Best Plus Size Wetsuit For Swimming – Men’s & Women’s

As someone who is plus size, finding the perfect wetsuit for swimming can be quite a challenge. With so many different brands and styles on the market, it can be hard to know where to start.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of our five favorite Best Plus Size Wetsuit For Swimming, based on quality, comfort, and affordability. So whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for an upgrade, read on for some great options.

Keep in mind all of your needs, wants, and budget when you read over this list to choose the best option for you.

Top 5 Best Plus Size Wetsuit For Swimming

Hevto Wetsuits Plus Size Men and Women 

The Hevto Wetsuit is a great choice for a plus-size wetsuit. It is made of 3mm neoprene and nylon elastic fabric, which makes it comfortable and skin-friendly. The suit is also designed to keep you warm and help you float more easily.

It is perfect for adult men diving beginners and amateurs. The Guardian (Ⅰ) Warrior wetsuit can be used in water temperatures from 50-67 degrees Fahrenheit.

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With better technical support, Hevto Wetsuits can play a better performance and provide better protection for the body. So, if you are looking for a quality plus-size wetsuit, the Hevto Wetsuits are a great option.

  • Made of 3mm neoprene and nylon elastic fabric
  • Keeps you warm and helps you float more easily
  • Suitable for adult men diving beginners and amateurs
  • Can be used in water temperatures from 50-67 degrees Fahrenheit
  • May feel contracted to some swimmers
  • The odor may be pungent when new, but is harmless
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Hevto Men Wetsuits Women 3mm Neoprene Full  Suits

What to look for in a wetsuit is important if you are a plus-size swimmer. You want something that will keep you warm and protect you from the cold water.

This Hevto Men Wetsuits Keep Warm Back Zip for Water Sports is a good option because it is made with neoprene which will help keep you warm.

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It also has an adjustable waistband to help keep the cold water out and has fashion printing on the arms, shoulders, chest, and ankles.

This wetsuit also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so that you can be sure that you are getting a good product.

  • Made with neoprene
  • Adjustable waistband
  • Fashion printing on the arms, shoulders, chest, and ankles
  • Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Different wetsuit structure design
  • Maybe too tight in some areas
  • The zipper is on the back which can be difficult to use if you are not used to it
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Henderson Women’s Thermoprene 3mm Front Zip Shorty Springsuit

The Henderson shorty wetsuit is perfect for diving in tropical waters and is also a great choice for layering in temperate climates. You’ll stay comfortable even when wet thanks to the compression fabric lining.

The Henderson Shorty Springsuit is an excellent choice for women who want a versatile wetsuit that can be used in a variety of water temperatures.

With its adjustable collar and front zip, this suit is easy to get on and off, and the nylon-2 neoprene material combination makes it durable and flexible.

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The seams are glued and blind-stitched for extra strength, and the suit is available in three thicknesses (3mm, 5mm, and 7mm). You’ll stay comfortable even when wet thanks to the compression fabric lining.

If you’re looking for a quality wetsuit that will keep you comfortable in a variety of water temperatures, the Henderson Shorty Springsuit is a great choice.

  • flexible and durable fabric
  • easy to get on and off with front zip
  • three thickness options for different water temperatures
  • the front zipper is a bit stiff at first but can be broken in
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BIKMAN One-Piece Snorkeling Surfing Swim Suit

The BIKMAN Swimsuit is a great choice for plus-size swimmers. The suit is made of a high-quality polyamide and spandex blend, with a lining fabric of 95% polyester and 5% spandex.

This ensures that the suit is soft, comfortable, and quick-drying. It also has a UPF 50+ rating to protect you from the sun. Most importantly, it has a slim and fit cutting design that won’t inhibit freedom of movement.

This is a great option for those who need a less heavy-duty wetsuit as it does not have as much insulation as others on our list.

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It also comes in four colors: light blue with removable bra pads, pink, orange, and solid black.

This wetsuit features a one-piece open-back design with no shoulder seams to increase mobility and reduce irritation caused by chafing.

The material is stretchy and not bulky, allowing maximum comfort while still providing some warmth against chilly waters.

There are no zippers or velcro closures, making the suit easy to get on and off. It is also machine-washable and quick-drying, making it a great option for travel. This wetsuit is available in sizes S-XXL, with a weight range of 100-300 pounds.

  • UPF 50+ to protect you from the sun
  • one-piece open-back design with no shoulder seams
  • material is stretchy and not bulky
  • machine-washable and quick-drying
  • does not have as much insulation as other wetsuits on our list.
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ZCCO Ultra Stretch 3mm Neoprene Wetsuit

The ZCCO 3mm Wetsuit is one of the warmest wetsuits around. It is made with ultra-stretch neoprene 3mm thick material, smooth skin neoprene inner at the collar, arm, and legs to stick your skin tightly & make sure that much less water comes inside.

You can wear this wetsuit for cold or cool weather to enjoy your swimming time in any season. Despite its thickness, it can make you move freely to swim or surf.

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it’s a wet suit, then water does come in, but it quickly warms us against our skin. The tighter you wear, the warmer you’ll be in the water.

