Top 7 Best Women’s Board Shorts For Big Thighs [Buying Guide]

If you’re a woman with big thighs, finding the perfect pair of board shorts can be challenging. It’s no secret that board shorts are built for men, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a pair that works for your body.

There is an entire industry devoted to women in the outdoors, and there are more options than ever before in terms of women’s specific gear. Whether you’re looking for surf or swim shorts, there is something out there for you.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 7 Best Women’s Board Shorts For Big Thighs on the market, and why they make great options. We will include their prices, pros and cons, and more information to help make your decision easier.

Buying Guide

One of the most difficult things about finding a great pair of women’s board shorts is finding ones that accommodate for bigger thighs. However, we’ve compiled this buying guide to help you find the best board shorts for ladies who have big thighs and other big-girl insecurities.

If you know what features make a great pair of board shorts, then you will be able to easily filter through the boardshorts out there.

Take note of these factors when shopping at your local sporting goods store or surfing online stores like Amazon:


A good cut should not only fit well but also not be restricted at all.

 Low Rise

Keeps coverage on your stomach and gives lots of room on hips/thighs.


High cut on the hips to give more room for your thighs and butt.


Stitches should always be flat so you don’t feel uncomfortable while wearing them.

Flat lock

no side stitching or it will be uncomfortable for movement/sweat areas.

 Flat Lock Low

just like flatlock but this type of stitching is on the inside of the shorts, perfect for comfort.

 Shorts length

Never go more than 2 inches above your knee. Too short is not good but too long isn’t either. It’s all about finding the right fit for your body height!

Shorter women may want to go with something shorter (just above or just below the knee) and taller women can go a little longer, about an inch to 2 inches above the knee.


must-haves for big girls who like to carry things while they enjoy their active lifestyle (keys, phone, chapstick, etc.) Low pockets should be deep enough so nothing falls out.

Mesh pocket is great for breathability and sweat-wicking


Polyester and Spandex are very common material types for board shorts. Water-resistant and quick-dry materials will keep you comfortable and your shorts lasting longer. Remember: the thicker the spandex material in board shorts, the more stretchy/tight it becomes. So if you like a looser fit, make sure you don’t get too thick of spandex material.


very comfy and stretchy, but can retain smells more easily.


almost as comfy as polyester but stretches a lot more for a better fit.

Extra features

These are just little things that will perfect your board shorts experience. You’ll have to prioritize what’s most important for you.

 Seat coverage

A good pair should completely cover your bum so you don’t have to worry about any nip slips.

Pockets with zipper

Pockets with zipper(s) aren’t essential but they allow the best security from pickpockets or anything falling out while you’re active.

Zipper or Drawstring legs

not necessary but a great feature for ladies with heavier thighs/legs to keep the shorts from riding up.

 Bang for your buck

Always make sure you check prices and read customer reviews online before making a purchase. You want something that is going to last you a long time, won’t make you feel uncomfortable, and also fits well…you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on something that’s only going to be good for 1 summer season right?

To get started, let’s take a look at some of the best-selling best women’s board shorts for big thighs of all time.

7 Best Women’s Board Shorts For Big Thighs

ALove Women Plus Size Swim Shorts High Waist Board Shorts

ALove Women Plus Size Board Shorts are perfect for summer vacation, swimming, and other water activities. The high waist swimsuits bottoms have an elastic waistband that keeps their shape even when wet.

They come in black solid fabric so they match well with any tankini top or bikini top you’re wearing to enjoy your time at the beach. These lightweight nylon polyester blends also make these board shorts quick drying which means less laundry duty a win/win situation here.

And if all this weren’t enough reason alone they go up over 175cm (5’9″), making them ideal height requirements.

  • Made for larger, curvier figures
  • 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex blend is strong and durable
  • Elastic waistband
  • Fast drying fabric
  • Women’s black swim shorts
  • Can’t Handle Chlorine
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IN’VOLAND Women’s Plus Size Swim Shorts Boardshorts

IN’VOLAND Board Shorts are the perfect choice for any activity. The first style, with pull rope elastic waistband can be worn by itself or over your favorite swim bottom to give you that extra coverage. when it’s time lay down on sunbathing board shorts fabric, is silky soft and offers maximum comfort lightweight almost invisible under clothes quick dry breathable making them ideal during hot weather activities like diving, swimming, beach-time relaxation, etc.

The second type without any pulling strings fits better than other types because there will not stick out anywhere noticeable. This product also comes in several prints violets pink blue green black Whitney brown red wine purple, sky turquoise, denim, navy, royal blue, graphite grey hunter, and green.

  • Fits well, doesn’t ride up your waist
  • Great for any activity
  • The high-quality fabric keeps you dry and comfortable
  • Ensures a perfect fit every time
  • Swim shorts for plus size ladies
  • None
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SOCIALA Women’s Plus Size Swim Shorts

SOCIALA’s Women’s Swim Shorts are the perfect choice for active women. They’re made of 82% nylon and 18% spandex, with an elastic closure that keeps them comfortable throughout your water activity day (or night). Plus size bathing shorts feature soft built-in bikini bottom so you can feel confident when in public without having any worries about what others think.

These high waisted plus size boardshorts work best if paired up nicely against a surfboard or long board. they won’t ride up during rigorous swimming sessions like other styles might do on account of how low cut these bad boys come out at times not just around waist height either but also towards the thighs area too.

