Top 10 Amazing Goggles That Cover Your Nose

When you are snorkeling, freediving, or diving into the ocean’s depths, one of the most important pieces of equipment to have is a good pair of goggles. Without appropriate protection for your eyes and face from the water (and any creatures lurking below), it can be impossible to fully enjoy your underwater experience.

To help you navigate through all of the different options so that you can find just what you need, we’ve compiled our list of top 10 goggle styles that cover your nose. Read on for more information about each style and why they might work best for certain users.

1. How to choose the best Swimming goggles?

Goggles are one of the most important accessories for swimmers. They are used to help you see underwater, allowing you to swim faster without worrying about your goggles falling off in the water. Goggles also help block the sun’s rays when swimming outside to prevent eye damage.

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Best goggles will provide a good fit and seal between goggles and face while preventing water from leaking into goggles which makes goggles fog up. You can choose goggles that cover the nose or goggles that don’t cover the nose depending on your preference.

2.  Are goggles that cover your nose safe?

While goggles that don’t cover your nose will allow water to leak in if they do not have a tight seal with your face, goggles that cover the nose can help prevent water from leaking in. There are many goggles available on the market today which include the nose pocket for this purpose.

The goggles that come with a nose pocket provide a snug fit between goggles and face while preventing water from entering into goggles when swimming. Goggles that cover your nose also help reduce fogging of goggles by keeping them dryer than goggles without a nose pocket. Snorkel is usually used with snorkeling fins or other underwater diving equipment to breathe while keeping mouth and nares submerged underwater.

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Goggles made specifically for snorkeling are goggles that cover the nose. Snorkel goggles are designed to fit snuggly against the face making goggles stay in place underwater without letting water leak inside. Goggles with nose pockets are suitable for both kids and adults, people who like goggles that don’t cover your nose can use goggles made for snorkeling too. Some goggles come with interchangeable nose pockets which make goggles suitable for either or both noses and mouths depending on preference.

3. What is the best goggle shape?

There aren’t many differences between goggle shapes; some brands may offer larger lenses than others, but the overall shape of goggles doesn’t affect their performance too much. The three most popular types of goggle shapes: wide, classic, and low profile goggles differ in the size of lenses.

Wide goggles have larger lenses to increase the field of view covered by goggles. Wide goggles are best suited for open water swimming, triathlon sessions, or training when goggles are used most often. Classic goggles provide less coverage than wide goggles but a wider field of view than low profile goggles. They come with more peripheral vision while still providing coverage on the front side allowing you to see better underwater without needing to lift your head too much while swimming.

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Low profile goggles feature a more compact design providing smaller lenses and narrow frame; they offer the least amount of peripheral vision because their shape doesn’t allow them to cover as much area around the eyes but these goggles won’t obstruct your face either like classically shaped goggle might do if goggles are too wide.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 goggles that cover your nose available in the market.

Top 10 Goggles That Cover Your Nose

1. Cressi PIUMETTA, Kiddy Small Dive Mask

The Cressi Piumetta is the perfect mask for kids who are getting into snorkeling and scuba diving. Its small size means it doesn’t take up too much room in their mouth or nose when they go underwater, which makes this great for beginners! With durable polycarbonate lenses that won’t break if you drop them on hard surfaces (like rocks), but provide good visibility above water level as well.

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No more wondering where everything is at while inside your underwater world with these babies. The soft silicone skirt also helps make wearing this thing feels lightyears away from uncomfortable thanks to its high-quality materials construction designed specifically around age range limitations 3-7 years old.


  • Best for snorkeling and diving
  • Mono lens for wide view
  • Buckle system
  • Silicone strap and face skirt for comfort
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2.  Cressi Kids Comfortable Silicone Mask

The Moon mask is a high-quality, kid-safe swimming mask that can be used for both snorkeling and drowning. With dual lenses to provide great visibility underwater as well anti-fog coating on each lens plus UV protection, this product will make sure your little one stays safe while they swim.


  • Buckles for quick adjustments
  • Anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti UV lenses
  • Wide strap design
  • Nose pocket
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3. Hydro-Swim Bestway Aquanaut Mask

Give your kids the underwater adventure of their dreams with this amazing mask. The Hydro-Swim Aquanaut Dive Mask is designed for ages 7 and up, so you know it has everything they need. It features UV-protected lenses that will protect their eyes from bleaching out in chlorine or saltwater.

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A double feathered edge skirt that provides precision leak-resistant fit while giving them full facial protection when swimming (or snorkeling), an adjustable head strap making sure nothing moves during activity.


  • Polycarbonate lenses
  • Double feathered edge skirt
  • Adjustable split head strap
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4.  Seac Ischia Soft Swimming and Snorkeling Mask

The Hydro-Swim Aquanaut Dive Mask is the perfect accessory for your kid’s aquatic adventure. It can be used in pools and oceans, as it features polycarbonate lenses with UV protection to keep them safe from sunburns on their next trip underwater.

