Top 7 Best Two Piece Swimsuits For Moms [Buying Guide]

The summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the heat of the sun. One thing that can hold you back from feeling confident in your swimsuit is not knowing what style will work best for you, especially if you are a mom with two little ones.

We have compiled a list of the 7 best two piece swimsuits for moms that are great for moms with kids because they offer excellent coverage, breastfeeding options, or just plain adorable styles.

Here is the category of different types of swimsuits that is for women.

Tankini Swimsuit:

A tankini is one type of bathing suit which combines both top and bottom pieces together to give more coverage than some other suits on this list. This option offers great coverage while still being trendy enough to wear out after swimming as well.

 Halter Bikini Top:

A halter bikini top is another great choice for moms. This type of swimsuit offers more coverage since the upper body is covered by a thick strap, with the lower half featuring a skimpy bottom. Halter tops also offer excellent support to keep your breasts lifted high and looking good.

One Piece Swimsuit:

If you are someone who just wants more coverage than most other styles, then the one piece bathing suit might be your ideal option. These suits can have very conservative cuts that aren’t at all revealing, or they may feature larger bottoms that cover everything from behind without compromising on style or beauty.

Rash Guard Swimwear:

If it seems like you spend every summer dealing with getting sunburns, then you might want to opt for a rash guard swimsuit for this summer. These suits offer excellent coverage, and they can have SPF built right into the fabric. You’ll never have to worry about getting burned again.

 Boyleg Swimsuit:

Boyleg swimsuits are a great choice if you don’t mind showing some skin but still want more coverage than a two piece bathing suit would provide. These suits feature a very short skirt that covers just enough bottom to be fun yet still modest. These come in many different styles so both teenagers and moms can rock them well.

Camouflage Swimwear:

Camouflage is one of those prints that isn’t used too often in clothing, especially women’s clothing, so it can be a great way to stand out this summer. These suits are great if you want to look trendy while still having fun in the sun. You can also find styles that mimic the actual blouse-and-pants combo if you’re looking for something more conservative.

Inspirational One Shoulder Swimsuits:

These one-shoulder bathing suits are yet another way to show your love of fashion and give you plenty of coverage at the same time.

Featuring tops that only cover your right or left side, these styles let you flaunt your figure without putting yourself in any danger when swimming with children. They come in many different styles, but all of them will make an impact wherever you go.

7 Best Two Piece Swimsuits For Moms

Summer Mae Women’s Floral Printed Ruffle High Waisted Bikini Set

Summer is finally here and we’re all set for a fun-filled season. Whether you spend your time at the beach, pool, or burning up in an office with air conditioning. Our Summer Bikinis will keep everyone cool (and looking good).

Our handmade linings are made out of 82% nylon/18% spandex making them soft against any skin type while still providing durability so this slinky material can last through many wash cycles.

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For those who prefer patterns over solid colors, there’s something waiting on every size ranging from classic white briefs to eye-catching tropical print tops

Add some flair into the wardrobe collection by picking up one piece today.

  • 82% nylon/18% spandex
  • Soft material provides durability
  • Eye-catching tropical print
  • Keep cool this summer season
  • Sizing is off
View on Amazon

Fancyskin Womens High Waisted Swimsuit Ruffled Top Tummy Control Bathing Suits

This swimsuit is perfect for summer beachwear, pool parties, and more. The removable padding bra provides great support while it enhances your shape. The high-waisted bottom with tummy control balconette design can better hide that pesky midsection of yours so you look slimmer than ever before in this cute flounce tankini top with a racerback design.

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which also covers up all those problem areas like back fat or muffin tops just because we know what’s important when trying to stay fit. Make sure not to forget these adorable suits if you want complete confidence heading into the water no matter where life takes us this year.

  • Enhance your silhouette with this swimsuit
  • No more problem areas with a high-waisted bottom
  • Get confidence when in the water
  • Silhouette is enhanced
  • Not for short-waisted women
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Tempt Me Women High Waisted Bikini Ruffle Swimsuit

Tempt Me offers a range of stylish swimwear that is perfect for the warmer months. This black bikini features tassel trim and a ruffled flounce top, it’s very cute and charming. The adjustable straps provide sturdy support without see-through revealing your figures which makes this suit modest.

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Yet still flirty in nature making you feel sexy while wearing what you want on your body thanks to high-quality fabric ensuring stretchiness so they’ll fit comfortably against any size or shape figure out there. Durable enough not only last throughout summer but also act as a second skin all year round due to their comfy material properties.

