10 Best Triathlon Wetsuit For Women (Buying Guide)

Triathlon has become a popular sport for competitive women, but it can be difficult to find the Best Triathlon Wetsuit For Women for their needs. This guide will help you understand what qualities you should look for in a triathlon wetsuit and how to tell if one is made with quality materials.

Best Triathlon Wetsuits For Women (Buying Guide)

If You wanna purchase Triathlon Wetsuits For Women then these points are necessary to keep in mind while purchasing a suit.


The wetsuit should fit snug but not be too tight. If it’s difficult to put on, then the suit is likely not for you. You also want a thin neoprene that can stay warm when wet without becoming overly heavy and dragging your body down in the water.


A triathlon wetsuit doesn’t come with padding like other types of Women’s triathlon wetsuits. however, many women find padded bra cups are great at protecting their chests from chafing or bruising during transitions between swimming and biking or cycling. Your best bet is to get one made out of flexible foam so that it moves naturally with your chest while still offering just enough support.


A good triathlon wetsuit is made with a mesh lining around the neck and armholes to prevent uncomfortable chafing during transitions from one sport to another, as well as allowing for more flexibility when you move your arms or need to take it off quickly before transitioning into swimming.

Glued down

When looking at the seams of a suit, make sure they are glued down so that water doesn’t get in between them and cause irritation on your skin while wearing it.

Flexible neoprene panels should be used over any seams where there may be excessive rubbing against body parts like the inner thigh area or back of legs near your swimsuit line. Keep an eye out for stitching that isn’t finished properly either because it can also irritate when your wet suit rubs against it.


If the neoprene is too thick, you will be at risk of overheating in hot weather conditions because excess water doesn’t cool off as quickly when it’s trapped between thicker layers of rubber.

While this may seem like a good thing for colder days where you need to stay warm, if there are places that aren’t glued down properly or have seams with little stitching then water could seep into the wetsuit and make you feel uncomfortably cold instead while swimming.


A sprint triathlon involves less distance than an Olympic one; therefore, many women use smaller-sized suits made specifically for their shorter distances without any issues during competitions.


Some triathlon wetsuits come with pockets on the inside of them for you to insert a neoprene cap or goggles. This helps keep your head warm during swims and gives you quick access when it’s time to take off your helmet or pull out glasses before transitioning into biking.


It is important to check what type of water temperature everyone else in your competition will be swimming in so that if they are using thicker suits, yours isn’t too thick as well. You can usually find this information online by looking at past races that have taken place there since they follow similar climate patterns every season, but don’t hesitate to ask fellow competitors either because many times people forget about these details until later stages of training.

It is important to note that you shouldn’t wear any type of padding under your wetsuit because it will cause drag and slow you down in the water.

No matter your budget or skill level, we have found some of the Women’s triathlon wetsuits on the market today that are sure to fit any woman’s needs.

Top 10 Best Triathlon Wetsuit For Women

1. blueseventy 2021 Women’s Reaction Triathlon Wetsuit

The Blueseventy triathlon wetsuit is perfect for open-water swimming. It features 4mm chest panels, which are split by a flexible neoprene material that provides stretch and comfort with every stroke while helping reduce drag among other things.

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The upgraded jersey lining makes this suit just as comfortable on land or sea according to their website description so you’ll have no problem getting in sync with your body’s natural movements during any race whether it sprints over shorter distances such as 5K runs at the Beach.

Key Features

  • 4mm chest panels for flexible neoprene material
  • Upgraded jersey lining
  • GBS seams for comfort and durability
  • Ultra-lightweight only 9.7lbs
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2.  Women’s Blue Seventy Fusion Triathlon Wetsuit

At Blue Seventy, we know that not everyone is an experienced swimmer. That’s why our new Fusion wetsuit is perfect for those who are just starting and want to venture into open water without sacrificing performance or quality.

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With features like super-stretch neoprene fabric with balanced buoyancy panels at a reasonable price point–this suit will have you feeling confident on your first trip into the deep end of any pool.

Key Features

  • Beginner-friendly suit
  • Comfortable fit for all body types
  • Affordable price point
  • Durable, yet lightweight
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3.  Arena Women’s SAMS Triathlon Wetsuit Full Sleeve

Shark Attack Protection Systems or Sams for short is a new innovative swimwear line designed to deter sharks. The system was created in partnership with the University of Western Australia’s Oceans Institute and School Of Animal Biology.

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Which analyzed what they can see under different light conditions at varying depths from knee height up onto longer ranges away from their prey’s reach To do this we used color/contrast as well size changes such that it makes you appear less desirable while swimming through open water.

