Top 7 Best Plus Size Tankini With Built in Underwire Bra [Buying Guide]

The best part about wearing a tankini is that they come with a built in underwire bra. That means you don’t have to worry about buying the bra separately. Check out this list of the top 7 best plus size tankinis that are made with built-in underwire bras.

How To Choose Plus Size Tankini With Built in Underwire Bra [Buying Guide]

  1. If you have a long torso, then try to find one that has more coverage. It will give the appearance of having a longer torso just like how wearing high-waisted pants can make your legs appear slimmer.
  2. Look for plus size tankinis that are peplum style because it draws attention away from your belly area and onto the waist area instead which is where most people want to look slim. Another way to do this is by picking plus size tankini with prints rather than solid colors because the print will draw attention towards the center of your body instead of your midsection.
  3. Look for plus size tankinis with adjustable straps if you’re busty since you’ll need all the support you can get. The straps need to be adjustable so they can hold heavier breasts.
  4. Find plus size tankinis that are lined because the lining will smooth out your lumps and bumps for an overall smoother look.
  5. For a more flattering look, pick plus size tankini with patterned prints since they take away from any lumps and bumps you may have on your body which makes them perfect for wearing when you’re at the beach or poolside.
  6. If you’re looking for something sexy, then try going strapless or buy a bandeau top which is popular among stylish women everywhere who want to create the illusion of having longer necks and slimmer arms by making their bust area appear smaller. But if you need extra support, then buy a bandeau top that has straps.
  7. Tankinis with ruffles draw attention away from your midsection and towards the bust area which gives you an illusion of having bigger breasts since they’re located on the chest area just like how men look more attractive and appealing when they wear clothes and accessories with stripes.
  8. Try to avoid buying plus size tankinis that have ties in front because they can look tacky especially for women who are looking for something stylish and high fashion.
  9. If you want to create the illusion of having a longer torso, then try going for a one-piece bathing suit that has more coverage in the chest area and cutouts on the sides. The center strap accents your décolletage while also helping to slim your waistline at the same time.
  10. For plus size women who are looking to cover up their legs, then they should look for plus size tankini with shorts because it creates the illusion of having longer legs by drawing attention towards the center of your body instead of on your midsection.
  11. If you’re looking for something more stylish, then go with this Plus Size Halter High Waisted Lattice Bikini Swimsuit (Floral) which is perfect for plus size women who are curvy since it accentuates the waistline and bust line while also highlighting your hips.
  12. The best part about wearing a tankini is that they come with built-in underwire bras so you don’t have to worry about buying a bra separately. Check out this list of the top 7 best plus size tankinis that are made with built in underwire bras.
  13. Another benefit of wearing these swimsuits is that you get bikini style with the coverage of a one piece swimsuit which is perfect for plus size women who don’t want to expose their stomach area.
  14. If you want to create the illusion of having longer legs, then try wearing a one piece swimsuit that has more coverage in the hips and thighs area.
  15. You can also choose from many different prints or patterns which will divert attention away from your stomach area and towards other parts of your body like this striped plus size tankini top with a built in underwire bra that makes it super easy for you to find the right fit.
  16. If you’re on a budget and want something affordable, then look for swimwear that has adjustable straps. It’s designed on top of an inner built-in bra so it will provide women who are fully figured with more support than most other one piece bathing suits.
  17. Plus Size High Waist Bikini Swimsuit is perfect for plus size women who have bigger busts because the ruching detail helps create the illusion of having smaller breasts while also accentuating your waistline at the same time.
  18. Another benefit of wearing these tankinis is that they come with built-in underwire bras so you don’t have to worry about buying a bra separately. Check out this list of the top 7 best plus size tankinis that are made with built in underwire bras.

Here is the list of plus size tankini with built in underwire bra.

7 Best Plus Size Tankini With Built in Underwire Bra

LALAGEN Women’s Halter Swimdress Plus Size Two Piece Swimsuit

LALAGEN’s swimwear is made of 82% nylon and 18% spandex, providing great bust support. The soft stretch fabric provides a comfortable fit for women who want to wear it under their clothes in place of traditional bikinis or one-piece suits without having any lines on the bodice due to seams around neckline edges No matter your size.

