Top 6 Best Wetsuit for Swimming in Cold Water

The winter is coming and the water temperature in your favorite dive spot has been decreasing. Chances are you will need to invest in a new wetsuit for diving this season, but it’s hard to know what kind of good wetsuit you should buy for swimming in cold water.

That’s where we come in We have compiled a list of the top 6 best wetsuits for swimming in cold water available on the market today so that you can make an informed decision when shopping around. The list includes both full body and shorty options as well as various thicknesses, lengths, materials, etc., so there is something for everyone.

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Next time you’re out driving take a look at these great options before deciding which one is right for you! You won’t regret it.

Below is the list of the top 6 Best wetsuit for swimming in cold water.

Top 6 Best Wetsuit for Swimming in Cold Water

1. blueseventy 2021 Men’s (Best Wetsuit for Swimming in Cold Water)

blueseventy’s Reaction Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit is the perfect choice for triathletes who want to go fast. The Reaction Sleeveless delivers on performance thanks to its Yamamoto rubber, 39 Cell buoyancy, and low neckline.

It also offers outstanding flexibility throughout the upper body/shoulders and lower legs, making it easier to transition quickly from swim to bike or vice versa.

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The Reaction Sleeveless Yamamoto rubber is flexible yet durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of multiple training sessions and races.

  • The Reaction features a 4-5-4 panel design that centralizes core buoyancy to raise the position of your hips to other parts of your body. Two chest panels accentuate natural lung movement, optimizing how far up you sit when rolling sideways or facing forward while swimming laps at practice. 5mm neoprene supports this improved posture and reduces drag for speedier strokes. it also helps lift weight away from the lower back so that breathing is less tiring (and more fun).
  • The central split chest panel allows greater expansion and the freedom to freely inhale.
  • For over 20 years, Blue Seventy has been the go-to brand for modern swimmers who are looking to stay comfortable and stylish. With their innovative zipper design that is easy to access without compromising on water protection thanks to its curved closure flap which reduces rear collar height while improving comfort levels. there’s no reason not to get your swimming wetsuit for cold water now.
  • The thin side panels improve fit and body rotation in the water without sacrificing buoyancy. This makes it easier to stay afloat, faster.
  • With 2mm lower leg panels, you’ll have the flexibility and quick release of your suit in transition. Taping on internal seams is reinforced for maximum durability.
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2. Xterra Wetsuits – Men’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit

XTERRA Men’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit Full 3/2mm. The XTERRA wetsuits are designed to be the best triathlon wetsuit in the world. Each product is tested on four key components – comfort, speed, buoyancy, and value.

The Volt has a full 3/2mm thickness with super-lightweight neoprene that provides an excellent fit for any body type. This triathlon wetsuit features a zipperless design that allows you to easily get in and out of your suit without having to deal with zipping.

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Each XTERRA wetsuit is made for swimming in cold water. It doesn’t matter what kind of swimmer you are, you will look like you’ve been ready to compete your whole life. Each product is tested on four key components – comfort, speed, buoyancy, and value.

About XTERRA Our goal is to make you the swimmer or triathlete you strive to be. We offer state-of-the-art materials that will help to not only train smarter.

  • Designed for open water swimming, triathlon, and swim training. This Xterra wetsuit is made with a 3mm thickness neoprene that provides warmth without weight.
  • The Volt Triathlon Wetsuit has an ergonomic design to provide comfort while maintaining the flexibility needed for swimming. It features a full-body construction with an extended zipper length to allow easy entry and exit.
  • This suit also has adjustable Velcro shoulder straps which help secure the suit in place when worn over a wet suit jacket or dry top.
  • The Volt Triathlon Wetsuit is designed to be worn as part of your triathlon gear, but it can also be used during swim training sessions in cold water conditions where buoyancy is not required.
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3.  REALON Kids Wetsuit Shorty Boys Girls

REALON Kids Wetsuits are perfect for your kids. If they’re lucky enough to have a 3 mm Neoprene full-body wetsuit, then you won’t need anything else.

The premium neoprene we use is extremely flexible and hugs their bodies snugly so it prevents water flow inside the suits that drain heat from entering into them while in open waters or near fishes which can harm even more than marine organisms do.

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Suitable for both boys & girls (baby/toddler sizes covered), this affordable product will keep them safe during daily swimming sessions at pools throughout the winter months.

  • LOVE FOR KIDS – REALON Kids Wetsuit Shorty Boys Girls 3mm Neoprene One Piece Thermal Swimsuit 2mm Warm Full Long Sleeve Wet Suits Cover Toddler Child Junior Youth Swim Surf Dive
  • PROTECTION CHILDREN FULL WETSUIT – The wetsuit is made of 100% neoprene which is a very flexible material that will allow your kids to move freely and comfortably in the water. It’s also an ideal choice for snorkeling, surfing, swimming, or diving.
  • BACK ZIPPER DESIGN – Back zipper design makes it easy for you to put on and off. And it features a neck cover that prevents chafing while wearing goggles.
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4. Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit (Best Wetsuit for Swimming in Cold Water)

The perfect multi-use swimsuit for all levels of swimmers. Ironman and USAT approved, it’s athlete endorsed by many top competitors in this sport who know that it will help them to achieve their potentials underwater.

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Comes with a wide range of sizes so you can find one just right for your body type – whether tall or short thin or broad-shouldered…the hydrodynamic neoprene construction guarantees unparalleled comfort while increasing blood flow when diving deeply into open water from any angle.

