arms.
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3. Men’s & Women’s Triathlon Freediving Swimming Wetsuit

Cressi’s Freedom is a one-piece wetsuit specifically designed for swimming in the sea, pool, and freediving. Ideal to who does triathlons or other watersports where they need protection from cold water while doing their activity at times when it may be too warm for most people’s comfort levels.

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The smooth skin of this suit makes motion easy on your joints which allows you freedom underwater but still gives excellent insulation against heated surfaces around us such as hot shores or even building exteriors since we spend so much time out there exploring undersea worlds during our daily lives.


  • Contributes to the sensations of swimming without being obstructed by any discomfort caused by friction
  • Allows for easy movement of your joints while protecting you from outside heat sources
  • Keeps you comfortable and warm no matter what temperature, whether it’s hot or cold
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4.  ORCA Equip Men Triathlon Wetsuit

The use of these different technologies provides more flexibility, maintaining a constant buoyancy. Designed for Natural Swimmers who want to feel like they’re wearing nothing at all but water.

The 1.5 mm Yamamoto 39 material in arms gives incredible amounts of support while still allowing full range of motion with ease – crucial when you have an active lifestyle or are just looking to improve your swimming technique by using gear that won’t slow down any strokes.

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because it’s lightweight yet durable enough not to break apart under pressure unlike many other suits on the market today which can be uncomfortable if worn during workouts.


  • Feels like you’re wearing nothing at all
  • Incredible buoyancy and flexibility
  • Maintains full range of motion in arms
  • Won’t break apart under pressure
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5. Xterra Wetsuits – Men’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit

The XTERRA wetsuit is the perfect way to be ready for any swim competition. It doesn’t matter what your skill level may currently be, as each product has been carefully crafted and tested in San Diego by experts.

Getting into shape just got easier with this innovative new line that will have you looking like an Olympic champion before time even starts running out on today’s races.

Catch all future workouts while also staying comfortable throughout them because our material selection ensures maximum Comfort.

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The XTERRA Volt Triathlon Sleeveless Wetsuit is a high-performance neoprene wetsuit that stretches in all four directions and returns to its original shape. The suit’s flexible liner allows for a comfortable snug fit, while also providing excellent buoyancy so you can swim fast without getting tired.

The shell of our triathlon-specific design has 3/2mm quality material which protects against abrasions or scratches from sharp objects like rocks during your racecourse journey through lakeshore waters.


  • Stretchy in four directions for a comfortable snug fit
  • Excellent buoyancy to swim fast without getting tired
  • 3/2mm quality material protects from abrasions or scratches
  • Highly flexible and durable
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6. Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit – Men’s Best Triathlon Wetsuit For Poor Swimmers

The Hydrodynamic Neoprene Wetsuit from Yamamoto is a full range, three-inch-thick neoprene with a silicone coating. It has exceptional functionality that provides excellent waterproofing and breathability for your body while keeping you afloat at speeds up to five knots in water as deep as two meters below sea level.

This sleek yet durable suit offers maximum buoyancy allowing swimmers more freedom when they’re swimming long distances or practicing certain strokes because it will not drag them down like other wetsuits can do.

With its high-quality YKK zippers specifically designed by Italian engineers, there’s no chance this swimwear becomes rusted over time due to cheaper alternatives which would be very expensive if anything happened.


  • Non-dragging hydrodynamic neoprene
  • Full range 3-inch thick neoprene with silicone coating
  • Fast swimmers can be buoyant at speeds up to 5 knots in water as deep as two meters below sea level
  • Italian YKK zippers specifically designed
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7.  Triathlon Wetsuit – Men’s Synergy Endorphin Sleeveless

If you’re looking the best in water activities, then look no further than this Ironman & USAT-approved wetsuit. It comes in sizes to ensure that it’ll fit your needs and come at an affordable price.

With proven technology like hydrodynamic neoprene made from Yamamoto #39 with SCS silicone-coated SyPrene. this suit is sure not only to be durable but also to give superior performance when out on land or undersea.

which makes sense considering how great these suits are while they last for years without wearing down easily due compete their high-quality materials used construction methodologies – all of which offer exceptional functionality such as being full range motion enabling 688%, absolutely unrivaled 680%of flexibility ability.


  • Works in all environments
  • Durable design ensures it’ll last
  • Superior performance in water sports
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8.  Men’s 3mm Shorty Wetsuit | Best Triathlon Wetsuit For Poor Swimmers

Seaskin adult shorty wetsuit for diving, snorkeling, and swimming. Keeps you warm in cold water with the snug skin-fitting design of nylon II neoprene construction that provides thermal insulation as well as protection from abrasion or stings by marine organisms like jellyfish.

The convenient front zipper makes it easy to put on while also giving this three-layer material stretch so there are no worries about movement causing discomfort at any point during wear.

Flexible movement allows behind a tight fit thanks to its flexible fabric which means less bulk than other suits out there – perfect if space is limited because not only does it provide warmth but also buoyancy too.


  • Keep you warm in cold water
  • Easy to put on and off
  • No worries of movement causing discomfort or tightness
  • A flexible suite that is less bulky than other suits
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9.  blueseventy 2021 Men’s Reaction Triathlon Wetsuit

Be the hero of your next adventure with blueseventy’s Men’s Reaction Triathlon Wetsuit. This wetsuit not only has 4mm chest panels, 5mm neoprene around the core, hips and lower torso to lift the body off water for reduced drag but also features 1.5 mm thin arms that provide more flexibility while swimming underwater or climbing out past other swimmers at sea level.

You’ll love this top-notch race day go-to because it fits like an expertly tailored suit without compromising style points – just get ready to take on any course condition whether it’s open water or surf spot racing all over town.