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Plus size tankini Swimsuits also include halter necks with strappy backs that show off curves while keeping them covered up when necessary high waisted designs make you feel cool even if it’s hot outside (plus they’re easy to access pockets). Front cutouts allow air circulation so that skin stays moisturized at all times.

  • Supportive
  • 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex
  • Comfortable fit
  • Soft stretch fabric
  • Covered up or not covered up when necessary
  • Halter necks with strappy backs
  • Not very good for this very large breasted girl
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FULLFITALL Women’s Plus Size Tankini Swimsuit

The perfect suit for any woman on the go, this tankini swimsuit is made of high-quality material that will keep you dry and comfortable. It features an underwire molded bra cup with 3 adjustments allowing it to fit most women’s breast shapes.

The bright colors are fabulous as well as its chic patterned design which adds some fun flair into summer wardrobe options.

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The two piece bathing suits offer both support + enhancement thanks to their adjustable straps & double keyhole back closure system. They’re stylish enough without being too revealing or looking trashy at all times during casual social gatherings like pool parties among friends.

  • Supportive swimsuit with 3 adjustments
  • Chic patterns for fun summer style
  • Double keyhole back closure system
  • adjustable straps
  • Body shaping design
  • Runs Small
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LALAGEN Womens Plus Size Racerback Tankini Set

LALAGEN Womens Plus Size Tankini Set Made with 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex.

Dry Clean Only Racerback tankini set constructed with chest pad, without steel care. It looks slim on the waist and can be worn at any pool party for women of all ages.

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Two piece swimwear featuring built-in sports bra which is great if you’re going to get wet or want coverage while swimming. it has an elastic top hem too so this suit will stay put on your body no matter how much activity takes place underwater. Perfect when paired up nicely against another style like the retro polka dot patterned one below which comes short enough as well.

  • 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex fabric
  • Chest pad for support and shape.
  • No steel care material that needs dry cleaning
  • adjustable elastic top
  • High coverage while swimming
  • As expected but runs small
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Aqua Eve Women Plus Size Tankini Swimsuit

The perfect swimsuit for your next vacation, the women’s 2-piece tankini suit is flattering and comfortable. The adjustable straps allow you to wear it as a halterneck or cross back design with a removable padded bra that creates an incredible look under clothing while providing great support.

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Made from quick-drying fabric which stretches according to how tight or loose it fits, this fashionable set will be sure not only to make its wearer feel confident but also provide them freedom in motion whether at home poolside on dry land enjoying all sorts of water activities such as swimming & diving.

In addition, we have made every detail count by including side strings so users can adjust the length easily.

  • Provides freedom of motion
  • Freedom in wearing choices
  • Stretchy fabric for a snug
  • flattering fit
  • Can be styled with tops or without
  • Sizing Way off
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Yonique Plus Size Tankini Swimsuits for Women

Yonique makes the most beautiful plus size swimsuits for women. Their tankini tops are designed with matching boy shorts, which means you won’t have to compromise on style or comfort.

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The ruched tummy control bottoms give just enough coverage while still offering your curves an appropriate appearance that flatters them perfectly. This suit will make everyone else at the pool feel confident in their bodies too when they see what fits like a dream come alive wearing Yoniques inclusive lineup of stunning styles.

  • All-inclusive and body positive
  • Comfortable
  • flattering for all sizes
  • Gorgeous styles with matching bottoms
  • Affordable
  • None
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Magicsuit Women’s Swimwear

Women’s swimwear that you can’t help but feel fantastic in. Made of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex, Magicsuit Women’s Swimsuits offer unbeatable lift and support while the underwire bra provides gorgeous coverage for your curves or If full straight back gives added confidence when on land with compliments coming left right-center field.

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Cowl necks keep shoulders covered so no embarrassing moments this summer season at least until someone asks “are those new?” Halter straps are secure thanks to their design – they don’t slip off due to an unwanted movement which might leave exposed skin through open-backs cute little high low hems won everyone over before use.

  • Beautifully flattering
  • Coverage for your curves
  • Resistant to slipping or sliding off
  • Flattering neckline
  • None
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Aqua Eve Women Plus Size Tankini Swimsuits

The perfect swimwear for you, The women’s plus size tankini suits are made with 82% nylon and 18% spandex. Flowy top perfectly covers your belly, makes you look slimmer. Plus Size Swim Dress includes a form-fitting dress as well as boyshort style bottom pieces so that not only does it cover more area than traditional bikinis or one piece designs but they can also be removed if desired during water activities such as beach parties or vacations where comfort might take priority over style points (or vice versa).

