Top 7 Best Wetsuit For Kids (Buying Guide)

Buying Best Wetsuit For Kids can be a daunting task, as kids grow fast and you don’t want to end up buying kids’ wetsuits every year. Also, kids’ wetsuit should be comfortable, durable, and has the right features kids need like great flexibility and high warmth.

Buying Guide For Choosing Best Wetsuit For Little Kids

The following tips will help you choose the best kids’ wetsuit for your little one.

  1. Know Your Swimming Activity

The best kids’ wetsuit should fit your swimming activity. There are different kinds of kids’ wetsuits available for recreational swimmers, competitive swimmers, and surfers depending on their swimming activities. It is important to know which type of kids suits you need before purchasing it to avoid using money on something that goes useless.

  1. For Recreational Swimmers

kids wetsuit with a zipper. Recreational kids’ wetsuits should have a front zip system, that allows kids to quickly take off the suit when they feel exhausted from swimming. It is the best kids’ wetsuit for kids who swim occasionally at the poolside or ocean beach.

  1. For Competitive Swimmers

kids short-sleeved wetsuit and kids long-sleeved wetsuit. Kids suits for competitive swimmers can be made of neoprene material as it has maximum buoyancy. These kids’ wetsuits are available in both short sleeve and long sleeve versions depending on the weather condition and swimming activity of your kid.

For example, long sleeves suits are preferred for cold water activities like surfing whereas short sleeves suits are preferred for warm water activities like swimming in a pool. It is best kids wetsuits for kids who compete in swimming races or kids who prefer to train regularly in the cold water ocean environment.

  1. For Surfers

kids shorty wetsuit. kids wetsuits for surfers need a snug fit that will not restrict movement during surfing. kids shorty wetsuit comes with a zipper at the front and is made from high-quality neoprene that keeps your kid warm even when they are wet from the seawater.

Kids 5/4mm full wetsuit can also be used as kids wetsuit because it gives maximum warmth, good flexibility and adequate protection against sharp reefs and rocks while surfing in the winter season.

  1. Consider kids wetsuit features kids need

Some kids might feel uncomfortable in kids’ wetsuits that have a hood. It is the best kids wetsuit who doesn’t like to wear kids wetsuits with neoprene hoods. However, kids who swim regularly or kids who love surfing prefer kids wetsuits with a special hood design which keep their head warm and dry.

So consider your little one’s preference when choosing kids suits for them. Another feature you should look out for is the length of the zipper which shouldn’t be longer than 4 cm. If it is then it will be very difficult for your kid to zip by themselves, so choose short zippers on the front only go for 4 cm long zips at the backside where your kid can easily reach.

  1. kids wetsuit Fabric Choice

Kids wetsuits can be made from a variety of different materials, kids shorty wetsuits and kids long sleeve wetsuits are the two most popular kids wetsuits.

Neoprene is best kids wetsuits for kids who swim regularly as it provides warmth and makes breathing easy by letting moist air out easily, whereas nylon fabric kids suits make good kids swimming attire for those who like to spend time in cold water as it does not retain heat as neoprene material does.

Kids 3/2mm full wetsuit gives maximum flexibility and comfort but you should go for 4/3mm or 5/4 mm depending on your little one’s swimming activity. kids wetsuits come with different kids wetsuit features for kids’ comfort.

  1. kids wetsuit Care

Washing kids’ neoprene swimming gear regularly is important to prevent bacterial growth on your kids’ skin, which can cause infections or irritations. It is best kids wetsuits to soak kids wetsuits in freshwater with no soap immediately after use and then hang them up outside to dry properly before they are packed away.

You can also clean kids’ suits by throwing them into a washing machine (no higher than 30 degrees Celsius), however, do not use a softener as its leaves residue that reduces the material’s performance. Only put kids’ wetsuit in the tumble dryer for a short period if you want to quickly remove moisture.

kids wetsuits should be stored kids wetsuits dry, kids wetsuits are the best kids wetsuits for the winter season because of their high-quality material that provides warmth and comfort to kids.

  1. Best vs Cheapest Kids Wetsuit

If you are looking  Best Wetsuit For Kids on a budget but without compromising the performance then go for kids 3/2mm full wetsuit as it is made from high-quality neoprene material which has the same features as kids 5/4mm full wetsuit except for thickness, kids 5/4mm full wet suit is best kids suits for winter season because it gives maximum warmth whereas kids 3/2mm full wet suit could be used in summer season also depending upon your kid swimming activity.

wetsuit with long sleeves is kids wetsuits for kids who swim regularly as it keeps kids arms warm and also kids 5/4mm shorty wetsuit which gives maximum warmth your kids need in the winter season. When kids spend more time in cold water environment, kids 4/3mm shorty suit is best kids wetsuits for surfers in summer or spring season whereas kids 3/2mm full wet suit can be used in summer season by surfers because of its flexibility and comfort to move around.

