Top 7 Best Tankini With Built in Underwire Bra [Buying Guide]

It’s summertime and the living is easy, but what about your wardrobe?  The sun will be out in full force and you won’t want to wear anything too constricting. But if you’re looking for a swimsuit that’s just as flattering as it is functional, then we’ve found some of the best tankinis with built in underwire bra.

These tankinis are perfect for those who don’t care to wear an extra piece of underwear or who would like moderate support while they play in the waves all day long. Check out our list below.

How To Choose Best Tankini With Built in Underwire Bra [Buying Tips]

  1. Since tankinis are primarily meant for bathers, you should always check that your top is equipped with an underwire bra. Not only do they offer additional support, but many women tend to wear them underneath their tankini tops.
  2. Another thing to consider while shopping is the composition of the material. Many swimsuits are made out of nylon or spandex, which means they can be easily stretched, but have no give in terms of fitting your body type. We suggest opting for a swimsuit with a cotton blend so it’s durable and will last while holding up without being too tight.
  3. When looking at sizing, most mediums are sized between 6-14 while small tankinis are usually size 6 or 8. Our list will start with medium-sized tankinis, then branch into small sizes.
  4. It’s important to remember that most of these swimsuits are sized according to specific hip measurements. Some companies may use different sizing methods so we suggest calling the retailer’s customer service line for more information on their size chart.

Check out our list of top picks swimsuits with built-in underwire bra below.

7 Best Tankini With Built in Underwire Bra

Panache Swim Women’s Anya Bra-Sized Balconnet One-Piece Swimsuit

The panache one piece swimsuit is a must-have for any stylish woman. The fabric is 80% polyamide and 20% elastane making it super sleek. The keyhole cut out at the back makes this suit stand out from other boring suits on the market, while also giving you an extra boost in confidence when wearing something so sexy.

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Protective against sunburns or cuts along with being water-resistant to avoid getting caught underwater by accident because we know accidents do happen sometimes even if they’re few and far between. With adjustable shoulder straps that can adjust quickly without pinching & hard chlorine burns-this listing has everything your body needs.

  • Strong fabric
  • Reinforced seams
  • keyhole cut
  • Versatile style
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Sizing is way off
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Magicsuit Women’s Swimwear DD-Cup Underwire Bra High Low Hem Tankini

With a cowl neckline that offers gorgeous coverage, the Magicsuit Women’s Swimwear is an ideal choice for any woman looking to be showered with compliments on her next beach day.

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Made out of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex material which will keep you feeling cool all summer long in hot weather or warm winter nights when swimming under stars without worrying about wetting your clothes thanks to its high-low hemline design added bottom coverage.

  • Incredibly flattering neckline
  • Durable and holds shape
  • Easy to take care of
  • Fast-drying
  • Not as expected
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Panache Swim Anya Riva Underwire One-Piece

Panache Swim’s Anya Riva One-Piece is perfect for the poolside days you’ve been dreaming of. Made with 100% Polyester, it will keep your skin feeling soft and smooth against all those chlorine molecules while still offering great coverage in case one thing goes wrong (it happens).

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Underneath that special fabric on top hides, an inner Powernet made up of 87% polyamide 13 elastane provides shape retention as well as enhanced comfort due to its stretchy nature. Next time someone asks “do I need swimwear?” just look them right in their eye because there isn’t much else like this out there.

  • Get full coverage from your swimwear
  • Keep skin from getting dry
  • Provides shape retention
  • None
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Magicsuit Women’s Plus Size Swimwear Brynn Solid Underwire Bra

Magicsuit Women’s Plus Size Swimwear Providing worry-free coverage, the Underwire Bra Menuylum provides unbeatable lift and support with its polyester/spandex blend fabric. This bra is perfect for all occasions because not only does it provide an impeccable uplift to your bust line but also has adjustable straps so you can find just the right fit around your shoulders or back too.

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The skirt cut ensures that every woman gets full advantage out of this amazing product no matter what her shape looks like. While keeping in mind she needs extra support where needed most – at her chest area due simply because having bigger breasts than usual means there are certain spots on top that need special attention when putting clothes on over them.

  • Complete coverage
  • Durable fabric with maximum support
  • Adjustable straps for better fit

  • For anytime wear- perfect for swimsuits, bras and more

  • Sizing way off
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La Blanca Women’s Island Goddess Underwire Cross Back One Piece Swimsuit

La Blanca’s swimwear is made with 83% nylon and 17% elastane, making it perfect for the active woman on the go. This one piece has a flattering low-cut style that ensures maximum coverage of your assets while still showing off what makes your FEMA letter.

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Hand washes only don’t machine dry or iron these babies because they’ll shrink up in all kinds of unattractive ways. The superior quality fabric meets all US safety standards as well making it easy on both yourself and our environment too.

  • 83% nylon and 17% elastane
  • Hand washes only
  • Superior quality fabric
  • Easy on yourself and our environment
  • None
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Freya Women’s Standard Sundance Underwire Padded Tankini

This one-piece swimsuit is a must for poolside fun. This adorable tankini features adjustable straps and light foam cups with supportive side boning, which will be sure to keep your girls safe from any quick underwater escape attempts.

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The back of the top has an attached keyhole detail so you can adjust it as desired after diving headfirst into water or near other people’s fins when they don’t see what’s coming up behind them. A classic move guaranteed not only by this clever design but also because there are plenty of safety margins in place before anything bad happens (you know how guys are).

