Top 6 Best Wetsuit For Open Water Swimming

Have you ever wondered why some people swim faster than others? Who doesn’t want to be the fastest in their group, right?

Today We Discuss the Top 6 Best Wetsuit For Open Water Swimming and look at these products’ pros and cons.

Triathletes spend a lot of time and money on equipment for an event that takes place entirely underwater.

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But what is it about water-related sports like triathlon swimming where there’s such a need for specialized gear – not just rowing or cycling jerseys/pants either all 3 disciplines require special best wetsuits too.

Well, now we know because these athletes have greater hydrological efficiency (thanks largely due to wearing appropriate clothing), they can cover more distance during each stroke which means beating out competitors who may only use one effortful burst at most before stopping altogether.

Top 6 Best Wetsuit For Open Water Swimming

Blueseventy 2021 Men’s Thermal Reaction Triathlon Wetsuit

The THERMAL REACTION is ready to take you through all of your adventures on the water. It has been crafted with a durable, mid-weight zirconium liner that will protect against frigid temperatures and also dry quickly so it doesn’t weigh down the durability of this shoe throughout any activity or adventure.

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The TST panels provide extra reinforcement for high-stress areas while SCS coating helps prevent corrosion in saltwater environments giving us peace of mind knowing we’ll have our best chance at catching some fish thanks to its built quality straight out of shipping.

both internally taped seams, as well as blind stitched ones, make sure everything stays together great no matter what.

  • This is the perfect swimmer suit for anyone who loves cold water! Made with 50% more fabric, it’s rated down to 48°F / 9°C and can still be used in warmer weather. All our swimming wetsuits are made from technical nylon that’s durable yet stretchy so they fit comfortably no matter your size or shape – even if you’re petite like me (5’2″).
  • The new Zirconium Jersey Liner has a “wool-like” feel and dries fast, providing better protection from the cold.
  • The Core Buoyancy 4-5-4 panel design centralizing core buoyancy to raise your hips about the rest of the body is perfect for those who want excellent pack performance but also need extra warmth when out on a chilly day.
  • The V02 chest panels are a great way to increase ventilation and reduce heat retention for extended workout sessions.
  • The split design is made with flexible neoprene, which means it will expand when you put pressure on them to maintain their form so they’re easier to breathe through while running or other intense exercises where breathability matters most.
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ROKA Maverick Comp II (Best Wetsuit For Open Water Swimming)

The ROKA Maverick Comp II Men’s Wetsuit is the best entry-level cold water wetsuit ever made.

This patented ARMS UP™ technology means you can swim without worrying about your arms giving out, and it has complete freedom of movement in shoulders which makes this suit perfect for first-time swimmers or budget-conscious athletes who just want some world-class tech without breaking their bank account.

being stretchier, returning better after being stretched out by your body heat or diving into cold waters; giving you that perfect fit every time.

We strategically use several different types with varying thicknesses depending on what conditions we want our swim wetsuits optimized for – whether they be speed-related activities like surfing when shorter thicker denser fabrics work best as well as temperature control over long distances such as Cross Country competition skating where thinner lighter Fabrics.

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Here at Action swimming, we know that you want to be as comfortable and fast while racing in your wetsuit. That’s why our rear ankle panels use 2mm of material for those tough kick-out moments when T1 is on.

You might not notice any difference with dry suits but don’t forget about how awkward it feels without them; a short leg can save some skin during races if done right by customizing this part of the suit easily enough.

  • The NO SHOULDER RESTRICTION: Patented DESIGN guarantees it won’t matter if your arms are up or down when wearing this suit because there will be no restrictions on the range of motion from what is worn underneath the water.
  • Patented RS Centerline Buoyancy allowing snappier side-to-side rotation. The patented design of our bobsled lets you go faster and smoother, without any worry about getting stuck in the middle.
  • Ready to take on any task, be it underwater or atop a roof? Get those wetsuits ready with ROKA Men’s Maverick Comp II Wetsuit. This neoprene has been made by the best company in Japan: Yamamoto Corporation.
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Zone3 Men’s Vanquish Wetsuit (Best Wetsuit For Open Water Swimming)

Ever wondered how superheroes stay afloat? It’s due in part to their buoyant materials, which help keep them afloat and protect them from harm. The same principle holds for athletes who wear suits.

Athletes will find themselves lighter on land because of its special construction that ensures maximum flexibility around joints like arms shoulders elbows knees hips glutes lats quads etcetera – all while being protected by some pretty awesome fabrics designed specifically with swimming activities in mind.

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  • The wetsuit is made with high-quality, ultra-thin 0.3mm Yamamoto BRS SCS neoprene (Bio Rubber – Super Composite Skin) which reduces the weight and buoyancy during a stroke recovery time to make swimming much easier on your arms.
  • We’ve added our trademark Pro Speed Cuffs for quick removal in case you get cold or need another layer of protection over the top when it warms up from being out at sea too long.
  • The Aerodome neoprene paneling on the front legs helps support core muscles. This unique fabric is designed with air bubbles between layers to make it lighter and more buoyant, generating up an extra 30% than conventional material for increased stability in water.
  • The Vanquish Wetsuit is a favorite among triathletes, due in part to its exceptional comfort levels and shoulder flexibility.
  • IRONMAN distance athletes such as Tim Don wear the suit for how well it fits while going fast through water on long courses like Ironman competitions or Olympic races where you have more time between waves than sprints with your competitors racing by.
  • meanwhile, Sprint/Olympic racers will enjoy wearing this Suit because of how quickly they can go without feeling soggy from getting wet much quicker than usual before startles coming over head-bars.
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TYR Men’s Men’s Hurricane Wetsuit Cat 1(Best Wetsuit For Open Water Swimming)

The Tyr Men’s Hurricane Wetsuit is the perfect choice for someone who wants the best wetsuits that’s both warm and dry.

