7 Best One Piece Short Sleeve Swimsuit [Buying Guide]

It is always tough to find the perfect One Piece Short Sleeve Swimsuit.  Even if you know your body well, it can be difficult to find a suit that fits just right and flatters all of the features you want on display. But don’t worry, we’ve done all of this for you and put together a list of 7 One Piece Short Sleeve Swimsuits that will surely have your head-turning.

From string bikinis to high leg styles and everything in between, these suits are sure to make any woman feel confident enough to strut her stuff at the beach or poolside. So what are you waiting for? Take a look below.

Buying & Wearing Guide for One Piece Short Sleeve Swimsuit

1. Choose Your Cut

Not all one piece swimsuits are created equal, and it is important to choose the right style of suit for your body type. There are so many different shapes, cuts, styles, designs, silhouettes, necklines, and more- making the whole process of choosing a swimsuit difficult.

And of course, there is never just one single “perfect” cut of suit anywhere on the market. It is safe to say that everyone has their idea of what they think looks best on them. some suits will be far more popular than others, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that these styles will look good on you too. So always find something that suits your body shape.

Here are some things to keep in mind while you Choose a Piece Short Sleeve Swimsuit.

  High leg cuts:

These will be great for women who want tummy control and don’t mind showing some skin. If you like this look but feel like you need more coverage, try wearing a ruched or crisscross one piece swimsuit. This cut covers up any problem areas while remaining sexy.

 Halter neckline:

This is a very popular style and can either be super revealing (if worn with a smaller back size) or well-suited for covering larger chests (with a bigger back size). It completely depends on what look you’re going for! Just make sure the halter neck does not cut across your upper chest, as this will create a very unflattering “double-boob” effect.

 Ruched sides:

This style covers up areas that you may feel self-conscious about and can be worn with virtually any bottom style. It creates an optical illusion of sorts, slimming the figure while accentuating curves.


You can’t go wrong with a bustier swimsuit, especially if you have trouble filling out tops. The style is flattering for just about everybody type, helping to mask problem areas and enhance your assets.

2. Choose Your Color Scheme

When selected correctly, vibrant colors are fun additions to any summer wardrobe. Whether you are more of a pastel or neon person, there is something for everyone on this list! Just keep in mind the following color dos and don’ts while shopping around for your new one piece swimsuit:


Any bright hue that flatters your skin tone will work great for you- whether it be yellow, orange, blue, or green! Opt for jewel tones instead of pastels if you want to go bold, but avoid anything neon. Just because it’s summertime doesn’t mean that things can get too crazy!


Stay away from any dull or muted colors that wash you out. Pastel hues are far more flattering on pinkish skin tones; trying to pull off white might make it difficult for you to look your best this summer.

Also steer clear of orange, unless you want everyone staring at your nearly unrecognizable body in the sun (we’ve all been there). If this is your favorite color, try wearing it in smaller areas like the straps or small detail pieces instead.

3. Accessorize with Sexy Swimwear Coverups

Sometimes one piece swimsuits can be a little too much coverage for some. Maybe you want to switch things up with an easy access coverup, or maybe it is so hot outside that you would rather have more skin out in the sun. Either way, these options are perfect to keep in mind while shopping for your one piece swimsuit.

  • Coverups are not necessarily just for covering up they can also be great accessories that will help you get more wear out of your summer wardrobe. Try pairing them with other items for cute looks!
  • Always stick with inspo from beach fashion trends, like seamless coverups and high-rise styles (no matter what body type). But of course, there’s no need to feel limited by this flirty coverup that can be worn with any swimsuit.
  • Coverups are great for hiding what you feel self-conscious about (i.e. less than toned legs) and can make you look like you’ve got more of an hourglass physique by accentuating your waistline.
  • If you want to go bold, try pairing a high leg one piece with a lace-up kimono or beach blanket wrap (also known as pareos). The possibilities are endless Just keep in mind that this trend does require quite a bit of skin exposure. so if that makes you nervous, stick with low-rise styles instead.