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This suit features adjustable straps at the back which offer great support while providing ultimate shaping potential due to its stylish yet practical design including removable padding in case breasts start out sagging.

  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Supportive
  • Material thin and snagged
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Can you swim in a tankini?

Swimming in a tankini can be hard. Tankinis are made for women whose breasts may not fill the bikini top on their arm and spill over the sides, which is often but not always a larger cup size than what fits into a regular bandeau bikini top. The problem occurs when your breast fills out the cup of the tankini, at that point you will need to go up another band size or two.

This is because of more fabric used which means it’s harder to get off of your body as you’re swimming and diving around. Having built-in underwire bra makes it easier for women with large busts to fit into the right size tankini. It also makes it possible for you to adjust how much support you want to give your bust.

Tankinis come in a wide range of styles from the sporty “un-bikini” look or a more conservative style that covers up most of your curves and hugs you nicely. No matter what your taste is, there will always be tankini out there for you. Tankinis are often confused with one piece bathing suits because they do look quite alike but only if you ignore the top half of the two pieces. One piece bathing suits tend to have less coverage on the midsection which makes them look visually smaller than a tankini does.

Does a tankini cover your stomach?

One of the reasons why women avoid wearing regular bikini tops is because they are not comfortable revealing that much skin. Most prefer to cover up their stomachs with tankinis instead of regular bikinis for this reason. Tankini’s midsection is divided into two parts, one is the bottom half where you put your bathing suit bottom on and the other part is a separate top connected by spaghetti straps or even ties in some cases. Most tankinis have enough fabric in them to accommodate any shape of woman, whether they’re apple shaped, pear shaped, or any other shape.

How do I look good in a tankini?

You can’t go wrong with tankinis if you know how to make them work for your body type. If you are apple shaped, then wearing a two piece swimsuit is not the best choice because it will tend to emphasize the narrowness of your midsection making it look smaller which is never attractive. Instead, wear tankini where the top covers most of your stomach and the bottom part has enough room for your hips.

If you’re pear shaped then any kind of swimsuit that skims over your hips is best avoided. Instead, pick out one piece or tankini with bright colors or prints so it will distract others from noticing how narrow the waist looks. You can also opt to use shapewear code black underneath so your body will be visually shifted to where it’s supposed to.

If your problem is that your thighs look thicker than what you wish they were, then choose swimsuits with tankini skirts since it has built-in gusset. These cuts are designed for women who have thick legs and heavy thighs and want to show them off without looking too revealing and indecent. Look for two piece bathing suits that boost the curves of your hips while toning down the size of your thigh area.

How is a tankini supposed to fit?

If you are looking for a piece that’s supposed to cover most of your body then look for tankinis with wide straps. They’re often wider than regular bikini straps, but they should still not be any wider than 2 inches in general. This is because if they’re much wider, the weight of your bust has more chance to make them slip off your shoulders eventually.

Gather tankini tops are not suitable for women who have big cups because they will create an image of “four breasts” when it gathers in one spot instead of being separated by individual cups. Likewise, avoid tankinis that tie around the neck since this can also place too much stress on your neck muscles all at once which will cause problems down the road.

While the top part should have the right fit, the bottom should not be too tight or too big for you to wear. Remember that tankinis are supposed to match your bikini’s size so it doesn’t look like high waters on you. Most people cannot tell if a swimsuit is in its right size by just looking at it, so it’s best to test out whether both pieces together will fit perfectly before making any purchase.

If you’re switching from bikinis then there’s no need to adjust to wearing tankinis immediately since they’re quite different when it comes down to how much skin they cover-up. Start gradually by wearing tankini tops with regular bottoms until you get used to having more coverage all your body while still looking gorgeous in the process.


You can find a tankini for your body type and level of comfort. There are so many different colors, patterns, and styles to choose from! We hope you’ve found the perfect plus size tankini with a built in underwire bra that will help you feel confident on the beach this summer.

Make sure to comment below if we missed any of your favorites or if there is anything else you want us to know about shopping for these suits.

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