Top 7 Best Two Piece Long Sleeve Swimsuit [Buying Guide]

It’s time to get ready for summer. The shopping spree is on. If you’re looking for a new swimsuit then your search just became much easier with this list of the top 7 best two piece long sleeve swimsuits that will be perfect for you. From color, style, fabric to silhouette these suits are all winners.

Buying Guide


Here are all the colors that you can choose from. All of these two piece long sleeve swimsuits come in classic black. However, other colors that may catch your eye are arctic white, blue lagoon (a light teal/green color), bunny pink (a soft pastel baby pink color), and red apple (a red apple red color).


If you’re looking for a more classic style then the basic form-fitting, wire-free options are best. This gives maximum support and comfort. However, if you want to be able to show off your curves without showing too much skin then the plunging neckline is perfect.

This also works well if you have larger breasts as it helps to accentuate your curves and prevent a double bust. The strapless, one-shoulder and halter styles are also going to show off more skin but they will also provide the most style.


The fabric of your two piece long sleeve swimsuit can make or break your bout with sun exposure. If you’re looking for a more simple, cotton-like fabric then the list above has you covered. The material that these suits are made from offers a soft feel and provide great color vibrancy.

However, if you’re going to be spending time in the water then you may want to consider choosing one of the two piece long sleeve swimsuits made with a nicer, stretchier fabric like nylon. This will cause your suits to hold up much better and last for a longer period of time than one made with cotton.


The most flattering style for almost anyone is the high waist. However, it’s not always available due to possible side effects such as sun exposure and heat stroke (if you’re more on the fair side).

However, these two piece long sleeve swimsuits from the list Below provide a great high waist that is not only safe but still flattering. If you don’t choose a suit with a high waist then make sure that your suit has sufficient coverage by choosing one that hits at least 2 inches below your belly button.

Make sure you choose the right long sleeve swimsuit for your body type as well as your personal preference with these tips. Follow this guide and you’re guaranteed to have a top-notch swimming experience.

Here are 7 of the top two piece long sleeve swimsuits that you can buy. From color, style, fabric to silhouette these Women’s long sleeve swimsuits are all Perfect.

7 Best Two Piece Long Sleeve Swimsuit

JadeRich Women’s Fashion Pattern Long Sleeve Tankini Sets UPF 50+ Rash Guard Swimsuit

The perfect summer suit. The only upper you’ll need this season are this easy-to-wear jadeRich swimwear. 82% chinos, 18% spandex material makes them soft and elastic so your body will love how it fits perfectly just like they were made for each other. No matter what the occasion or activity may be that day.

It also features fashionable patterns with long sleeve options in addition to boy shorts lined by a fabric designed not to have any sign of fading after being laundered over again on another hot load inside our dryer at home (which is recommended). For those looking for an extremely modest yet flattering look while still feeling comfortable all around throughout their journey.

  • Stay fashionable while swimming in the water
  • Flatters your body shape with high-waist bottoms
  • Swimsuit is affordable but of the highest quality
  • Superb fit that you will love
  • Not true to size
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Bowanadacles Womens Long Sleeve Zipper Front high Waist Thong Bikini Set 2 Piece Swimsuit

Do you want to feel like a model on your next beach day? These swimsuits will make it happen. The Bowanadacles Women’s Bikini Sets provide the perfect balance between sexy and stylish. With 2 pieces that come in different color options (blue, green), they’re an ideal gift choice for friends or lovers who enjoy sunshine beaches & water sports alike.

These suits also dry quickly so you can go from poolside prancing around all afternoon without worrying about getting damp again when it’s time to cool off later nothing worse than coming back inside after being out front under those hot suns with wet hair too long).

  • Unique styles
  • Perfect for any occasion
  • Comfortable fabrics
  • Dry quickly
  • Affordable prices
  • None
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Century Star Two Piece Swimsuit Long Sleeve Lace Up Back Swimwear

Century Star makes a unique two-piece swimsuit that’s perfect for swimming, beach days, and poolside fun. The top has push-up padded bras with the added bonus of being adjustable so you can wear it as just one piece or add on another accessory such as their matching bikinis to spice things up.

This style also comes in several other colors besides pink which is what caught my eye at first but I’m glad they have more than just florals because those tend not to be very versatile when paired alternately day after hot.

  • Lace up design
  • High elasticity boyshorts
  • Give your bust full support
  • Unique floral print to be fashionable
  • Not for Bursty girl
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FORNY Women Two Piece Swimsuits

FORNY woman’s two piece swimsuits are a fashion-forward way to show off your figure in the water. The nylon fabric of these rash guards is soft and comfortable, with adjustable straps that can be removed for added coverage on hot summer days when going deeper into surf zones where you’re more likely at risk from sunburns or other skin damage due to water exposure.