Top 7 Best Wetsuit For Kids

1.  O’Neill Toddler & Little Kids Neoprene Full Body Wetsuit

Add some merriment to your favorite summertime memories with a neoprene wet suit. Now available in a variety of colors and patterns, these suits are not only comfortable but also provide full-body coverage.

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The all-new slim fit makes them perfect for children who have thin or average builds as well – no longer do you need an old bulky swim trunk just because it’s good enough at keeping little ones afloat when they go into the water.

These adorable pieces come equipped with easy on/off features like back zippers so there is nothing holding parents back from enjoying time by the shoreline together.


  • Zipper closure
  • Backzip supported
  • Anatomical Fit for comfort and movement
  • Keep babies warm in swim Time
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2. CYzpf Wetsuit Kids 2.5mm Thickness Ultra Stretch Full Body Diving Suit

The suit that will keep you cool and dry, even when it’s hot outside. The CYzpf Wetsuit Kids 2.5mm Thickness Ultra Stretch Full Body Diving Suit Winter Thermal Long Sleeve Springsuit for Boys or Girls is built to maximize freedom of movement with excellent stretch so your muscles never get sore from fighting against the tight fit design.

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they’ll thank us later because this means faster swimming times by making them more efficient at moving through water than ever before (not saying anything about how fast we can go under there). It has an anti-drug base layer made out of sport skin which also helps make slipping into neoprene easier no matter if it’s snorkeling mode.


  • Made with ultra-stretch premium material
  • Heavy-duty YKK Zipper supported
  • Designed for all types of water sports
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3.  O’Neill Kids Reactor-2 2 mm Back Zip Full Slate

The O’Neill Kids Reactor-2 2 mm Back Zip Full Slate Wetsuit is perfect for the beach or lake. This ideal suit simultaneously keeps toddlers warm and protects them from sunburn, but it’s also water-resistant to ensure that your child can play in cold temperatures without issue.

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Ultra-stretch neoprene offers unparalleled comfort with its soft-touch premium material preventing chafing due to rough saltwater surfaces making this one piece essential equipment when visiting any aquatic destination this season.


  • Backzip System
  • Perfect for beach and lake
  • Ultra Stretch Neoprene
  • Comes in different colors
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4. Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Wetsuit | Best Wetsuit For Kids

The rip curl dawn patrol is a great choice for beginners. It’s designed with durably E5 neoprene in the arms, and free flex to let your body move comfortably through water without catching on anything else.

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The chest flash lining adds extra warmth thanks to its trapped air cells that keep you feeling warm all winter long.


  • Chest Zip
  • Designed for Durability
  • 50+ UPF sun protection
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5. Hyperflex Access Unisex Full Body 3mm Backzip Wetsuit

This season’s hottest wetsuit is not only affordable but also designed for today’s youth. Hyperflex has a wide variety of sizes and styles to fit any age group.

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You can find new colors in flashy, fun patterns that will make you stand out on the water while still having some classic choices like black leather or blue denim if your child prefers more traditional looks without all these buzzwords.


  • Zipper closure
  • 50+uv shield
  • Quality fabric
  • Super comfortable fit
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6.  blueseventy Kid’s Torpedo Triathlon Wetsuit

Blueseventy is the perfect suit for any young swimmer looking to make their first open water experience. Tailored with all of its benefits, like warmth and buoyancy that will keep them afloat regardless of what happens.

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Bluesevenity’s Torpedo Triathlon Wetsuit can help beginner swimmers learn how important it is before jumping into deep waters where they may not know exactly what awaits them there.


  • Specially designed for juniors
  • Maximum flexibility
  • High stretch underarm gussets
  • Low neckline collar
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7. O’Neill Youth Epic 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit

The O’Neill Youth Epic 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit is the best value in its industry. The neoprene fabric provides superior protection, while still being soft enough for comfort and flexibility on long swims or when you need to catch your breath at day’s end.

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Double sealed with an easy-open neck closure system that keeps water out no matter how deep it may be pelting down raindrops from storm clouds overhead – this suit has everything. Clean graphics make sure there are no distractions along your journey whatever might happen next.

just one more reason why these suits have won so many races over time thanks not only us but competitors who can’t compete due to their lack of quality products like ours-O’Neills.


  • Lumbar Seamless Design
  • 2mm Fluidflex arms and legs
  • Zipper closure
  • Ergonomic seamless paddle zones
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1. Do toddlers need wetsuits?

There are many myths suggesting kids don’t need wetsuits. This is simply not true. Toddlers do need wetsuits, even in warm climates like Hawaii or the Caribbean where kids can swim year-round.

While kids may be able to play in the waves without a wetsuit, their bodies still get cold through the process of conduction and convection which transfers heat away from them faster than adults due to kids’ thinner skin, less subcutaneous fat, smaller body mass, and proportionately larger surface area.

As kids spend more time in the water, especially in colder waters, kids need wetsuits to stay healthy and warm. Some kids always wear wetsuits when they go into the ocean or lake with their family.