Key Features

  • Shark-deterring technology helps keep you safe
  • Great for swimmers of all skill levels
  • Eco-friendly materials make it sustainable and recyclable
  • Soothing colors allow you to feel relaxed, even in the water
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4.  Triathlon Wetsuit – Women’s Synergy Adrenaline Full Sleeve

Synergy Adrenaline is a swimmer’s dream. It provides the buoyancy necessary, yet it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all thanks to its light and comfortable construction. The athlete-approved design offers support where needed while keeping high performance in mind with its narrow range of sizes – ensuring that no matter what your body type or size preferences maybe we have got something perfect for YOU.

The key difference between this swimsuit versus others on today’s market: none other comes close when it comes down to hydrodynamic SCS silicone coatedSyPrene panels combined with HiFlex materials- which make up most parts outside rubber inner leg cuffs as well as along upper back straps (where both provide protection).

Key Features

  • HIGHEST LEVEL HYDRODYNAMIC PERFORMANCE with silicone coated Syprene panels in the world
  • TRIATHLETE-APPROVED DESIGN for high performance and comfort
  • STRICT COMPLIANCE with all international standards
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5.  blueseventy 2021 Women’s Sprint Triathlon Wetsuit – for Open Water Swimming

The first entry-level wetsuit is a tough choice. If you’re new to the sport and want something more advanced, look elsewhere. But if your priority is learning some of those tricky transitions or just having some hands-free time while swimming without sacrificing comfort then this might be perfect for what you need as soon as possible – no matter how old or experienced swimmer on your team/committee…

The SCS has been designed from scratch specifically with today’s athletes in mind  – An oversized arm gusset featuring a super stretch jersey provides excellent flexibility and visibility. Over 20 years we have design experience making our traditional zipper an industry standard. Our curved closure flap reduces rear collar height improving comfort reducing chaffing.

Key Features

  • Perfect for any swimmer
  • Gain more comfort in the open water swimming
  • Extra stretch on arm gusset- better visibility
  • Handmade in the USA
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6. Hyperflex Access Men’s and Women’s Full Body 3mm Backzip Wetsuit

Get your first surfing wet suit and enter a whole new world. The Hyperflex Access Series 3mm full body is designed with the entry-level surfer in mind, but it’s perfect for any beginner who wants that perfect fit around their neck or arms.

Packed with features like Storm force knee pads to protect you on those dangerous waves.

Chill breaker mesh skin panels which will keep you cool during summer days at the Beach if not cooler than average water temperatures (it’s always about making things easier though isn’t it)?

And underarm gusset so even when they’re wearing longer fronts we’ve got them covered there too – this low-cost product has everything an enthusiastic would-be enthusiast could ask of it without breaking into expensive gear just yet.

Key Features

  • Get your first surfing wet suit
  • Affordable, versatile, good quality
  • 7 layer seams for durability
  • Extra padded Storm force knee pads
  • Best Triathlon Wetsuit For Women
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7. blueseventy 2019 Women’s Thermal Reaction Triathlon Wetsuit

In a world where water is cold, the best way to stay warm and enjoy your workout is with our high-performance neoprene swimwear. Made from durable materials that resist bacteria while remaining breathable all year round.

Our Thermadelec fabric offers superior protection against abrasion plus has been proven in research studies as being more resistant than other fabrics on the market today like polyester or nylon because it does not clump together when wet which can lead to infections at worst (or icky looking wetsuits) depending upon how you look at them. But this also makes these suits great if there will be any chance of oils getting between skin cells due.

Key Features

  • The toughest, most durable swimwear on the market
  • Top performance fabric for best protection
  • Thermacool technology keeps you warm even in cold water
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8. SUMARPO Triathlon Wetsuit Women‘s N-Joy Full Sleeve

The Folded Yamamoto SCS 38 low collar design further enhances comfort, it minimizes skin friction and ensures that no water enters your wetsuit. The 1.5mm panels with the 520% highly flexible SQ-flex inner liner in arms & shoulders make you swimming without limitations as well.

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Additionally, there is a floating zip panel that comes easy to install or remove so donning becomes much smoother than before because of its long service life. Zeitgeist’s inverted U-shaped leg cuff goes hand in glove for increased elasticity giving extra easiness when putting on suit up top thanks again to those groove shape paddles below – they’re perfect both aesthetically pleasing AND functional at once.

Key Features

  • Best-selling wetsuit in the industry
  • New innovative design with a classic performance
  • Folded Yamamoto SCS 38 low collar design for enhanced comfort and minimized skin friction
  • 5mm panels with 520% highly flexible SQ-flex inner liner in arms & shoulders to give unsurpassable swimming performance
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9. Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit 5/3mm – Women’s Endorphin Full Sleeve

The Ironman & USAT Approved Neoprene Wetsuit is the perfect choice for all levels of swimmers. The hydrodynamic material provides great isolation while being made from Yamamoto #39 and 40 with SCS silicone-coated SyPrene 5mm thick core buoyancy panel / 3mm lower legs or back 2 mm arms and shoulders that are guaranteed not to decrease your performance in any way.