 4. Show Off Those Legs

There’s nothing wrong with showing some skin every once in a while. Sometimes one-piece swimsuits can be the most stunning of the bunch. They flatter so many different body types and can create a very sexy silhouette. Keep in mind that high leg styles are going to be your best friend when you want to go for a classy look while still showing off some skin.

  • High-leg suits never fail to make legs appear longer- even if they’re not perfect (we’ve all been there). The wearer is sure to turn heads whether this is their intention or not. You can’t go wrong with a classic cut like this for summertime, no matter what time of day it may be.
  • Pairing high leg one-pieces with midi skirts or other maxi lengths is a great way to add a little extra length to your physique.

 5. Play Around with Open Back One Pieces

Sometimes you just have to add a few details to pull off your one piece swimsuit look. Details like open backs and cutouts are perfect for showing skin without going overboard, and they’re also super flattering when selected correctly.

These daring styles can help create a very sexy silhouette for summertime, especially if you pair them with confidence-boosting accessories or beach coverups.

  • Always keep in mind that you should never try too hard when it comes to styling one piece short sleeve swimsuits.
  • Subtlety is key here- from neon side ties, daring halters, and trendy crisscross back pieces, there’s no limit to how many ways you can mix and match.
  • The best thing about open-back one pieces is that they’re pretty much the definition of versatile. You can wear these styles in so many different ways, whether it’s with high leg cuts or ruffled details.
  • They might not always be the most modest styles out there, but sometimes you just have to live life on the wild side.

6. Add Statement Accessories

When in doubt, accessories are always your friend (this rule applies to outfits in general). Whether you prefer bold beach coverups or cute detailed swimsuits, try adding some statement pieces like this before leaving the house.

This is especially true if certain features of your suit make them hard to see even if you’ve selected a great one piece, no one will notice if it’s hidden underneath a coverup.

Statement jewelry is perfect for creating a one piece swimsuit look that stands out from the crowd. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to this whether you want chunky necklaces or delicate earrings, playing around with different styles can be very fun.

Floppy beach hats or retro bandannas are also great ways to pull together your wardrobe and show off your style.

 7. Try Out Mix and Match Styles

  • Finally, sometimes all you need is just some inspiration before heading out on your next shopping trip. If you’re interested in trying something new, search Instagram for stunning outdoor fashion ideas.
  • You’ll find plenty of people sharing their latest swimsuit moments, not to mention amazing tips on how to wear them best.
  • If you’d like some inspiration before shopping for new one piece swimsuits, head over to Instagram! This social media platform is now filled with photo after photo of beautiful women showing off their summer style.
  • You can find plenty of different styles out there depending on your taste and preferred look. Whether that means wearing a tasseled bikini top with an open-back high leg one-piece or tying two string bikinis together, mixing and matching your favorite pieces is almost always a great idea.

Here is the list of Our top picks one piece short sleeve swimsuit.

7 Best One Piece Short Sleeve Swimsuit

Wolddress Women’s Zip Front One Piece Rashguard Surfing Sports Swimsuit Swimwear

The Wolddress Women’s Swimwear is the perfect choice for any woman looking to feel confident in their post-surf body. The silicone design featuring a half-zip accentuates curves and hides flaws, while also providing full coverage with an easy front zipper closure that makes removal effortless when wet or hot out of the water all day long! These suits dry quickly too; making them great options, not just beachgoers but also divers who want protection against UV rays as well.

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The new “WorldDress” line features monokinis designed specifically by female athletes like you’d expect nothing less than top-quality gear would do. This particular style has rash guards made exclusively from durable fabric protectors without underwire.

  • Provides full coverage
  • easy front zipper
  • Silicone design
  • Lifts breasts to create cleavage without padding
  • Promotes confidence
  • Poor quality zipper
View on Amazon

BELLOO Swimsuit for Women One Piece Short-Sleeve Swimming Suit

The BELLOO swimsuit is perfect for women looking to feel confident and cool in their toweling bottom. The 82% nylon, 18% spandex fabric will keep you comfortable all day long as well as protect against the harmful rays of the sun with a UPF rating of 50+.