2. Which kids’ wetsuit is best?

Finding the Best Wetsuit For Kids for your child may take some time, but it will be worth it when you discover a product that works well with your kids in mind! The different styles of kids wetsuits may also influence which products work best for your children, so let’s take a look at some styles:

  • Full-body 2mm kids shorties: This style provides full coverage from head to toe, with feet attached.
  • Full-body kids wetsuit: This style of kids’ wetsuit has arms and legs that are detachable from the body. It provides full sea from head to toe.
  • Kids diving suits: These kids’ wetsuits cover kids up to their necks and protect against the cold and jellyfish stings which are best for playing in shallow waters or coral reefs.

Before you buy a Best Wetsuit For Kids, always consult with them first to ensure they will wear it. Not all kids like wearing wetsuits as they can be hot and uncomfortable so you want to make sure they enjoy using one before you purchase one.

3.  How do I keep my kid warm in the pool?

Besides kids’ wetsuits, there are other things you can do to keep kids warm in the pool.

  • While kids should always be supervised when playing in a pool, make sure kids stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water before and after getting out of the pool.
  • If your kids end up going into a colder swimming pool or a swimming pool with cooler water temperatures, take care not to prolong your kids’ time swimming to avoid hypothermia from setting in. Hypothermia occurs when the body temperature falls below 35.0 °C (95.0 °F). Symptoms include shivering, slurred speech, drowsiness, fatigue, and apathy followed by coma. In severe cases, it causes bradycardia, ventricular fibrillation, and cardiac arrest.
  • Make sure kids don’t stay in the pool for more than 20 minutes at a time before taking breaks outside of the pool.

If your kids refuse to wear kids’ wetsuits, try kids’ swimsuits instead with thermal water shorts underneath to keep kids warm in the pool.

4. How do I keep my toddler warm at the beach?

If kids spend more time in the ocean or lake, then kids’ wetsuits may not be enough for kids since they may get wet from the waves.

In this case, kids will need kids’ rain jackets to keep them warm outside of the water. Kids raincoats are best worn over a kids’ swimsuit so kids can jump into the water without getting cold after being out there for a while.

A kids’ bathing suit works great underneath kids’ rain jackets so it doesn’t pull down kids when they run around and play on their own.

Using a sunshade is also important whether you use an umbrella or beach tent to keep your little one shaded at all times and protect him/her from the high UV radiation.

5.  What age can a child swim independently?

Children learn to swim at different ages. Some kids are natural swimmers while others need lots of practice before they can put their face in the water and use kids’ floaties for support when in deeper waters.

Typically, kids begin swimming lessons at around 18 months old with parents or caretakers because kids this age still rely on adults to keep them afloat when in deep waters.

They can’t yet perform actions such as kicking off from the wall and others because they don’t have the recommended body strength and endurance. Kids who start swimming young will likely be able to swim without assistance by 2-3 years old and kids who start later may not be able to do so until 3-4 years old.

While there is no exact age as to when kids can swim on their own, kids should know how to swim by the age of seven as kids this young will be able to jump into deep waters and save themselves if they ever fall in.

Swimming is a valuable life skill for kids for safety reasons and kids need to know about water safety and what to do in case of emergencies such as drowning or knowing what to do if they end up in deep waters unexpectedly.

6. What should my 2-year-old wear for swimming?

Since kids under the age of five are not yet ready for kids’ wetsuits, kids should wear kids’ swimsuits instead. Just make sure kids have a kids’ water sunhat with kids’ water shoes to protect them from the sun and prevent them from slipping on wet surfaces.

For toddlers and young kids who don’t like wearing sunglasses (yet!), you can use kids’ goggles with UV protection as an alternative that will also protect their eyes from strong sunlight and harmful radiation while they play at the pool or beach.

7. Can I take my 5-month-old to the beach?

If kids are not yet walking, you should avoid going to the beach during peak hours with kids in tow because kids this young aren’t yet mobile and may get lost or separated from their caretakers.

For kids who can already walk on their own but have trouble staying afloat in deeper waters, kids will need kids’ floaties to keep them safe from drowning. With kids this age, it’s also important that kids get enough sun protection with a kids’ water hat and kids’ sunglasses with UV protection that’s suitable for kids this young.

Kids of all ages must be supervised by adults at all times while swimming so accidents such as drowning won’t happen. Kids younger than five should never be left unattended even if kids are in shallow waters or kids can swim.


Finding the right wetsuit for kids can be a daunting task. You want to find one that will last long enough, but you don’t want to have to buy another every year as your child grows fast.

Kids’ wetsuits should also be comfortable and durable with features like great flexibility and high warmth levels so they’re not uncomfortable or cold when in water all day. In this blog post, we’ve given you some tips on how to choose the Best Wetsuit For Kids from our list of best sellers.

Do any of these options sound good? If not, please share what type of wetsuit you would prefer by commenting below.

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