Do You Get Wet in a Wet Suit| 5 Best Tips To Stay Dry in Wet Suit

Wet suits are a type of protective clothing often used by surfers, scuba divers, and swimmers. They might be made from neoprene or latex rubber and may feature zippers on the side so that you can easily take them off.

Wet suits work by trapping a thin layer of water between your skin and the suit. This layer acts as insulation against cold temperatures outside but can cause chafing if not cared for properly. In this article we discuss do you get wet in a wet suit and how to stay dry in a wetsuit?

Do You Get Wet In A Wet Suit

The question of whether someone gets wet in a wetsuit is rather easy to answer. If the wetsuit is not leaking, then there will be no water inside it. However, if the suit has leaks or tears, then water might leak into it.

Purpose Of Wetsuit

1. Reduce Heat Loss

The trapped water between your skin and the suit acts as insulation against cold weather, so you can stay in the cold conditions for longer without freezing to death.

2. Accelerate Your Weight Loss Program

Shedding those extra pounds has never been easier. Wearing a wet suit helps you sweat out excess water weight, making it easier to fit into that little black dress.  Just make sure not to overdo it or you’ll end up with wrinkly skin.

3. Stay Dry While You Stay Cool

Much like keeping drinks cool on a hot day, wearing a wet suit will keep you dry while keeping outside temperatures high. If you’re ever stranded on an island alone, just take off your wet suit and you’ll be as cool as a cucumber.

4. Stay Warm While You Stay Warm

Everyone knows that cozying up with someone can help you stay warm, even in the summertime. If you’re not into being cuddly, just wear a tight-fitting wet suit to trap body heat for extra warmth.

5. Fight Against The Cold Weather Blues

Feeling kind of blue? It might be because winter is coming. Wearing a wet suit can help fight Seasonal Affective Disorder by giving you an excuse to hibernate indoors under the covers without feeling guilty about it later. Just make sure to take regular breaks so that your skin doesn’t get too dry or chafed.

How to Stay Dry in a Wet Suit

1. Take Breaks

Even if you don’t plan on getting your hair wet, the water needs to circulate through the suit so mold and bacteria don’t form.

Be sure to take regular breaks while wearing your wet suit (10-15 minutes every hour or so) just make sure that you’re completely dry before restarting.

2. Use Baby Powder

If you find yourself feeling a little waterlogged after a long day of playing in the ocean, just sprinkle some baby powder on your inner thighs and underarms to help whisk away moisture faster. You can also use baby powder on any other areas where chafing is an issue. Just be careful not to breathe it in.

3. Rinse After Each Use

Wet suits are very porous and after a few uses, they will begin absorbing the sweat and oils from your skin.

To keep mold and bacteria from forming and to reduce chafing, rinse the suit after each use with fresh water. Rinse it once with warm water, then again with a cold for best results.

4. Buy Larger Than Your Actual Size

If you find that your wet suit is getting tighter each time you use it, make sure to buy one size too large so that you have room to expand as needed.

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This also helps to prevent chafing by providing extra space between your skin and the neoprene or latex material of the suit.

5. Wash Regularly At Home

Since most wet suits are made out of porous material, mold and bacteria can easily grow if they’re not washed regularly.

To prevent this from happening at home, make sure to wash your wet suit with soap or detergent after every use (if you plan on using it again the same day) and once every few days otherwise.

Final Thoughts (Do You Get Wet in a Wet Suit)

If you are looking for a way to combat the cold, while speeding up your weight loss efforts then this article is just what you need. With helpful tips on how wet suits can help reduce heat loss and accelerate weight loss programs.

A wet suit also has many other benefits too that should be considered before buying one. Such as staying dry in hot weather or if stranded alone on an island.

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