  • The Synergy Endorphin Full Sleeve is the perfect wetsuit for open water swimming, triathlons, and long-distance swims. It features smooth skin neoprene with a low-profile design that maximizes buoyancy and reduces drag in the water.
  • Designed to be worn as an outer layer or on its own, this suit offers exceptional functionality that will keep you comfortable no matter how long your training session lasts.
  • Smoothskin neoprene provides maximum buoyancy while minimizing drag in the water so you can focus on your stroke technique rather than fighting against choppy waters or battling.
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5. Cressi Men’s & Ladies’ (Best Wetsuit for Swimming in Cold Water)

If you’re looking for the perfect wetsuit that will keep your body protected no matter what water activity awaits, look no further than Cressi. Their neoprene is made from high stretch material with added protection on the chest and shin areas to prevent abrasions while using them in all sorts of activities like recreational swimming or surfing at a beachfront locale.

The neck seal also allows easy breathing without any irritation which helps prolong life span too so don’t hesitate – get yourself some new swimwear today.

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The Morea suit is the perfect dive gear for warm water divers. Made from durable, yet pliable Neoprene material that offers complete freedom of movement without feeling constricting or tight on your body.

it’s an ideal piece to take advantage of many different kinds of watersports in places like surfing, paddle boarding snorkeling- even scuba diving.

The protection against abrasion will keep you safe underwater while also providing enough thermal insulation so as not to overheat when doing long sessions at high depths.

  • The Morea one-piece wetsuit is made from 3mm Premium Quality Neoprene that’s perfect for any kind of water sport, like snorkeling or surfing.
  • The arms and legs are in Ultraspan neoprene so they’re flexible but also protect against bumps when you dive into the wave. And if your body curves too much at certain spots – such as around joints–the cuts make this suit fit yours perfectly without bunching up anywhere else on purpose.
  • Plus there’s protection where it counts: knee pads to ward off scrapes against hard surfaces just in case someone doesn’t know how to swim properly ;).
  • The zipper comes standard with an Aquastop flap (to reduce leaks) while ankles.
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6. XUKER Women’s Wetsuit (Best Wetsuit for Swimming in Cold Water)

The newest design of the XUKER brand, the most popular neoprene wetsuit on Amazon. The unique design of XUKER wetsuits makes you more beautiful and sexy. This is not only a good gift for your lover but also great to wear in cold water.

It is made of high-quality neoprene material which provides excellent stretchability and softness. The back zipper with a long strap makes it easy to use.

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Before wearing it for the first time, please soak your new gear in cold water and hand wash. Air drying will help release any aromas that may be leftover from production or manufacturing processes!

The smell of neoprene is normal though not dangerous – once you’ve worn this product a few times there shouldn’t be too much difficulty getting rid of them thanks to regular washing sessions with soap and air fresheners around every corner.

  • Comfortable Wetsuit, Thumb Holes and Foot Straps, Easy to Put on and Take Off,
  • Made of high-quality neoprene material.Soft and stretchy with great flexibility. The suit is very comfortable to wear. Flexible enough to allow unrestricted movement while swimming or diving.
  • The suit has a zipper front closure that allows easy entry and exit from the wetsuit. The zipper can be used as an emergency release if needed.
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1. Types of Wetsuits?

There are different types of wetsuits for swimming in cold water. One can choose the right type depending on their preference and budget. Here is a list of some common types:

  • Full Wetsuit With Hood – The best choice if you want to swim long or remain warm even after coming out of the water for short periods like eating, drinking, etc. They help protect against hypothermia which occurs due to rapid heat loss when exposed to very cold temperatures (usually over 50°F / 15°C). However, these suits can be uncomfortable while getting into them as they need time to stretch properly with your body before starting up again hence it’s best not to wear anything else underneath especially shoes, sunglasses, etc. Also going downstairs could be challenging while wearing one.
  • Short-Sleeve and Pants Type: These varieties will help you stay warm but won’t be as comfortable to wear when coming out of the water or going up/down stairs so it is best to take them off every time you need to do that. However, they are more affordable than full suits and can protect against hypothermia in cold waters (less than 50°F / 15°C). If someone wants a wetsuit just for swimming then this option might work best. Also, these types don’t require much “breaking in” before use which makes them easy to slip into quickly even without assistance from another person
  • Full Suit With Hood: These suits are the most expensive and also require some level of skill to get into. They provide maximum insulation as they incorporate a layer of foam between neoprene, so they can be more comfortable than short sleeve/pants type when out of the water but not as flexible or easy to put on compared with them while getting in and out.

These wetsuits will work best if you’re planning multiple dives in cold waters (less than 50°F / 15°C). If you plan only one quick dive then it might make sense to opt for a suit that is less bulky and thus easier to take off once back onto dry land.

2. How to Choose the Right Size?

When you buy a wetsuit for swimming in cold water online it is best to check the sizing/measurements chart of each brand and choose one that fits your body type well. If possible, also try on the suit in person before buying, to feel confident while wearing it underwater without any issues or discomfort.

3. What is a Neoprene Wetsuit and Why You Need One?

Neoprene wetsuits are made from neoprene which is a synthetic rubber that provides insulation against cold water. It can trap air bubbles between its fibers so they act as an insulator keeping heat inside them even in extremely low temperatures.

This material makes it easier for divers to stay warm during their underwater sessions but also allows them full freedom of movement without restricting certain body movements or causing discomfort.

4. Buying Your First Good Wetsuit – Shopping Tips

It is important to make sure that the suit fits well as this will allow you to achieve maximum thermal protection. Also, it should be snug but not too tight especially around areas like ankles, wrists, and neck where a tighter fit can restrict your movement or cause discomfort during dives.

These are usually lighter in weight so they tend to be more affordable than full suits with hoods besides being easier to put on by oneself! They come in various thicknesses which denote their warmth level.


Wetsuits are a challenge for swimmers in cold water. We believe that finding the right one can be difficult, so our team has done extensive research on what to look out for and compiled this review of some best wetsuit for cold water. Go with whichever suits your needs.


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