  • Supportive fit
  • Durable fabric that lasts
  • Modest yet flirty looks
  • Range of styles to choose from
  • None
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Gnpolo Swimsuit for Women 2 Piece Swimsuits High Waisted Bikini Tummy Control Bathing Suits

The Gnpolo Swimsuit is a must-have for the avid swimmer. This black one-shoulder top and bottom combo come with an 82% polyamide, 18% spandex design to make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

It can be hand washed or machine washed on cold water depending on if there are any stains present before washing again as suggested by their website guidelines (just like how we do at our house).

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The high waisted bottoms give some extra coverage while staying stylishly paired with anything from jeans during everyday activities all through summer until autumn leaves change colors over us every year.

  • 82% polyamide, 18% spandex swimwear
  • Hand washable or machine washable
  • High waisted bottoms for extra coverage
  • Machine-made fabric
  • None
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MARINAVIDA Swimsuit for Women Two Piece Bathing Suit

The MARINAVIDA swimsuit for women is a cute flounce tankini top with a racerback design that will make you look slimmer. The high waisted ruched bikini bottoms have a tummy control effect and pro-skin fabric which makes it easy to full-on, comfortable to wear anywhere.

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If the beach or pool day calls out for some sunshine this year then these adorable suits are perfect since they come in bright colors as well as modest styles so there are no embarrassing moments. Where everybody can see what underwear we’re wearing under our clothes (don’t worry though their coverage level ensures nobody cares).

Pros & Cons

  • Look slimmer
  • Have tummy control
  • Wear anywhere comfortably
  • Size doesn’t match online info
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Yanekop Womens Two Piece High Waisted Swimsuits

For those looking for a stylish swimsuit that is comfortable, supportive, and affordable. Yanekop has the perfect choice of suits. Made from high-quality materials with style options to match any mood or occasion.

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Look great on land or in water. this sexy halter neck bikini set will have you feeling free while giving your breasts support where they need it most during activities such as swimming. Its lightweight construction makes them easy to care too so don’t forget about washing these bad boys after every use (and avoid wearing clothes over top).

  • High-quality materials
  • Super comfortable swimwear
  • Affordable prices
  • Variety of stylish
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Tutorutor Womens High Waisted Plus Size Swimsuits Bikini Floral Peplum Tankini Tops Tummy Control Two Piece Bathing Suit

Tutorutor is the perfect outfit for any occasion. Whether you are looking to be elegant, striking, or tropical. Tutotorurves has got your back with their wide variety of two-piece swimsuits that come in many different styles including push-up tops and high waist bottoms.

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These suits will keep everything where it should be without worrying about flashing too much skin which makes them ideal choices if they’re on vacation abroad but wants some sunscreen protection as well against possible sunburns due to all those hours spent basking under hot beach lights at least until now, I’ve had enough time at sea.

  • Comfortable underwire in push-up tops
  • High waist bottoms
  • Variety of styles
  • Perfect for mom
  • None
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Buying Guide

Are you tired of wearing swimsuits that just don’t fit your body? You’re not alone! Many women experience this, and often we tend to lose our self-confidence knowing we wear a swimsuit that just hangs there. As you research for the best two-piece swimsuit for moms, here are some tips to help you find one:

  1.  Know what type of bikini mom suits your body type. There are different types of bikinis out there such as those with support, those with padding up to those without which are usually called “string bikinis”. You can choose which will suit your body type plus it also makes a difference in how flattering the design is on your female curves.
  2.  Be sure to choose the most flattering style for your body type. The best thing about this article is that I will give you advice on how to choose the best two piece swimsuits for moms which are flattering according to your body type. You don’t have to walk around in something that just doesn’t fit you plus looks outdated with its old funky design.
  1.  Go shopping at a time when you’re feeling confident. Shopping while feeling down or depressed will only make matters worse and you’ll put your self-confidence down even more. For some women, being pregnant can be so overwhelming especially if it’s their first time so do try not to buy online but go out there shop instead while feeling positive about yourself. It’s a fun activity and you get to bond with your baby too while at it.
  1.  Try on different types of bathing suit fabric before you buy one. The material that any two piece swimsuit for moms is made from is important because it affects how comfortable the suit feels when worn plus the overall look of the suit. If it doesn’t feel right, then walking out there in public wearing something so revealing isn’t wise. Do try out other fabrics until you find one which suits your body type plus are sure to buy at least two or more so you can alternate them if need be. Please refer below to read about each fabric type for bikinis.
  1.  The best bikini for moms is usually made with a thick band. When you buy the best two piece swimsuits for moms, you’ll notice that most of them are already designed with thick bands around the waist area plus adjustable straps to help ensure it isn’t too tight on your body plus give much-needed support especially when you’re pregnant. Some designs have thongs instead of full panties so if this will bother you then just stick to those which have regular bikini bottoms.
  1.  Add variety by choosing different styles each time. When thinking about what type of swimsuit moms should choose, consider wearing different types now and then. If you tend to be more conservative, stick to bikinis which have thicker straps on the shoulders plus printed designs rather than patterns. If you’re more daring and outgoing, then a high waist bikini that emphasizes your hips especially when paired with a nice sarong can be considered as well. Just try out different styles so you won’t get bored while at it too. Do read below to learn more about each of these styles.
  1.  Don’t forget to buy the right size and don’t go for too small or large either. When looking for two piece swimsuits for mom’s, one common mistake many women do is to buy one which is labeled “one size fits most” however what most fail to realize is that this means it only fits smaller sized women so if you’re more on the plus size side, you might want to go for something which is more like X-large or XX-large sized instead. It doesn’t hurt to try out both sizes but if possible, always buy the one that’s slightly bigger than the other.