  • Fit for poolside fun
  • Adjustable straps
  • Attached keyhole
  • headfirst into water
  • Runs small in bust
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Panache Swim Women’s Petite Underwire One Piece

The Panache swimwear line is perfect for women who want a one-piece that’s as fun and flirty in the water as it looks on land. The 80% polyamide/20% Lycra Elastane fabric, hook & eye closure with hand wash only.

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Care instructions make this Polk dot bra-sized suit easy to clean so take your pick from 75 different color options or try out our customizer tools if you’re feeling creative. With ruching around both sides flatters any figure issues while providing extra coverage (it also has built-in cups).

  • Made of 80% polyamide/20%Lycra Elastane fabric
  • Hook & eye closure for easy on and off
  • Available in 75 colors
  • Ruching provides no-show coverage
  • Cheap
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Are tankinis out of style?

It’s hard to say whether tankinis are in or out of style. What we can see is that they’re certainly not as popular as bikinis and one pieces. People just seem to prefer the sexy look of a bikini top with the bottom cover of a swimming suit for women.

However, it’s very possible that you might want to get yourself a tankini to avoid tan lines on your midsection because although there are high waisted bikinis and bottoms out there, this doesn’t mean they’ll cover up all the necessary parts such as your belly button. If you want full coverage, then we suggest getting yourself a tankini because sure enough there are some created especially to offer you adequate tummy coverage along with a flattering fit.

Why wear a tankini?

Tankinis are perfect for women who want to cover up their midsection without feeling uncomfortable by wearing a full-body swimsuit or one piece. They’re also ideal if you want to avoid tan lines that show through your clothes. If you prefer the look of a bikini but want more coverage, then this is probably what you should go with.

So tankinis do have some advantages over bikinis and 1 piece which make them very appealing to certain fashion-conscious individuals. The main advantage being they provide better coverage because of their design that often includes high waisted bottoms as well as tops that can conceal those stubborn tummy bulges that just won’t seem to go away no matter how hard you try. Another advantage of these swimsuits is that they’re suitable for women with smaller busts because the built in bra provides enough support to avoid embarrassing nip slips.

To help you decide whether or not getting a tankini will benefit your needs, we’ve listed some of the best tankinis on today’s market based on their style, fit, and functionality. We have also added a buying guide so you can understand exactly what factors to take into consideration when making your purchase. You should be able to find one that fits your body type and personal preferences with ease.

Can I wear a bra with my swimsuit?

Most tankinis are specifically designed to be worn with a bra. This is because the built-in underwire that’s often included will provide you with more support than your average bikini top. We suggest getting into some sort of sports bra if you want adequate support for physical activity. Just make sure it isn’t too tight or you’ll feel uncomfortable throughout the day rather than busting out at your favorite beach hotspot.

We know how it can be difficult finding bras especially if you have small breasts, so we’ve made sure there are options on our list that feature adjustable straps which means no one gets left out regardless of their cup size.

What’s the difference between tankini and monokini?

What we mean is that tankinis and monokinis both feature a top and bottom that work in unison, but the former includes an underwire bra. So basically it’s like a one-piece swimsuit with two pieces rather than just one which some people might prefer for their own reasons such as mobility or if they want more coverage on their lower body parts.

If you want to show off your midsection, then perhaps a monokini would be better suited because the shirt doesn’t cover up those love handles or tummy bulges. There’s also less material to deal with so it won’t feel as heavy and uncomfortable as wearing a tankini will. However, you can still wear whatever type of bra you want with this type of swimwear.

What is the point of a tankini?

There are lots of reasons as to why you might want to invest in a tankini swimsuit because it has many advantages over other types such as bikinis and one-pieces. The biggest advantage is that your tummy will be completely covered no matter how much weight you’ve gained around the middle since they feature high waisted bottoms and top portions.

Many people who feel self-conscious about their figure buy these types of swimsuits, so we can tell you from experience that wearing one is well worth the investment. If you’re struggling with body image issues, then perhaps investing in a tankini could help boost your mood and improve your overall confidence level. Just remember that there’s nothing wrong with some extra pounds if that’s what your genetics have blessed you with.

It is true that tankinis can help hide any kind of tummy bulge including the dreaded muffin top which some people spend hours at the gym trying to get rid of. You’ll look more toned and slim in a tankini, so it might be worth considering if you are willing to try something new rather than wearing the same old boring bikini all year round.

Do guys like tankinis?

Although tankinis are usually worn by women, guys can wear them too. When summer months come around then men usually just opt for shorts or trunks to cover up their legs so wearing a tankini might be a refreshing change because you’ll have the chance to show off your upper body. It’s always an advantage if you’ve got toned arms and shoulders so don’t worry about people thinking that you’re cross-dressing because they look quite normal on males too.

You might find it difficult to find one that fits properly due to their smaller physiques compared to us larger framed ladies, but there are some brands that cater specifically to this audience which means both sexes can buy the same type of swimwear with confidence. If you’re a guy who’s self-conscious about their body, then perhaps investing in a tankini would be of great benefit to you so go check out the reviews above about tankini with built in underwire bra.


Tankinis are a type of swimwear that’s designed to cover both your top and bottom, but it also includes an underwire bra. Tankinis can help hide any kind of tummy bulge including the dreaded muffin top which some people spend hours at the gym trying to get rid of.

You’ll look more toned and slim in a tankini, so it might be worth considering if you are willing to try something new rather than wearing the same old boring bikini all year round. If you’re struggling with body image issues, then perhaps investing in a tankini could help boost your mood and improve your overall confidence level.

Just remember that there’s nothing wrong with some extra pounds if that’s what your genetics have blessed you with.


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