Top 7 Best Two Piece Bathing Suits That Cover Stomach [Buying Guide]

It’s summertime and the living is easy. But with all the pool parties, BBQs, and long days at the beach ahead of us, we have to face a problem: There are too many bathing suits that show off more than they cover.  And while some women may be comfortable with this choice, others feel a little shy about it.

It doesn’t help that swimsuit season lasts from May through September that’s nearly half of the year where you have to worry about what your bathing suit will say about you. Well, fear not! In this article, we explore our top 7 picks for two piece bathing suits that cover  stomach as well as other body parts so there’s no need to fret over what you’ll be wearing this summer.

Two Piece Bathing Suits That Cover Stomach [Buying Guide]

  1. What Features to Look for when Buying Two Piece Bathing Suits that Cover Stomach

When you’re looking for two piece bathing suits that cover the stomach, look for these features: full lining, adjustable straps or a string back closure, and lower cut legs. All of these features will help the swimsuit stay in place no matter what you’re doing this summer.

  1. How to Choose a Swimsuit That Covers Your Stomach If You’re a Busty Girl

When it comes to choosing a swimsuit that covers your stomach if you have bigger breasts, try tankinis with long top pieces. If you don’t want to deal with strings on your neckline, choose a slim-fit tankini top, but if you want more coverage go with a halter neckline or cross back.

  1. How to Choose an Appropriate Swimsuit If You Have A Long Torso

If you have a long torso, look for swimsuits that cover up your legs like high-waisted bikinis and one pieces with shorts instead of skirts on the bottom piece. This will make your legs appear shorter while still giving you support around your stomach area.

  1. How to Choose Swimwear With Full Coverage For Under $50

When choosing swimwear with full coverage under $50, don’t forget about Amazon. It has some of the best prices around when it to bathing suits, especially if you’re looking for a full coverage suit.

  1. How To Ditch The Clingy Bathing Suit For The Right Coverage

When it comes to finding the right bathing suit that doesn’t cling to your stomach, make sure you bring your measurements with you when shopping for new bathing suits at stores or online because this will help them fit properly. Also, look for long torso swimsuits because these are designed to fit longer bodies better than short ones.

  1. What Is A Good Swimsuit To Cover And Flatten My Stomach?

For a good swimsuit that can flatter and cover your stomach, you should wear a one-piece swimsuit with full coverage and an empire waistline. Empire waistlines are very popular this season because they make everyone look more slender. For bottoms, go for fitted high-waisted swimwear.

7 Best Two Piece Bathing Suits That Cover Stomach

ADOME Women Bikini Set Tummy Control Swimsuit

This swimsuit is made of 82% Polyester and 18 % Acrylic. The Falbala style features a ruffled hem on the top, high waisted bottom with an elastic waistband that ensures maximum comfort when in use. it also includes 2 pieces of a bikini set for women who want to look both beautiful as well be comfortable at their destination beach or poolside.

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You can select different prints (extremely variable) which will allow you to create a unique fashion statement while wearing these suits.

  • Fashionable
  • Comfortable to wear in the water
  • Durable material
  • Sizing Way Off
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B2prity Women Tankini Set

The B2prity Women Tankini Set is a stylish and comfortable tank top that will make you feel like the goddess of beauty. The adjustable shoulder straps keep your bust supported while providing support for the back, shoulders making this suit super cute.

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With floral printed material in tanks plus boy shorts bottoms with tiered falbala ruffles on the bottom. it’s all flattering shape to hide any bad angles or flaws (perfect if we’re talking volleyball). You’ll love how smooth the fabric feels against the skin without sacrificing style points either. the sporty look pairs well as an added bonus.

  • Flattering fit that hides any flaws
  • Sporty look pairs
  • Adjustable straps
  • bust coverage
  • Fabric does not sacrifice style points for comfort
  • None
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Aqua Eve Women’s Plus Size Two Piece Swimsuit

Aqua Eve’s swimsuit is the perfect way to show off on your next tropical vacation. Made with 82% nylon and 18 %spandex, this black bikini provides great support as well as makes you feel incredibly confident about yourself-especially if there are some extra pounds hanging over from those winter months.

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The crisscross v neckline makes it fashionable while still being ableiliy modest enough that no one will be staring at what they think could potentially b seen under a shirt or dress anytime soon (if ever).

And because we know how important comfortability is when wearing something tight against our skin all day long. Eve includes an adjustable shoulder strap so people can wear their own style without sacrificing anything.

  • 82% Nylon and 18 % Spandex
  • Crisscross V Neckline
  • Great Support
  • 30+ color
  • Don’t let the chlorine touch it
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Yonique Womens Plus Size Tankini Swimsuits

Yonique is the perfect solution for women who need a stylish, comfortable two-piece swimsuit that also provides a great slimming effect. The 3 layer ruffle design of this tankini has an adjustable waistband and gives you complete safety with its high waisted bottom.

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This plus size bathing suit can be worn confidentially at any pool party because it’s so cute and no one will notice those extra pounds anyway. Thanks to our soft wire-free bra cups & stretchy band backing along the backside which supports breasts fully without discomforting them during use.

  • Great for women
  • Slimming effect
  • Cute and stylish design
  • Comfortable in any pool party
  • Sizing Way off
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Daci Women Plus Size Tankini Swimsuits

Daci Women Swimsuits is here to provide you with fashionable, comfortable swimwear that will make any woman feel confident. With three different styles for every body type and occasion, Daci has it all.

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The deep cut sides blouson tankini top paired up beautifully against our floral printed triangle bottom in this sporty two piece suit perfect made just for us lazy people who don’t want their suits getting tight around belly or tummy fat areas when out having fun on the beach.