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With this suit, you will have greater freedom when performing crossings making it easier than ever before even underwater to stay afloat during those treacherous moments on open waters where visibility has disappeared due to flexibilities up until 680%.

Key Features

  • Optimized for all levels
  • Staying afloat is easy
  • Up to 4mm of neoprene insulation and an innovative air-channel system that channels cold water away from your core and towards the arms, legs, and feet
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10. DIVE & SAIL Wetsuit Men Women-Full Body Ultra Stretch Mens Womens Wetsuit

The cold water wetsuit is ready for any adventure and was built with durability in mind. This neoprene blend offers superior insulation while maintaining breathability so you can stay warm when the temperatures drop below 65℉-78℉.

The superelastic nylon fabric helps keep this suit tight against your skin without feeling too restrictive or uncomfortable; it also has “sharkskin” on the chest and back to enhance stretchability which reduces water resistance – perfect if fish are jumping around nears shorelines.

Front zipper design allows easy access throughout full-body long sleeve construction that provides UV protection coating (SPF50+).

Key Features

  • Created with durability in mind
  • Offers superior insulation while maintaining breathability
  • Bits of help keep the suit tight against the skin without being too restrictive or constrictive
  • The front zip allows for quick, easy access
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1.  What is the best brand of triathlon wetsuit?

There are lots of different brands that make Triathlon Wetsuits, but the best Triathlon Wetsuit Brand is Orca.

Orca Triathlons neoprene wetsuits are designed by professional swimmers for both men and women. Orca Triathlons has top-of-the-line technology compared to other Triathlons wetsuit brands. Orca Triathlons Triathlon Wetsuits are comfortable, sleek, flexibility and it has amazing buoyancy.

It even has the highest quality Triathlon Wetsuit that is available on the market for both men and women!

2.  What should you look for when buying a Triathlon Wetsuit?

When shopping for Triathlon Wetsuit, make sure it’s a Triathlon Wetsuit and not a Surfing Wetsuit. Triathlons and Surfing are two different animals. Triathlons require Triathlon wetsuits that are tight-fitting a Triathlon wetsuit is more buoyant than a Surfing wetsuit and Triathlons Triathlon Wetsuits are very flexible.

Triathlons wetsuits also have a smooth, sleek surface so that there is no drag. Triathlons  Wetsuits have smaller armholes and neck entry for arms and body to be more aerodynamic in the water. Triathlons  Wetsuits should also have a zipper on both the back and front of the Triathlon Triathlon wetsuit for easy removal and entry.

3. How thick should a triathlon wetsuit be?

Triathlon Wetsuits are made to be worn one Triathlon Wetsuit sizes smaller than your normal Triathlon wetsuit. Triathlons  Wetsuits are typically thicker than Surfing Triathlons wetsuits.

Keep in mind that if it is your first triathlon Wetsuit, it will be a little uncomfortable until you get used to Triathlon wetsuit.

4.  What is the difference between a triathlon wetsuit and a normal wetsuit?

Surfing Wetsuits are made for extreme water conditions. A Surfing wetsuit is typically thicker than a Triathlon wetsuit and they also have more of an orange-peel look to it.

The difference between the two is that Surfing wetsuits are designed for colder climates while Triathlon wetsuits are designed to be used in warmer climates. Triathlon Wetsuits are made with lighter material, have more flexibility, and have less drag than a Surfing wetsuit to help the swimmer go faster.

5.  Can you wear a short wetsuit for a triathlon?

Shorty wetsuits are typically designed for Surfing and not Triathlons. Shorty Wetsuits typically have more of an orange peel look to them and they also feel thicker than a normal Triathlon shorty wetsuit.

Triathlon shorty wetsuits and just regular old one-piece triathlon wetsuits are designed to be worn one size smaller than a regular wetsuit. Shorty wetsuits are designed for Surfing and Triathlon wetsuits are also designed for swimming in warm water conditions.

6.  Should I wear a wetsuit for my first triathlon?

It is highly recommended to wear a wetsuit for your first triathlon; however, if you feel like you don’t need one and it’s too expensive –  it’s ok to not wear one for your first time.

A wetsuit will make your swim much more comfortable and fast as well as eliminate any chance of getting stung by a stingray.


You’ve probably seen more and more women competing in triathlons. It may seem like a no-brainer that they would need to find the best wetsuit for their needs, but it can be difficult because there are so many different qualities you want to consider.

We hope our Best Triathlon Wetsuit For Women buying guide has helped clarify some of those qualities and made your decision easier. If not, please let us know below what type of suit you’re looking for.

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