10 Amazing Low Volume Freediving Mask

Freediving is a sport that requires you to hold your breath for extended periods. It’s an activity that requires skill and training, but it has rewarding benefits. Freediving can allow you to explore the ocean in ways that few people ever experience.

You’ll be able to see the underwater world with amazing clarity and get up close and personal with marine life like dolphins, whales, sharks, rays, turtles, fish – all without disturbing them or yourself. But before you dive headfirst into this new hobby there are things about freediving masks you should know.

So what do I need? The most important part of your gear is the mask because it will be covering your mouth and nose during every dive while also protecting your eyes.

This blog post will list 10 amazing options that are worth considering when shopping for a new or replacement mask.

How to choose low volume freediving mask?

There are many low-volume freediving masks available in the market, but there are few things to take into consideration when choosing a mask. The first thing people sometimes forget to consider is their face shape, what may work for someone else may not necessarily work for you because of your facial features.

Facial Measurement

Facial features can either make or break a good fit. When choosing a mask it’s really important to try it on and see how well it fits before you buy it. This isn’t possible at every store but most high-end scuba gear shops will do this for you. So go down to your local dive shop give them your face shape and they should be able to recommend something that’s going to fit you perfectly.


Colour Concept

Once you’ve found the perfect low volume mask it’s time to put some thought into what color or pattern you want. There are so many different colors and patterns available on the market, everyone will have their personal preference depending on your level of experience in freediving.

A new diver may prefer a more simple solid color whilst an experienced diver could go for something with a bit more character such as stripes or an animal print.


The surface of the lenses also plays a big part in how well you can see underwater, this is called visual acuity and if you’re using your mask at depth ( even just 10ft) there is very little light-dark contrast, meaning that clear lenses will allow you to see the best.

Caring Tips

Once you’ve found a low-volume mask that fits and has the right color and surface, it’s important to take care of it properly and understand how and when to replace parts such as the strap or buckles. If you keep your mask well maintained then it should last quite some time without any problems.

The lenses are very fragile so make sure you don’t leave them on the beach in direct sunlight, if they do get damaged please don’t try to fix them at home as this can cause more damage resulting in a costly repair bill.

When cleaning your mask please avoid using harsh chemicals which may result in residue being left behind on your lenses causing them to fog up. To clean your lenses gently rinse them with fresh water and make sure they are dry before storing them away in their protective case.

It may seem like there are a lot of things to consider when choosing low volume freediving mask, but if you take the time to get it right then it will certainly pay off in the long run.

Here is the list of Top 10 best low-volume freediving masks.

10 Amazing Low Volume Freediving Mask

1. Atomic Aquatics Venom Dive Mask

The Venom Mask is a blending of the SubFrame and Frameless Masks. It has an internal frame that’s molded directly beneath it like on the subframe but offers less profile than before with its teardrop shape similar to subframes dual-window design easy adjusted buckles are soft mounted for flexible strap positioning

The new Atomic Aquatics mask combines many different elements from two other popular masks into one. The high bridge/low profile look can be achieved by either single window or double–depending upon your preference (as these were both options available in older models).

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The Venom mask is made with wide silicone straps that provide an excellent fit and seal on the face, as well. A one-handed nose well for ear equalization brings the lens close to your field of vision which increases visibility even more.


  • Frameless Mask
  • Dual-window design
  • Easy to adjust buckles
  • Comes with high-quality Ultraclear glass
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2.  Cressi Low Volume Adult Mask

Cressi is the mask of choice for freediving. The Integrated Dual Frame Technology joins two rigid frames, drastically reducing internal volume while still providing optimum sealing and breathability with its patented tear-drop lenses that improve downward visibility during your dive or ascent up from beneath the water’s surface.

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Flexible yet durable materials make this product virtually indestructible – it will never crack, peel off, or fray at any point in time.