It also comes equipped with padded bra adjustable straps so no matter how much water activities result in soaking wet clothes afterward at least your breasts won’T be without support.

  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable straps
  • Bust Size Too Way Small
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Aixy Women High Waisted Swimsuits

Aixy’s Women High Waisted Swimsuits are more than just a piece of fabric. The bandeau part is removable soft padding, which comes with the top layer and can be worn on its own for more coverage if desired.

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But also has high waists that will show off your figure while providing tummy control in case you’re worried about what’s under there. There are 4 straps at back including adjustable ones so they fit any body shape- not just pear or apple-shaped bodies like most bikinis do these days. This garment fits pretty securely due to their ingenious design wide shoulder straps paired up nicely next.

  • Provides tummy control
  • Fit any body shape
  • Comes with removable soft padding
  • 4 straps at the back, including adjustable ones
  • Customer Says Not the same color
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Kisscynest Women’s Plus Size Swimwear

Kisscynest’s Women’s Plus Size Swimwear is made from 82% nylon and 18% spandex. They have two pieces, an adjustable strap top that can be tied at the front waist or back for a secure fit as well as lace-up bottoms with ties around each leg opening which make it easy to adjust them while wearing without having any unnecessary material dragging on your skin.

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The removable bra pad also helps provide support if you’re going swimming in high humidity conditions because its moisture-wicking fabric will help keep things dry between uses. Hand washing only please though since these suits cannot withstand chlorine bleach exposure but instead should always go through cool clear water followed by non-chlorine bleaching when needed before drying flat.

  • Plus size swimwear
  • Adjustable straps
  • Comfortable fit
  • Lace-up bottom
  • Not flattering for the curvy woman
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Is a tankini flattering?

From our experience, a tankini can be flattering if you choose one that fits well. When it’s too big, the straps will fall down and make your chest look saggy. However, when you get a tankini that is slightly smaller than your size, then yes it can be flattering because it will accentuate your curves and show off your assets. If you think of yourself as having average body proportion, then we recommend buying a tankini.

Can you wear a tankini to a pool?

Most definitely, Even though most tankinis are made for the beach, you can still wear them to a pool. The only difference is that you will have more support at the beach with sand or water under your suit.

Are tankinis frumpy?

They can be if you’re not careful. Your best bet is to get one that fits well, has enough support, and covers your stomach area. If it’s modest and flattering, then no it won’t be frumpy or unflattering!

What material should the top of my tankini be made out of?

To avoid embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions, stay away from fabric like nylon lycra because they tend to stretch out too much when wet. Most suits are made with spandex or cotton so if you don’t want flimsy straps to keep an eye on those as well.

Does wearing a bikini cover-up stretch marks?

The best way to hide stretch marks is by wearing an actual two piece bathing suit over a swimsuit with shorts. If you are wearing a bikini, you will have to make sure that the bathing suit is high waisted so it’ll cover your problem areas. However, once wet there is no guarantee that any swimsuit will stay up so this method isn’t the most effective if you are planning to jump in the water for an extended period of time.

What color swimsuit is most flattering?

To avoid looking washed out, definitely go with a darker color. A bright-colored bathing suit will make you stand out from your surroundings and not in a good way. We suggest going with black or brown as this is the most slimming on any skin tone.

Why do swimsuits have underwires?

Most swimsuits come with an underwire because the wire helps to give support and push up the breast area making them look perkier and lifted.

What swimsuit color is best for blondes?

To look most flattering, stay away from dark colors. We suggest going with a lighter color so that your face doesn’t get lost in the rest of your body. For example, if you were wearing black you’d almost disappear into the background whereas in white or yellow you would pop out and have more definition to your figure.

Are two piece swimsuits better than one pieces?

We only recommend two piece swimsuits when you are trying to cover up problem areas on your body. If it’s not for this reason then we highly recommend sticking to traditional one piece swimsuits because they are classic and usually offer better support. This is why they are best for bigger-busted women who want their boobs lifted up instead of lying flat on their chest.

What swimsuit color should I get?

If you want to look slim, stay away from dark colors. Typically, lighter colors make you stand out more while darker ones make you blend in with your surroundings. If it’s a pool party and you want to get noticed for other reasons go with a darker color like black or navy blue.

Do two piece bathing suits cover the stomach?

No, they actually provide less coverage than one pieces. Two-piece swimsuits only offer minimal tummy coverage so if this is what you’re looking for then we recommend going with one piece.

What shape of women looks best in a bikini?

If you have an hourglass figure (defined waist and curvy hips/thighs) go with a bikini! This type of suit complements your curves because it has more fabric for you to work with. If you have a straighter figure you should probably stick with a one-piece suit.

Are tankinis flimsy?

If they are made out of nylon or other thin material then yes, they can be flimsy! This is why if you want to support either go with the underwire or just get shorts that’ll hold everything up. We suggest finding swimsuits made out of cotton, polyester spandex, or another thicker material so that they don’t fall apart when wet.

What shape of women looks best in a bikini?

A woman’s body isn’t proportional all the time so sometimes it’s completely OK for an apple-shaped body to wear a bikini. If you have the right body type for it, go for it. On the other hand, if you are pear-shaped we suggest sticking with one-pieces.


So, if you’re looking for a new bathing suit but don’t want one that will cling to your stomach and create rolls of fat on your upper thighs, these are the best two piece suits that cover the stomach.

The most important thing is finding something comfortable so nobody can see any bulges. We hope our guide helped you find the perfect swimsuit this summer. If not, be sure to check out some other posts in our blog about different topics. Thanks again for reading.

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