The double feathered edge skirt ensures a leak-resistant fit so you don’t have to worry about losing any air while they’re exploring this world up close and personal – whether swimming or snorkeling (yes please).

Be sure that when a child has an underwater swim meet planned out using these masks – there will always be one ready at home because we know how much fun our friends had last time.


  • Dual lens
  • Made for adult
  • Comes with high-quality tempered glass
  • Variable thickness
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5. Cressi F1, Scuba Diving Snorkeling Frameless Mask

The Cressi F1 Mask is loved by divers because of its low profile and ability to fold flat for easy carrying. The frameless design bonds high-grade silicone directly onto a single lens, which makes it simple in every way possible.

This mask also represents an unbeatable value with costs about half that if similar quality masks are purchased elsewhere.


  • Soft silicone skirt
  • Ratcheting buckles mounted to skirt
  • Single tempered glass lens
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6.  Seac Giglio Snorkeling and Swimming Soft Silicone Mask

A new mask for adults is now available to the public. The hypoallergenic silicone provides extremely high comfort and can be used by either men or women without worrying about breakouts due to sensitive skin, as well as protecting from germs during sleep time.

Polycarbonate frames provide durability while also being lightweight.

they’re created using top-notch materials that make them superior in quality than other masks out there–and this one comes with tempered glass lenses too so you never have any worries about fogging up your sightlines when trying drive at night time after wearing it through those hot summer days hours ago (we hope not). Additionally, these colorful single-lens styles come equipped.


  • Narrow and regular fit
  • High resistant tempered glass
  • pure silicone skirt
  • Comes with one lens
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7.  Phantom Aquatics Signature Snorkeling Diving Mask

This mask comes with an easy push-button adjustable buckle system for quick strap adjustments, so you can surf or dive without assistance. The low volume design also means that this product is easier to clear and reduces the amount of air inside which will open up a whole new world of underwater adventure.

This ain’t your average swimming gadget–this thing rocks because not only does it have some serious tech features like a high-quality silicone construction as well as being super lightweight but there are more LED lights built right into each lens mean crystal clear visibility even when night falls overhead…

The new MAKES Snorkeling is More Fun, safer and easier. The snorkel mask lets you enjoy perfect vision from the moment you put it on to when taking off. This is because of its tempered glass lens that will not crack even if hit with an object like sharp fish bones or heavy-hitting fish in the water while swimming around enjoying this exciting sport.

A lot of people get hurt doing what we love most – namely: trying to find some good stuff underwater but there’s no need to worry about getting damaged.


  • Adjustable buckle system
  • low volume design
  • perfect vision
  • Tempered glass lens
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8. Deep Blue Gear – Maui Jr. Kids Diving and Snorkeling Mask

The Maui Jr. Kids Mask will take your child on an adventure into the ocean’s coral reefs. This 100% silicone mask molds onto their face and nose, providing a comfortably secure fit for children aged 6-10 years old.

The lenses are made from durable scratch-resistant tempered glass that can be easily adjusted to ensure maximum comfort during wear – perfect if you’re looking forward (or behind) to what they think about this amazing product. The perfect present for any occasion, this mask will take your loved one on an adventure they’ll never forget. With our fun designs and high-quality materials, we’re sure you can find the perfect gift today.


  • Comfortable fitting design
  • Best for Children and adults
  • Comes with a tempered glass lens
  • Buckle system
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9. Promate Scope Scuba Dive Mask

Promate Scope Scuba Dive Mask for Snorkeling, Scubadiving, and more. This mask is made of silicone that has been injection-molded to fit any face. It features an ultra-low volume design with broad peripheral vision lenses.

It comes in a variety of colors including crystal clear polycarbonate or tinted OPAQUE Lenses (sold separately). With the lens changeable feature you can wear prescription glasses too without sacrificing your underwater adventures. Perfect if looking at schooling fish up close while avoiding coral branches that could scratch them lenses out quicker than expected.


  • Made for kids and adults
  • Double edge skirts
  • Ultra low volume design
  • Lens made with tempered glass
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10. Body Glove Mischief Youth Dive Mask

The passage snorkel has a built-in GoPro attachment, so you can get all of your underwater adventures on film. The dry top and purge valve keeps water out while the silicone mouthpiece eliminates jaw fatigue for clear vision below sea level.

Made with Polycarbonate material that ensures goggle fog never happens again thanks to quick adjustment straps plus an adjustable pivot buckle fitting system – this mask will fit any head without tension or risk of leaking as other cheaper models do at their price point.


  • Comes with a Plyflex skirt and strap
  • Buckle system supported
  • Easy to adjustable straps
  • Nose cover
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1.  What goggles should I use for pool swimming?

The best goggles depend on the kind of pool you are swimming in. Some goggles are great for outdoor pools, indoor pools, and goggles suitable for triathlons. When choosing goggles, be sure to consider factors such as resistance, fit around face/head, ease of use, and anti-fog properties.

2.  Can you breathe underwater with goggles that cover your nose?

Yes, goggles that cover your nose can be used for underwater breathing. Many of the goggles on this list have a wide range of vision and are anti-fog so you will not have any issues with them fogging up when you use them for a prolonged period.