  • Compact shape
  • Lowest internal volume
  • Dual Frame
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3. Promate 500890, AllBalck, Scuba Dive Dry Snorkel Mask

Promate’s Ravenscuba Dry Snorkel Mask is a high-quality frameless mask with one big view window for snorkeling. This set includes the Promate goby dry-snorkel (sk890) and Ravenclaw dive mask(mk500).

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The silicone material used to make these items makes them durable enough so you can enjoy your time underwater without worrying about breaking or wearing out quickly.


  • Big view window
  • Frameless Mask
  • Lenses made with high-quality silicone
  • Purge valve supported
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4.  Cressi Tropical Ultra Durable Mask

A mask with large eyes and nostrils, the Cressi Tropical Ultra Durable Mask can be worn by divers of any skill level. It has a skirt edge to fit most faces perfectly so it is great for snorkeling or freediving but also appropriate in scuba diving situations too.

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This silicone piece comes equipped with strong buckles that adjust its straps quickly making them easy to use during an emergency where you need your gear on immediately without having trouble tying knots like other masks might require if they’re not already fastened securely enough beforehand.

The sleek design makes this particular goggle perfect for whatever type of water sports one may enjoy doing – whether chasing after fish down below or exploring wrecks at sea levels.


  • Duel frame
  • Lenses made with silicon
  • Buckle Supported
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5. Aqua Lung MicroMask Double Lens Dive Mask

The new Micromask from Arun Surf pokes fun at all of those masks that are clunky and unattractive. The incredibly lightweight design has a lens so close to your eyes, it practically becomes part of them.

With its low profile shape, you can easily see through this innovative piece without obstruction or distraction – which is something we recommend for both divers as well as free swimmers alike since they offer an unrivaled field view with remarkable clarity thanks in large part due to these advanced features.

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The new and improved mask strap makes a dive more comfortable. With its double-jointed buckles, you can find the perfect fit regardless of your head shape; it also has a push-button release for easy adjustments even when wearing bulky gloves.

The patented “cardanic” design provides maximum adaptability while keeping everything close to your eyes so that nothing distracts from what matters most – enjoying yourself underwater with this revolutionary technology.


  • Vastly field-of-view
  • Ultra-low internal volume
  • Compact shape
  • Comes with a Joint Buckles
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6. SEAC Fox Mask

The Seac Fox Dive Mask provides performance first and foremost, so it’s designed with a durable polycarbonate frame holding two tempered glass lenses close to your eyes.

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The mask reduces blind spots by doing thus- mitigating the risk that you’ll hit something underwater or get leaks from water ingress into dive equipment while divers use their faces as sidesaddle bags for everything else they carry on long swims in rough seas.


  • Wide optical lense
  • Low Volume Freediving Mask
  • Tempered glass lenses
  • Best for Snorkelling and Free Diving
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7. SEAC Touch Scuba Diving Snorkeling Freediving Mask

The Seac Touch Mask features a comfortable, lightweight frameless mask design. The silicone rubber doubles feathered edge skirt and wide split strap make it easy to seal on your face for divers with any size or shape head.

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This low volume 100% Silicone Baffled Double Edge Skirt provides an exceptional field of vision thanks in part to its one-handed nose pocket that’s perfect for ear equalization as well as clearing issues if needed due to this high internal volume making adjustments quick and simple–no need worry about adjusting valves when wearing these masks underwater.


  • No-frame
  • Largest fields-of-view
  • Extremely low volume design
  • Swiveling
  • Easy adjusting buckles
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8.      Phantom Aquatics Scuba Snorkeling Freediving Mask


The Phantom Aquatics Scuba Snorkeling Freediving Mask is great for scuba divers who need to make sure their mask doesn’t come off during a dive or when they are swimming.

The tempered safety glass lenses provide clear vision, the double feathered edge silicone skirt helps keep water out of your face and ears by letting air flow freely over them (you can also wear this inside), while wide-field view makes it easier than ever before to see what’s below you.

This Low Volume Freediving Mask has an easy squeeze nose well that allows equalization through both sides so there will never again be someplace where one side feels tighter because everything else was balanced accordingly thanks to its unique design.