The crop top design ensures no Swimwear disappears beneath your shirt while showing plenty of sexy curves without being too revealing. There is extra material around both waistbands so it won’t gap between straps when wet.

  • Adjustable and removable straps
  • Great way to show your sexy figure
  • Long sleeve 2 piece swimsuit
  • Crop top design
  • Soft, comfortable to wear
  • Sizing way off
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YATEEN Women’s Long Sleeve Sun Protection Rash Guard Wetsuit Two Piece Swimsuit Set

Sun protection is important for your skin. So, if you want to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays then Yateen has got just what you need. It’s a two piece swimsuit set that includes a long sleeve rash guard and crew neck design along with removable padded cups without underwire.

This fabric provides fitted support while still giving room at key areas like bust or hips (for fuller figures). That means no more worrying about getting burnt when visiting beaches all across America. Because now there’ll be an extra layer between us and those harsh Tannoys.

It also comes equipped with UV Block protective fabric.

  • Customized fit without underwire
  • UPF 50+ protective fabric
  • Long sleeve two piece swimsuit
  • Quick-drying stretch fabric
  • Padded cups that provide support
  • Don’t get if you have large breast
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XAKALAKA Women’s Plus Size Zip-Front Multicolor Striped Long Sleeve Tankini

XAKALAKA’s Women’s Plus Size Bathing Suit Top is the perfect choice for summer swimming. The top has an easy-to-match design, and Xakalaka offers many different types of swim bottoms so you can find one that fits perfectly.

The rash guard style also comes with a zip front which makes it the most popular option among our customers who want extra warmth during those cold months nearby lakes or rivers. If looking more traditionally elegant but still keeping up-to-date on fashion trends then we recommend checking out their surfer top made from breathable quick-drying high-quality chinlon material as well as comfortable durable long-lasting wear.

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Durable with quick-drying fabric
  • Long sleeve swimsuit with shorts
  • Quick zip front for convenience
  • Flowy, yet modest
  • sizing is off
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AlvaQ Women Long Sleeve Color Block Print Rash Guard Tankini Swimsuit

AlvaQ Women’s Tankini Swimsuit is made of 82% nylon and 18% spandex, which makes it quick-drying and breathable. With its comfortable material that can last for long periods without tearing or ripping easily in the water. it’s perfect for surfing, swimming, or snorkeling trips.

Be safe with this suit by wearing a rash guard top as well so your skin won’t get burned by UV rays while you’re out exploring these beautiful oceans today.

  • Soft, quick-dry material
  • Long-lasting and durable for hours of use
  • Comfortable with breathable fabric
  • UV blocking against harmful rays from the sun
  • Womens long sleeve swimsuit
  • None
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What is a two-piece bathing suit called?

A two-piece bathing suit is also referred to as a bikini. It consists of top and bottom pieces. In most cases, the top half fits around the back of the neck while covering the chest area and midriff or stomach area.

The bottom part may be either bikini briefs or a skirted bottom. Sometimes, it is wrapped in fabric that covers up to under the navel.

What are long sleeve swimsuits?

Long sleeve swimsuits have been designed for both female and male swimmers that want sun protection at all times when going into deep waters. When you consider that even on cloudy days, 55% of the Sun’s ultraviolet rays can get through to your skin, you’ll realize why wearing a long-sleeve swimsuit is a smart choice. They have been designed to give the best protection from the Sun, as well as from cold water.

What is a Trikini swimsuit?

A Trikini swimsuit is a type of bikini. It consists of three parts: the top, the bottom, and one piece of fabric that ties around the waist to join the two other pieces together.

The three pieces are not attached to each other, but they are held together by the waist tie. To give it an even sexier look, you can opt for additional straps across your chest area. A Trikini swimsuit is best worn on women with long torsos because it makes them look proportionate.

When did two piece bathing suits become popular?

Two piece bathing suits became popular sometime in the 1960s. Before then, women swam either in one-piece swimsuits or men’s swimming trunks.

However, when fashion icon Annette Funicello wore a two piece bikini on a 1962 beach party show that featured Frankie Avalon, this marked the beginning of the modern trend of wearing bikinis for women during summer vacations and other special occasions.

Why are they called bathing suits?

The term “bathing suits” is a popular expression for a certain type of clothes worn by people when they go swimming or sunbathing. The bathing suit does not refer to a specific piece of clothing, but rather to the category that includes one-piece and two-piece swimsuits used by both female and male swimmers together with shorts, tank tops, or T-shirts.

Is it bad to wear swimsuit?

Swimsuits that are too revealing can be bad because they may cause other people to think of your body in a sexual manner when in reality you’re trying to wear them for purely recreational purposes.