With its water-repelling fabric, this cat 1 suit will keep you comfortable even when things get pretty chilly out there.

It has lots of stretches so it fits perfectly without feeling too tight or lacking in any area – my dream come true upon trying one on myself after having always dreamed about what wearing one would be like.

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No more cold limbs thanks to all these great features which make me feel incredible while underwater–especially during those long runs where getting wet isn’t an issue anymore since its neoprene construction means no excess bulk around your waist meaning less drag at sea level allowing.

  • 100% Neoprene Rubber
  • Hand Wash
  • The Men’s Hurricane Wetsuit Cat 1 is the ideal choice for beginner and aspiring triathletes looking to improve performance in the water. The one-piece, neoprene suit features an adjustable skirt that can be worn with or without booties.
  • this ensures a customized fit that will keep you feeling dry and comfortable while keeping your feet warm during those cool early morning bike rides.
  • This product has been around since 1982 which means it stands up well against harsh weather conditions like wind chill factors below freezing (0 degrees Celsius), heavy rainstorms–even snow plowing traffic on busy streets nearby; so if there is any time when we want our clothes not only protect.
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blueseventy 2019 Men’s (Best Wetsuit For Open Water Swimming)

The HELIX is a swimmer’s suit that allows you to swim with the hips higher than normal. The design of this piece ensures an efficient position for both swimming and surfing, while also providing more power when trying jumps in water because it keeps your torso lower to ground level.

The redesigned split chest construction naturally and anatomically accentuates the lungs, producing optimal amounts of buoyancy while maximizing stretch during respiration.

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Our blanks are made with a hydrophobic textile that’s the same material used in swim skins. The minimalistic forearm panels increase awareness for arm positioning, which encourages better technique and more power when swimming.

Able to withstand water pressure while maximizing visibility thanks to its high transparency rate; you’ll be able to spot every stroke flawlessly.

  • The suit has a friction-free neck and lower profile than any other suit, so you can be more comfortable while wearing it.
  • The new HELIX benefits from the extra lift at the back legs, thanks to ultra-buoyant NBR foam sandwiched between premium Yamamoto rubber and jersey liner.
  • This panel technology allows us strategically place high buoyancy sections there which can then help raise your suit in the water.
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S7 Men’s Fullsleeve (Best Wetsuit For Open Water Swimming)

The ORCA S7 full sleeve wetsuit is an alternative to the 3.8 for all types of swimmers, especially those who are looking for extra buoyancy during their swim and have a faster stroke speed than average.

The Oraka provides stability in water with its ability not be compromised by various swimming techniques that can happen while wearing it such as pulling up on one arm or kicking hard at any time.

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Meaning you will feel comfortable no matter what technique is being used or how long ago last year your race ended.

  • The Yamamoto 39cell is an extremely flexible neoprene that supports a natural swimming motion. The material elongates 513% when wet, meaning it won’t get in your way and will move with you as if by magic.
  • This high stretch rating also means zero water absorption so there are no weight fluctuations during use too- all things considered, this makes for some pretty fast laps or crawl stroke without feeling weighed down on land.
  • Making the perfect garment choice whether that be at home poolside or out exploring nature’s waterways.
  • This durable fabric has been designed specifically wanted those looking to achieve maximum speed while remaining comfortable about their bodies like yourself.
  • The HydroLite panels help the wetsuit come off easier, for faster transitions. This technology combined with SCS coating helps the water slide off your swimming wetsuits and doesn’t permeate into it like before.
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As we can the, their perfect wetsuit is a difficult task to complete. Many different factors need consideration when shopping for one and they vary depending on where you need extra protection or assistance with your swim stroke (or other needs).

So before buying anything be sure to check if it will work best at this specific triathlon event because some all competitions require similar types of gear.

There are three open water swimming wetsuits that we recommend for people who don’t have any budget limitations.

The ROKA Maverick and Zone3 Vanquish provide excellent performance in the water, while also being very comfortable to wear.

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Blueseventy’s Helix is another top choice of ours with its ergonomic design making it great for female swimmers wearing their suits all day long.

For those who are going to be competing in warmer waters where triathlons do not allow true wetsuits, we recommend either the ROKA for women or even more so if you’re a man then use our newest product called Torque Pro.

These two products offer great value and will get your body ready with swim skins which are required by all competitions running during this time of year when it’s too hot outside.

Good luck buying a wetsuit for this triathlon season. Check out the brand’s return policy when you buy one online. Many, but not all brands let you try on suits at home and swim in them before deciding whether or not to keep them so take advantage of that opportunity while it’s available by visiting their website now.


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