  • Tempered Safety Glass Lenses
  • Double Feathered Edge Silicone Skirt
  • Easy to Squeeze Nose Well for Ear Equalization
  • Wide Field of Vision
  • Low Volume
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9. Promate Frameless Snorkeling Mask

This frameless design is one of Promate’s most innovative offerings. The silicone skirt shields the eyes from any water in front while offering a close and broad view, which can be easily adjusted with their quick release buckle straps–perfect for spearfishing or photographing. It would make an excellent backup mask too as it folds up small enough to fit into your BC pocket if needed so you don’t lose anything during those adventures at sea.

Shamu Scuba Dive Mask 100% liquid silicon skirts protect against glare & spherical aberration that may occur when looking through regular masks. Tempered glass provides comfort since there’s no metal frame distracting attention away from the face.


  • Frameless design
  • Easy adjustable buckles
  • Tempered glass lens
  • Extremely low volume design
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10. SEAC Eagle, Compact Low Volume Mask for Freediving

3D tilting buckles that follow every face movement in all 3 dimensions keeping the mask firmly in place. As if this were not enough, they also have symmetrical lenses made from ultra-resistant tempered glass so you can wear them while scuba diving without having to worry about breaking your expensive equipment.

You will find these masks are comfortable and durable with quick adjustments for thick neoprene gloves–and replaceable optical parts should fix myopia or presbyopia problems too (sold separately).


  • Compact structure
  • Minimum internal volume
  • Come with mirrored lenses
  • 3D swiveling buckle
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1. How To Choose The Best Anti Fog Dive Mask?

The color of an anti-fog diving mask is another consideration when choosing a new anti-fog face mask. Some divers prefer black or blue-colored anti-fog diving masks as these colors show fewer signs of dirt and grime. Other anti-fog dive mask colors that might be available include red, yellow, or clear anti-fog face masks.

Anti-Fog Dive Mask Fit

Before purchasing a new anti-fog diving mask, it’s important to make sure you have tried on anti-fog divers masks before buying them online. There are many anti-fog face mask reviews available that can help you choose a new anti-fog dive mask but if you try the anti-fog face mask before purchasing it will ensure a perfect fit for your needs.

Some anti-fog diving masks come with adjustable straps while others come with pre-set sizes for different-sized faces. The best anti-fog dive mask is one that fits comfortably at all times.

2. How to Properly Maintain Your anti-fog dive mask?

When anti-fog diving masks begin to show signs of wear, you will naturally want to replace them. However, anti-fog diving masks should be replaced every three months as the anti-fog coating on them will start to diminish. This is why anti-fog dive mask care is so important for your anti-fog face to mask health and survival during underwater dives.

Maintaining The anti-fog diving mask To prolong the time between anti-fog face mask replacements, it’s important to rinse the anti-fog dive mask with fresh water after each use before storing it in a safe dry place until your next deep-sea adventure.

If you fail to clean and store your anti-fog dive mask properly before each use, anti-fog face masks will accumulate bacteria which can cause skin irritations or breakouts.

3. What is a low-volume dive mask?

A low-volume dive mask is any freediving or free-swimming mask that has a low internal volume. This low internal volume can be achieved through the use of low profile, low profile buckles/clips, and low count lenses.

By minimizing the amount of air inside the mask itself, it will allow for less air displaced by your face when submerged underwater, therefore allowing you to sink faster and dive deeper than traditional masks would permit you to go.

The low internal volume allows for more streamlined head movement while swimming which increases comfort and reduces drag.


When you’re considering a new mask, it’s important to consider the type of diving that will be most common for you. If you like recreational or snorkeling-style dives more than technical or spearfishing dives, then go with a low profile and lightweight option such as the Seaview 180° Mask.For those who enjoy more challenging underwater adventures and need something durable and high quality, we recommend checking out our 10 best Low Volume Freediving Mask list. No matter what your preference is in terms of style or features, there are some great options available so explore all of them before making your final decision.

Please let us know which one is your favorite by leaving a comment below this post. We want to hear from YOU.

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