This can be particularly disturbing if you’ve been sexually assaulted or raped at some point in your life and the last thing you want is to have someone leering at your body. For this reason, it’s best to stick with swimsuits that cover most parts of your body so as not to attract undue attention from onlookers.

Is it bathing suits or swimsuits?

The word “swimsuit” is a popular term used to refer to a piece of clothing that you wear when going swimming. It may be a bikini, a tankini, or just some shorts and a shirt together with goggles and flippers.

On the other hand, some people prefer to use the word “bathing suit,” which probably stems from the fact that women used to cover up their whole bodies whenever they entered water because it was considered immodest for them to show any skin apart from their faces.

How many types are there in two-piece bathing suits?

There are essentially four types of two-piece bathing suits: bikini briefs, skirted bikini briefs, bandeau bikinis, and high waisted bikinis.

Bikini briefs

these are the most common type of two-piece bathing suits that you’ll find in the market today. They cover up your upper and lower body and usually have a small skirt attached to them just below the navel area, similar to what girls wear on prom night. Aside from looking glamorous, they provide full coverage around the stomach and chest areas.

Bandeau bikinis

as their name suggests, bandeau bikinis are bikini tops shaped like a bandeau. This type of top doesn’t use straps or ties.

instead, it uses adhesive cups that can be placed into any given position for optimal support and lift effect. It is thus best worn by women with smaller bust sizes and flatter stomachs.

Skirted bikini briefs

these bikinis are similar to regular bikini briefs, the only difference being that they include a triangular piece of cloth around the hips which resembles a skirt in appearance.

This type of bathing suit is perfect for women with smaller builds because it’s capable of giving them extra curves where it counts most.

High waisted bikinis

just like bandeau bikinis, high waisted bikinis don’t use traditional straps or ties. instead, these two-piece swimsuits make use of adhesive cups in order to hold up your top and bottom pieces in place.

They provide full support and lift effect while concealing the midriff area for women who want to emphasize their busts and reduce the size of their hips.

How to choose two-piece swimsuit?

When choosing a two-piece bathing suit, you should first take measurements around your torso region so as to figure out the size that would be appropriate for you. It’s best to go one size below your usual pant or shirt size because most bikinis are not very large.

If you’re buying online, then you can refer to the sizing charts provided by bikini manufacturers in order to find out which pair fits you perfectly.

Remember that it’s better to buy a larger bathing suit than too small because it tends to stretch out after an hour or so of wear time, resulting in less support for your bust area.

You’ll also need to consider the types of tops and bottoms available for sale. If you have a flat stomach, then high waisted bikinis would be ideal because they can provide you with extra curves at your midriff area without exposing too much skin. On the other hand, if your best asset is your busts, then go with bandeau bikini tanks or bras instead.

Boating trips are great occasions for spending time together with friends while cruising along the water; however, it can also get quite dangerous if everyone isn’t properly attired.

This means that every member should wear clothes that will not come off easily in case something goes wrong like capsizing or running aground where there’s no way out but into the sea itself.

Women should be wearing two-piece bathing suits and not bikinis if they want to stay safe at sea. This is because one-piece swimwear like women’s bikinis offers less coverage around the chest and stomach areas.

As such, it poses more risk in terms of drowning especially during emergency situations where you might need to jump into deep waters without warning.

What are some considerations for choosing a bikini?

When it comes to buying a bikini, there are several factors that you should take into account first before submitting your order online:


many people fail to realize that comfort is key when owning anything including a bathing suit. One of the most important things to look out for in a piece of clothing is the quality of the fabric that’s used for construction, especially if it’s a swimsuit.

Fabrics that retain their elasticity and shape even after time passes by are great because they make you feel secure while wearing your bikini. On the other hand, fabrics that easily get wrinkled or become rough after multiple washes tend to make you feel uneasy when walking around in them.


color plays an important role when choosing a suit since it can completely change your outlook on life depending on which hue you wear. Bikinis come in different colors like blue, lime green, orange, red, white, and pink.

however, keep in mind that dark-colored bathing suits require more maintenance than lighter ones because they tend to fade quickly on their own.


Lastly, it’s a good idea to set a budget first before browsing the web for your bikini order because some pieces can be quite expensive depending on which brand or store you choose to purchase from.

For instance, Victoria’s Secret has long been known as an authority on women’s swimwear and they’re not afraid to show it by charging high prices accordingly. In contrast, brands like Seafolly are known as affordable options when looking for bikinis that meet quality standards despite coming from unknown manufacturers.


We’ve compiled a list of the best two piece long sleeve swimsuits that are available on Amazon. The descriptions below will give you some more information about each suit, as well as its pros and cons to help you make your decision easier.

Which one will work for you?  Please describe us in a comment section.

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