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With this suit’s streamlined look paired upfront zipper closure from the neckline down past your tushy, it provides modest coverage so that no matter where you go whether it’s deep-sea diving or just taking a dip at a beach party you stay covered.

  • Modest coverage
  • Lightweight, comfortable fabric
  • Upfront zipper closure
  • blend stretches to fit your body
  • Cheap
View on Amazon

Cokar Short Sleeve One Piece Swimwear Swimsuit

The Cokar Short Sleeve Swimsuit has a pull-on closure that makes it easy for you to go from poolside lounging, into the water.

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It’s made out of high-quality material with exquisite detailing like wide shoulder straps and chest support so there are no worries about your swimwear snagging or holding onto body oils while swimming.

  • Made of high-quality material
  • No worries about snagging or oils
  • Provides adorable coverage
  • Pull-on closure makes it easy to get in and out
  • Not be returnable
View on Amazon

Next Women’s Standard Short Sleeve Malibu Zip One Piece Swimsuit

The next Women’s One-Piece Swimsuit is made with 90% Nylon and 10%, Spandex. It features a pull-on closure for convenience, as well as UPF 50 sun protection to keep you safe from the harmful rays of our sunny days.

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The malibu one piece swimsuits’ flexible fabric provides slimming compression yet provides extra stretch without compromising comfortability all day long. it can be worn underneath bikinis or even by itself depending upon your desired look that evening/daytime beach trip.

  • Slimming yet stretchy fabric
  • UPF 50 protection from the sun
  • Pull-on closure for convenience and modesty
  • Wear as bikini cover up or swimsuit
  • None
View on Amazon

BIKMAN One-Piece Snorkeling Surfing Swim Suit

The BIKMAN One-Piece Swim Suit is perfect for women who want to be active in their swimming. The fabric protects from the sun, while still allowing you freedom of movement with its slimming cut and breathable material that won’t inhibit airflow.

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The polyester lining also has built-in cups which can hold your breast pads when practicing sink island technique or racing competitively at any level. these suits are designed specifically with comfortability in mind so they’re never too tight on one area due to an abundance between others being snugger around certain areas.

  • Protection from the sun
  • built-in cups for breast pads
  • Designed to be comfortable
  • Provides a slimming cut
  • Made with breathable material
  • Bad sizing
View on Amazon

SAILBEE Women’s One Piece Short Sleeves Contoured Zip Front Wetsuit Swimsuit

SAILBee’s swimsuits are the perfect choice for women who want a suit that is both stylish and functional. The nylon fabric construction ensures durability, while its spandex makes it super soft against your skin so you can go in peace knowing this piece will last longer than any other one-piece on offer.

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And with many different color options available from black to coral red. You’re sure not going unnoticed out there either.

  • Nylon fabric that’s stretchy and durable
  • Unique designs
  • Vibrant colors that you will be noticed in
  • Spandex for comfort
  • The zipper is 6 inches too short
View on Amazon

LAPAYA Women’s Rash Guard UPF50+ One Piece Swimsuit

LAPAYA Women’s One Pieces are perfect for those hot summer days. Made of quick-drying, high-quality breathable fabric that is comfortable and durable so they can last you through your entire day at the beach or out surfing without any problems.

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They come in different styles such as short sleeve rash guards which protect against rashes from sun exposure. Underarm pads with silicone bands to prevent chafing when working up a good sweat during yoga class (or just about anything else), plus full front zippers that make them easy to get into while wearing gloves if it gets too cold outside. No need to take off wet clothes once getting back indoors either since these swimsuits cover everything.

  • Affordable and durable
  • Protect against sun exposure
  • Easy to work out in
  • A wide variety of styles
  • Sizing Way off
View on Amazon


What is a one piece swimsuit called?

A one piece swimsuit is a ladies’ bathing suit of a simple design, comprising a single piece of clothing covering the torso and groin.