How to Purchase the best two piece swimsuits?

When it comes to buying the best two piece swimsuits, women will always have a few things in mind. They include:

  1. Supportiveness – The major reason why most women opt for this type of bathing suits is that it provides sufficient support especially around the bust area. Without this, they can flop around when they are swimming or even trying to relax on the beach chair.
  2. Molding Effect – This is usually achieved by giving tucks and folds to certain areas near the seams. As you do this, there will be areas where your body looks thinner than usual! So apart from making sure that your bathing suit has good support features, take note also if it can mold around your body.
  3. The Swimsuit Type – As you shop for the best two piece swimsuits, be sure to consider your personal preferences first before anything else. If you are the athletic type, then getting a bikini style would fit you well while if you want to go for revealing designs, then it would be better to opt for monokinis or even tankinis.
  4. Fabric Type – Picking the right type of fabric is also important in making sure that it can mold itself according to your body’s shape and size. Aside from this, it should also not stick to your skin when wet so that it will provide sufficient ventilation especially when you are wearing them under the hot sun.
  5. Colors and Patterns – Of course, when shopping for the best two piece swimsuits, you should also take note of their colors and patterns.
  6. Price – You may want to add a few dollars more in getting the best bathing suit that would fit your preferences but at the same time, it should not strain your wallet so much.
  7. Brand – Even if we are talking about buying cheap bathing suits, still you need to consider which brand is worthy enough to invest in. This will be an assurance that all of its features and benefits can last longer than usual.

How do I choose a swimsuit for my body type?

Now that you have a list of things to look for when shopping for the best two piece swimsuits, let’s get down to choosing the right type based on your body type.

If you are tall and slim-bodied:

For this case, it would be better if you will pick an one piece bathing suit depending on how tall you are. For example, if you are 5’6″, then a short one piece is advisable over a regular one piece or even a long version. This can help highlight your curves while at the same time minimizing your length which might make you look taller than usual.

If on the other hand, you want something sporty yet stylish looking for your two piece swimsuit, then why not try checking out high waisted bikini sets. Aside from making sure that you can maximize your curves, it will also be easier for you to get them wet without revealing too much of your skin.

If you are short and slim-bodied:

When choosing the best two piece swimsuits for yourself, it would be better if you pick one piece with orange or dark color like black or maroon. This can help make your legs look longer than usual compared to when wearing lighter colors like light blue or green which might make you appear shorter than normal.

When shopping for bathing suits, choose ones with straps instead of halters or even bandeaus so that you can achieve that long-legged effect while still showing off some skin. Another option is getting tankinis.

However, make sure that you will be wearing low-rise bottoms so your legs can look longer. This is also great because you can choose to flip the skirt up for an interesting twist when walking out of the pool.

If you are short and full-bodied:

Choose swimsuits with high waists since this can help lengthen your frame if compared to bathing suits that have lower waistlines. The best colors would be solid colors like green, blue, or red while dark colors often complement smaller frames than lighter ones.

If you are tall and full-bodied:

Opt for tankinis instead of bikini sets especially if you want something sporty. Make sure though that it has low rise bottoms so it wouldn’t get in the way of your workouts.

If you are short and full-bodied:

When shopping for the best two piece swimsuits, pick a one piece in a bright or dark color so it can make you appear slimmer than usual.

If you are tall and large-breasted:

Generally, people would think that going for bikini tops is the way to go when your bust size is bigger than usual but if you want something stylish that can minimize your chest without losing its style then why not try getting one pieces instead?

This will be an ideal choice since it has high waistlines which can help draw attention from your bust line towards your hips thus giving off a more proportional appearance.


If you’re looking for the perfect suit to wear this summer, check out these 7 best two piece swimsuits for moms. From full coverage options to cute prints and sexy silhouettes, there is something here for everyone.

What are your thoughts about our list? Do you have any favorites that we missed? Leave a comment below with your feedback or suggestions.  We hope this article has been helpful in guiding you towards the right swimsuit choice. Have fun shopping.

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