  • Improved ability to swim underwater
  • Less drag by reduced surface
  • Durable material that withstands wear and tear
  • Amazing customer service
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10. ORCA Sonar Men Triathlon Wetsuit

ORCA’s Sonar Men Triathlon Wetsuit is the most versatile in the ORCAs range. It’s suited for triathletes who want to train with a technical suit, but it also works well for swimmers looking at maximizing their time underwater by ensuring that they have an optimal position upon entry into the water.

The men’s Total Swimmer design will help you swim faster because it combines buoyancy and flexibility which helps increase hydrodynamics- critical factors when push comes down to work hard.


  • Guided Design: the suit has buoyancy and flexibility that helps increase hydrodynamics
  • Total Swimmer design will transform your swim from average to high performing
  • 3D Floating Lining: the lining is designed with a focus on water retention which helps make it more breathable.
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1.  What suit is best for cold water swimming?

For cold water swimming problems, you have to look for the triathlon wetsuit with extra thick neoprene. The best material for cold water is usually thicker flatlock seams and also separating zippers to avoid water entering through the zipper.

Also helps to get a suit that has front zip instead of back zip, so it will be easier for you to get in/out when nature calls during your swim (If you think this makes no difference then read our article about Best Triathlon Wetsuit For Men)

Triathlon wetsuits are made out of 3 different thicknesses of neoprene; 0.5mm, 1mm, or 2mm. Keep in mind that thicker suits are harder to move around in and thinner, more flexible suits are easier to swim in.

The best material for cold water is usually thicker flatlock seams and also separating zippers to avoid water entering through the zipper.

Some triathlon wetsuit brands even make triathlon wetsuits with extra thickness on shoulders, arms, legs, chest, etc. The best choices are usually those which have the least amount of panels because several panels give less flexibility. The best choice would be a full suit because there aren’t any panels at all and it provides the most flexibility and warmth.

2. What makes a good triathlon wetsuit?

A good suit should have flatlock seams. Those are the stitched patterns that you can see on most wetsuits. The seamless stitching makes it possible for water to not get trapped between your skin and the neoprene, thus keeping you warmer for longer periods.

There are some cheap options around with glued seams which are still okay if they are only being used in swimming pools or calm open waters but if you are planning on using them in rough conditions, they will fall apart very quickly because glue does not hold up against waves and other forces of nature.

The best triathlon wetsuit must be flexible, comfortable, durable, tight-fitting (H2O drag reduction), wind-resistant, fast-drying & hydrophobic.

3. Do triathlon wetsuits help you float?

One of the benefits of using a wetsuit is that they do help you float better in water. This helps people who have trouble staying afloat when they swim. In addition to this, women also benefit from this feature because most women have a hard time staying afloat when they are in the water just by their body weight and these types of wetsuits can help increase what your body weight is in the water.

So if you feel like you’re struggling with floating or find that it takes too much effort to be able to stay above the surface when you go swimming, I would recommend getting a triathlon wetsuit so you can take advantage of being able to float better in the.

4. What is warmer a wetsuit or a drysuit?

As we said before, wetsuits usually provide more warmth and comfort than drysuits. The reason for this is because they are made up of neoprene which provides insulation against cold water. While wearing a triathlon wetsuit you will feel warmer than if you were to wear a drysuit.

A drysuit is considered to be an alternative to a wetsuit rather than a replacement so most people who use them tend to use them in very specific conditions just because they can’t get into or out of them very easily and it’s not as comfortable as what you would get with a triathlon wetsuit.

It also doesn’t provide any sort of insulation which means that it does require additional layers underneath to stay warm.

5.  Can you drown in a wetsuit?

Even though wetsuits provide significant flotation, you can still drown in them if you take the wrong precautions and don’t think about what you’re doing.

People tend to just jump into the water with their wetsuit on or put it on while they’re already in the water and that’s a big no-no because if you get stuck underwater, your body will push all of the air out of your lungs and your wetsuit will start filling up with water quickly making it very hard for you to swim once you do get free.

To not make this mistake make sure that when wearing a triathlon wetsuit, bring something along with you to help pull yourself out should anything happen while wearing one.

6. Why do swimmers wear wetsuits?

Wetsuits are worn by swimmers to provide insulation against the cold water. They are necessary for outdoor swimming in open waters, allowing people to swim longer distances without feeling exhausted or cold.

They also allow you to float better in water, providing more comfort while you swim.

7. Do drysuits help you float?

Drysuits do not have the insulation levels that a wetsuit does, so they will generally provide less flotation as well. In most cases, you will only see divers wear drysuits as their main form of insulation as their safety requires having as many air pockets as possible between themselves and the water to prevent the wet suit from dragging them down if they happen to lose consciousness.

In terms of using them for swimming purposes, there isn’t a reason why you would want to use a drysuit over a triathlon wetsuit unless you are an avid open-water swimmer.

8. Is it easier to swim in a wetsuit?

Yes, a triathlon wetsuit does make swimming easier because they allow you to float better and the trapped air inside the neoprene helps increase your buoyancy.

In addition to that wetsuits also provide warmth which allows you to swim for longer periods without getting tired as quickly.

9. Is it necessary to wear a wetsuit in a pool? If so, why?

No, wearing a triathlon wetsuit is not necessary for a pool because pools have maintained water temperature which makes them safe to swim in without needing additional layers of insulation provided by a triathlon wetsuit.

Also, pools tend to be rather small compared to open waters where people need this sort of protection from the cold water.


There are plenty of choices out there, but the best suits for you will depend on your needs. Hopefully, this guide has helped narrow down your search to help make it easier for you to find the Best Triathlon Wetsuit For Poor Swimmers. We hope our blog post was helpful and informative.

If not please let us know what type of suit you select in the comments section below or send us a message here with any questions that we can answer.

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