  • Provide a more comfortable fit for those with bigger bodies
  • Protect your skin from harsh UV rays
  • High quality, long-lasting material
  • A fun assortment of colors to choose from
  • Ladies plus size swim shorts
  • Not true to size
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Lecieldusoir Women’s Swim Shorts High Waist Swimsuit

Lecieldusoir Women’s Swim Shorts are made of Polyamide and Spandex to offer maximum comfort with breathability, quick drying time so you don’t have to worry about the discomfort that comes from wearing wet clothing. These swim shorts also protect your skin by blocking harmful UVA rays during outdoor sport.

The high waist design helps cover up any stomach area while elasticized material around it provides extra space for movement which makes this an excellent choice whether swimming or doing other water sports like surfing or yoga workout at home on land as well.

The stretchy fabric gives more freedom than traditional bikinis because there isn’t anything tying down onto one point too tight.

  • UPF fabric protects your skin
  • Keeps you dry and comfortable
  • Dries quickly
  • Provides coverage for tummy areas
  • Plus size swim shorts
  • Sizing way off
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Private Island Women UPF 50+ Beach Board Shorts

Private Island Women’s Board Shorts are perfect for summertime activity. They’re made of 80% polyester and 20 spandex, which makes them very durable but still breathable to keep you cool during hot days on the beach or in water. The four-way stretch material means they won’t shrink when wet as traditional Lycra does.

And don’t worry about how these look all Private Islands products come with a 100 day returns policy if anything doesn’t meet expectations so that we can help make sure everyone’s happy as always. Guaranteed refund or replacement for any reason. These board shorts also have UV protection built right into their sun-protective fabric design.

  • High density 4-way stretch spandex
  • Plus size women’s board shorts
  • Big-size wear and quick dry
  • Adjust string side tie closure
  • Machine Wash
  • people says Not as expected
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Eytino Women Swimsuit Shorts Lace Hollow Out Tankini Bottom Swim Board Shorts

The Eytino Women’s Swimsuit Shorts are perfect for any occasion. The nylon and spandex fabric will keep you dry in the water, while still feeling comfortable against your skin with its soft quality material used on all parts of this skirt/short set including corduroy detailing at waistband, ruching detail near legs openings which creates a flattering shape when wearing it alone or under clothes alike.

With sizes available ranging from small through XXL we guarantee to give women something they’ll love regardless of their preference is casualwear such as jeans & shirts paired up nicely over one shoulder.

  • Built-in briefs for comfort and support
  • Perfect to pair with any top
  • Ruching detail for a flattering look
  • Plus size board shorts
  • Functional tie-aside
  • None
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coastal rose Women’s Swim Shorts Swimsuit Bottom UV UPF 50+ Board Shorts

The coastal rose Women’s Board Shorts are a great choice for water-based hobbies like swimming and surfing. The built-in soft skin-friendly triangular underwear will give you comfort protection with an elastic waistband that provides coverage up past your belly button, so it can hold any type of top without being too revealing.

These leggings also have a high-waisted design that controls the abdomen while providing modest length to cover most people who want them as more than just swimwear.

  • Comfortable
  • high-quality material
  • Elastic waistband for girls
  • Womens plus size board shorts
  • The inseam on a US size 10 is 9-inches
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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the difference between board shorts and swim trunks?

Board shorts are different from swim trunks in a couple of ways. First, board shorts tend to have a longer inseam and therefore a more baggy cut. Board shorts also generally have a wider waistband, which helps keep them from riding up during use. They often come with an inner lining for modesty considerations as well.

Swim trunks don’t leave much room for anything extra in your trunk, so they’re great for guys looking to show off their legs without the added fabric girth that comes with wearing board shorts. They can be made out of any number of materials including nylon or spandex composed into the main body and waistband of the short while typically making use of mesh linings for airflow underneath.

Why are they called board shorts?

Board shorts consist of a practical design specifically made for use in and around water. They’re typically constructed using nylon, which helps to give them their characteristic waterproof quality as well as providing lightweight and durability.

Nylon is easy to care for and quick to dry after being submerged in the ocean so if you ever happened to fall off your board mid-ocean these shorts would dry quickly and not hold much excess water allowing you to get back up on the board without too much trouble. Board short sizing varies from brand / type, but here are some general measurements below:


* Size 4 – Waist 23″ – Inseam 9″ * Size 6 – Waist 25″ – Inseam 9″ * Size 8 – Waist 26″ – Inseam 10″ * Size 10 – Waist 28″ – Inseam 10″

In addition to being functional, board shorts have been a fashion statement from the beach since their origins in the early 1900s. They’ve seen a resurgence recently as a popular option for both men and women involved in surfing and other beach activities due to the lightweight construction and comfortable nature of nylon fabric.

What are board shorts meant for?

Board shorts are meant for pretty much just that, surfing. However, while they’re designed specifically with surfing in mind they can be used to participate in any number of water activities including but not limited to swimming, snorkeling, or deep-sea fishing.

How long should board shorts be?

You want your board shorts to hit at mid-thigh length so they don’t drag behind you when you lie down on the board and get frayed at the knees from rubbing against the paint/fiberglass.

If you have relatively larger thighs it might be best to look for a pair of board shorts with an adjustable waistband so you can adjust the fit based on how snugly your thigh area is without restricting too much freedom of movement when paddling out to catch waves.


If you’ve been looking for the best board shorts that are made specifically to accommodate big thighs, then this list is exactly what you need.

You can find everything from high-waisted shorties to more traditional styles with a little bit of giving in them. With all these choices available it should be easy to find your favorite pair.

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