How To Dress When You Are Fat And Short | 5 Best Tips

How to dress when you are fat and short? For most of us, being fat or being short is not an issue. We can shop in any store and find clothes that are flattering on our body type.

But for some people, it’s a whole different story. For men who are both overweight and shorter than average height, finding suitable clothing is often difficult.

They have to wear larger sizes with baggy fit because their proportions don’t match up with what’s available off the rack.

This article focuses on how they should dress when they want to feel confident about themselves while still looking sharp at work or out on the town.

How To Dress When You Are Fat And Short Men’s

Short and fat people will always be discriminated against because tall and skinny people are seen as more attractive. This does not mean that you cannot dress well, though. You just need to keep these following points in mind:

Do Not Wear Clothes Which Highlight Your Round Belly 

the most important thing here is to get a waistline. Wear high-waisted pants if possible. they make you look slimmer and even taller than you actually are. Trousers that end above your ankle will also help create this effect.

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Also, wear belts that emphasize the smallest part of your waistline and do not wear too many accessories on your stomach area (belt buckle, button of shirt etc.). Make sure jeans fits properly around the waist and that they are not baggy in this area. You can also roll up your jeans into high-waisted pants.

Do Not Wear Clothes Which Highlight Your Large Butt And Thighs

you should desperately try to diminish this part of your body so it is the last thing people will notice about you. Try wearing trousers with flat fronts or bootcut jeans (the latter ones cover your legs nicely).

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Also, do not wear too form-fitting trousers as it will make you look even more fat. However, if you must wear fitted clothing then make sure it is long enough that it does not cling to your thighs  it should end at least 2 inches above the floor. Black is good for covering up any parts of the body because black color tends to make everything looks slimmer.

Do Not Wear Clothes That Are Too Baggy

This is the same for people of any size, but it is important that you do not look like a stuffed sausage inside your clothing. You can achieve this with cardigans or blazers, which are better than pullovers because they have fitted sleeves. Make sure you buy clothes in the right size so they fit well around your body.

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Even though most short men are seen as funny by society, try wearing smart clothing when going out to work etc. This will improve your chances of getting into a good university and then get a decent job later on in life if that’s what you dream about achieving.

Avoid White Because It Will Make You Look Even Shorter

choose other colors that match your complexion instead. If you still want to wear white, purchase clothing in pale shades so they do not seem too bright/white on you.

Also, do not go for clothes with horizontal stripes as they shrivel the visual appearance of the body (they tend to make people seem wider).

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Vertical patterns can be very flattering for overweight people – especially pinstripes which give an illusion of height and slimness. It is also important that clothes are form fitting but not tight around your body.

Do Not Let Your Weight Stop You From Wearing Brighter Colors

colors do not have to be dull just because you are overweight. You can wear red or pink blazers, light green sweaters, green skirts etc. They will look great on you as long as they are the right fit.

Do Not Wear Clothes That Emphasize Your Fatness

avoid any items of clothing that make your fat body appear even more rotund and bulky than it already is. This includes big puffed up jackets, wide belts with large buckles etc.

Also avoid t-shirts which are too baggy around the stomach area v-neck t-shirts are better for last minute slimming effects

Final Thoughts (How To Dress When You Are Fat And Short)

How To Dress When You Are Fat And Short? If you want to dress well despite your size, there are a few things that will help. The most important thing is not wearing clothes which highlight the parts of your body society deems unattractive (i.e., any clothing with horizontal stripes).

You can also wear brighter colors and avoid baggy t-shirts or jackets which make you look even bigger than you already do. When it comes to trousers, try rolling up jeans into high-waisted pants.

This creates an illusion of height while still giving you comfort in the waist area without sacrificing style. I hope this tips help people who are bigger than the ‘norm’. All bodies are beautiful and you do not need to be slim to wear fashionable clothing.

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