When do you wear a one piece swimsuit?

One piece is great for activities such as swimming, sunbathing on the beach or in your backyard pool, lounging around by the pool with friends, running errands around town when you want to look cute but also being comfortable right after getting out of bed. You can even go to events that require formal wear without feeling uncomfortable while wearing it. The choices are endless.

Is it weird to wear a one piece swimsuit?

Some people are self-conscious about wearing a one piece because they feel it makes them look, um, chunky or lumpy. Rest assured that there are plenty of styles available today to fit anyone’s taste.

What body type looks good in a one piece swimsuit?

Anyone can look good in a one piece swimsuit as long as they find the right style and fit for them. The bodice may be seamed, strapless, halterneck, or crossover, and your choice will depend on your figure type as well as personal tastes.

How to choose the best one piece swimsuits for you?

When choosing a one-strap bathing suit you must pay attention to not only its style but also its construction details because that will help determine whether the swimwear is right for you. For example:

  1.  If you have a larger bust consider buying a swimsuit with removable pads so if your bust spills over just pop them out!
  2.  If you are self-conscious about your midsection, make sure you get a swimsuit with a strong tummy control panel.
  3.  If you are wearing hipster one pieces or high cut styles choose ones that are designed to provide coverage in that area.
  4.  Always look for swimwear that will not only fit but is also meant to be worn tight because otherwise it will end up baggy around the groin area and let’s face it nobody wants to see your coochie hanging out of your suit.

Trust me, ladies, I know what I’m talking about Plus there are lots of ways to adjust how snugly or loosely the suit fits so feel free to experiment until you find something that works for you. One piece bathing suits can come in a wrap, drape, T-shirt, or empire style. Just like bikini’s it all depends on your taste and what style works best with your figure type.

One important thing to keep in mind when trying out one piece is that it should be worn tight. If you opt for a loose-fitting suit chance are it will end up baggy around the hips so make sure you wear something fitted.

For ladies with C-cup size busts, I recommend always wearing padded swimsuit tops because without them your boobs will fall out of the top or bottom of the swimsuit if not properly fit.

Also choosing seamed swimsuits over strapless ones are usually better because they offer more support even if sometimes they can look less appealing especially if you are not very busty.

And if you want my honest opinion ladies I think it is best to avoid high-cut styles like the plague because they will only make most figures look stumpy and they won’t do much in terms of providing coverage either.

For curvy women, I recommend wearing empire-style one-pieces that can be cinched at the waist which will create an hourglass silhouette even if your butt is way bigger than your bust.

Plus these suits hug the body (and not in a tight way) but more like an embrace fitting close to your skin so don’t worry about showing too much skin or looking indecent. And for those who are looking for slimming swimwear solutions try halterneck styles because they tend to make your bust look bigger even if they don’t provide much support.

Another thing to consider is the height of the leg opening which should be at least 1-2 inches lower than your natural waistline. This will help elongate the body to make you appear taller and thinner even if sometimes it can have a slimming effect on shorter torsos.

Plus ladies who are blessed with fuller hips shouldn’t shy away from high cut swimsuits that take attention away from that area by forcing it upwards towards the chest or shoulders instead so do try them out because you might find yourself pleasantly surprised by how flattering these suits are.

For curvy pear-shaped figure types, avoid underwire styles because they can bulge in between your boobs and make you look wider. Instead, opt for a swimsuit without the underwire and with a simple elastic band that will be a lot more comfortable to wear.

These are just some general guidelines that I usually recommend for women who want to buy pieces bathing suit because there is no such thing as a perfect style or cut that looks good on everyone so it all boils down to personal preferences.

Plus each body type can have different needs so don’t hesitate to experiment until you find something that works best for your particular figure.


We hope that this guide has made it easier for you to find the perfect one piece short sleeve swimsuit. If you’re still unsure of what type of suit is best suited for your needs, just remember that there are many different styles available on the market. They all offer their unique features. You can’t go wrong with any of these suits.

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