3. Why do goggles cover the nose?

Goggles cover your nose for two reasons: to prevent water from getting in and to keep the goggles on your head so they do not slip off. Larger goggles that cover your nose breed a better seal than smaller goggles, which will help you stay underwater longer and can also help with breathing as water cannot easily seep into the goggles.

Goggles that go around the back of your head are best for those who don’t want their goggles slipping during use as they fit more snugly than goggles that just go over the top of your head.

4. Can you breathe with nose goggles?

As long as goggles that cover your nose have a good seal and fit, you should be able to breathe well with them. You might take a moment or two at first adjusting to any goggles. This is normal and it happens with every pair of goggles. If you’re still having trouble breathing after using goggles for a few minutes, see if another size will help bigger goggles tend to create better seals than smaller goggles.

5.  How do goggles work?

Goggles work by creating an air-tight seal around your eyes and face so they don’t leak when submerged underwater. The best goggles will also be anti-fog, meaning you won’t need to constantly clean your goggles during use, though larger goggles do have higher chances of fogging up while you’re swimming.

Large goggles can also make it easier to breathe while you’re swimming as they create a better seal around the face and prevent water from rushing in when submerged.

Goggles should fit snugly against your eyes to ensure a good seal for proper function. Some people may need goggles that cover their nose if they have long eyelashes or close-set eyes, which will put them at higher risk of goggles leaking because there is less room between your eyes and goggles.

If goggles are too tight, do not try to stretch them out into place as this may permanently warp the goggles’ shape and cause them to lose their air-tight seal over time.

  • Your goggles should be comfortable but fit tightly against the eyes and face. You should always be able to feel where goggles are on your head, but if you can’t see the goggles on your face even a little bit, they’re too tight.
  • If goggles start to leak any time after the first few tries, try adjusting the straps or going up a size for a better fit.
  • Before using goggles for swimming make sure there isn’t any hair between goggles and skin as this will create a gap that allows water in. For swimmers with long eyelashes, some goggles may not seal as well as others, so switching goggles might help if they keep leaking.

Swimming goggles with nose have many benefits over other goggles. They provide more resistance which makes it easier to swim and goggles will stay in place so they don’t slide off.

Swim goggles with nose guard also breed a better seal than smaller goggles and can be used for both swimming and snorkeling. Though goggles that cover the nose require more effort to use than goggles that do not, it is worth it when you consider all of the benefits these goggles provide over other types.

6. Does a snorkel mask cover your nose?

A snorkel mask does not cover your nose, though goggles can be worn over the top of them for added protection. A snorkel mask provides less resistance than goggles and goggles on their own may not create a good seal around your face or eyes.

  • Swimming goggles that cover your nose provide more resistance while swimming but this isn’t always preferable depending on the activity you’re doing.
  • Wearing goggles while using a snorkel will help keep water out of both devices while you’re submerged underwater.

7.  Can you breathe through your nose underwater?

Yes, you can breathe through your nose while wearing goggles that cover your nose or goggles on their own.

8. Can you wear goggles under a snorkel mask?

Yes, goggles can be worn under a snorkel mask for increased protection and better sealing around the face and eyes.

  • Though swimming goggles with nose require more effort to use than goggles on their own, it’s worth it for all of the benefits they provide.”
  • Goggles underneath snorkeling masks will help prevent water from entering both devices while you’re diving underwater.

There are many goggles on the market made specifically for people with long eyelashes or close-set eyes that won’t seal as easily as goggles made for someone who has normal spacing between their eyes.

9. How do you not breathe through your nose underwater?

Breathing through your nose while submerged in water is not necessary. The goggles will create a seal around your face and prevent any water from rushing in to fill the space between you and the goggles.

  • It doesn’t matter if you breathe through your nose or mouth underwater because goggles will form an air-tight seal.

There are many benefits provided by goggles that cover your nose, including resistance, comfort, fit, better sealing ability, anti-fogging properties, easy breathing, staying put while swimming/snorkeling/diving, increased visibility over goggles without covers over the nose area, etc.

10.  What happens if you sniff water up to your nose?

It is possible to sniff water up the nose and goggles will prevent this from happening. swimming goggles create a more air-tight seal than goggles on their own or goggles with smaller covers.

  • If goggles start to leak any time after the first few tries, try adjusting the straps or going up a size for a better fit.
  • Wearing goggles underneath snorkel masks will help keep them in place while you’re swimming and diving underwater.
  • Before using goggles for swimming make sure there isn’t any hair between goggles and skin as this will create a gap that allows water in.

Snorkel masks provide less resistance than goggles and goggles alone may not create a good seal around the face or eyes.


We understand that finding the perfect goggles can be a daunting task, especially when you have to find one that covers your nose as well. That’s why we compiled this list of 10 different types and styles of goggles for you. If these don’t suit your needs or budget, please let us know what type and style in the comments below so we can help out. Happy shopping!


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