  • Waterstop seal
  • Anti-abrasive knee pad
  • Keeps you warm in any season
  • You can’t wear this suit in very cold weather
  • The suit can be a bit tight on the
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Getting the Best Plus Size Wetsuit For Swimming –  Buying Guide

When you are looking for the best plus size wetsuit for swimming, there are several factors that you need to consider. Here is a guide to help you make the best purchase:

Consider your needs:

What will you be using the wetsuit for? If you are looking for a wetsuit to wear while surfing, you will need something that offers more flexibility.

If you are only wearing the wetsuit while swimming laps, you can go for something a little warmer and less flexible.

 Suit Quality:

It is important to consider the quality of your suit. You don’t want it to rip or tear when you are in the water! Be sure that the stitching is done well on your suit throughout.

If there are any loose threads, cut them off immediately so they do not become fishing line-sized holes in your brand new plus-size wetsuit.

The material should be durable but also have some stretchability to fit comfortability. Ensure that any zippers used work well and that all of the nylon seems sturdy enough to endure being worn in the water.

 How Tight Should It Be?

You will want your wetsuit to be tight enough that it doesn’t feel like you are wearing a garbage bag, but loose enough that you can move comfortably.

Wetsuits are supposed to be tight! If you purchase one that feels too big before putting it on, don’t fret. Most plus-size wetsuits stretch quite a bit after they are worn in the water for about 15 minutes or so – which is why they are called “stretchy” suits.

Some wetsuits have ties at various points so you can tie them tighter if need be. Tie these as tightly as possible once your wetsuit has become wet and flexible.

 Look for Good Fit:

A wetsuit with a hood is fantastic if you want to be extra warm in the water – but, make sure that the hood fits well! You don’t need it to fall into your eyes during your swim.

Find one that will work for you concerning the fit of the hood (and any other options like booties or gloves).


The durability of a suit depends on a few factors including the thickness and quality of the material used. Generally speaking, thicker material is tougher and more durable than thinner material – especially when comparing an entry-level suit to a professional grade suit.

However, this may not always be true as selection can vary from brand to brand.


Now that you have read our guide, you are probably wondering which wetsuit would be best for you. If you are a beginner swimmer and need something durable and affordable, we recommend the Hevto Wetsuit.

If you are looking for a suit that is more high-end and offers great performance features, we suggest checking out the ZCCO Ultra-stretch Wetsuit.

Remember, it is important to consider your personal needs when selecting a suit! Be sure to try on different suits to find the best one for you.

We hope that this guide was helpful and that you have found the perfect best plus size wetsuit for swimming! Thanks


What Size Wetsuit Should I Get?

When you are looking for a wetsuit, it is important to consider the size. If it is too tight, you will limit your range of motion and be uncomfortable in the water.

Wearable suits should have minimal stretch which means they may feel a little tight when they are not worn in the water – but once wet, that same suit should expand and give you more flexibility.

Ensure that there is enough room to move your arms and legs around without feeling like the wetsuit is going to rip. If you can’t even get it on with some pulling and tugging, then it probably isn’t going to work for you!

 What Type Of Fit Is Best For Me?

Generally speaking, thicker stretchable material is the best type of wetsuit for plus-size women and men because it will be able to mold around your body and give you maximum insulation.

However, this thickness will also make it harder to get on and off – especially if you don’t have help from a friend or partner. It can take quite a bit of strength and endurance to put these types of suits on by yourself.

If you decide that this isn’t something for you, then look for a ‘neoprene’ suit that is thinner than standard rubber but still offers some warmth in the water. This neoprene material tends to give you more flexibility than rubber while you are wearing it.

 What Is The Best Place To Buy A Plus Size Wetsuit For Swimming?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question as each person will have different needs and preferences when it comes to buying a wetsuit.

However, we would recommend looking into some of the more popular online retailers like Amazon or REI who often have great deals on wetsuits – especially during the offseason.

If you want to try on the suit before you buy it, then head to your nearest sporting goods store or surf shop. Be prepared to shell out a bit more money though as these types of stores typically have higher prices for their wetsuits.

 How Do I Know If A Wetsuit Is Too Tight?

A wetsuit that feels too tight will usually be uncomfortable for you to move around in – especially if it is not stretchy at all. This type of suit feels like a trash bag and shouldn’t give you any room to grow.

It isn’t the end of the world if you have to go up a size or two, but some things make this different from buying clothing in general.

When shopping for pants or shorts, for example, it is very common to buy items that are smaller than your actual size because they will ‘stretch’ out over time.

With wetsuits, however, since they need to fit well when wet – they mustn’t be much too tight when you try them on.

 What Other Features Should I Look For In A Plus Size Wetsuit?

There are many other features that you may want to look for when purchasing a wetsuit. For example, some suites come with hoods and others do not.

If you live in a cold climate or will be swimming in colder water, then it is important to have a hood to keep your head and neck warm.

Booties and gloves can also be a great addition if you tend to get cold easily – just make sure that the gloves and booties fit well! Another thing to consider is the color of the suit.

Some people prefer darker colors because they camouflage you in the water, while others prefer brighter colors to make themselves more visible to other swimmers.

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