Top 7 Best Two Piece Swimsuit With Shorts [Buying Guide]

What are women looking for in a two piece swimsuit with shorts? For one, they want to make sure it fits well and is comfortable to wear. But there are also other things that women look for in a two-piece or bikini, like the style of the design. We all have our personal preferences when it comes to women’s swimwear styles—some prefer more coverage while others want something more revealing.

And then some just want something with shorts on underneath. No matter what your preference might be though, we’ve got you covered with these 7 two-piece swimsuits with shorts reviews.

How to choose Two Piece Swimsuit With Shorts [Buying Tips]

2 piece swimsuits are usually the most flattering options because of the clean lines. Always go for a women’s swimsuit with shorts when you are at home or when you are on the beach.

Sometimes choose a fabric that is easy to hand-wash and quick-drying so that you can avoid dry cleaning hassle and time for wearing it again after washing.

Before choosing, always check out if there is lining inside and stitching seems strong and durable enough and properly sewed on pieces to be able to last a long period of use without any issues or concerns arising.  This can be very helpful in saving money from re-buying it again after few times using it.

If possible, try finding 2 piece swimsuits with removable straps which will allow you to get something that you can use and brings more possibilities instead of the fixed one.

Avoid buying children’s swimsuits to wear as women’s swimwear as they offer little support and coverage.

Women’s swimsuits with shorts should always be chosen as per your body type for an ideal look.  Different fabric comes in different choices like bikini or brief options which you must check before purchase.

Here is a List Of our Top Picks two piece swimsuit with shorts.

7 Best Two Piece Swimsuit With Shorts

1. Yonique Women’s Tankini Swimsuits Athletic Two Piece Tummy Control

The material of this swimsuit is high quality and durable. It’s made with 82% nylon, 18% spandex so it has durability without being too heavy or thick in weight for summer water activities like swimming.

The pull-on closure makes it easy to get on while still offering security if you want more coverage around your chest area or backside.

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Plus there is four strap criss-cross detailing that offer great support even after hours spent at the beach-front pool decking out those famous black jellies into shape again after they’ve been worn down by saltwater intrusion. This particular design also features an adjustable shoulder pad system which means ladies can enjoy unmatched comfort throughout their entire day-long adventures under waves.

Product Spec:

  • True to size
  • Pull-On closure
  • Designed five US sizes
  • 2 piece swimsuit

What we like:

  • Made from a high-quality material
  • Supports your back and chest area
  • Durable for use at the beach or poolside
  • The unisex design offers more coverage

What we don’t like:

  • Some customers complain about product Poor stitching, color also gone after washing
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2.  Century Star Tankini Swimsuits for Women

The Century Star Tankini Swimsuits are perfect for any occasion. These stylish suites have a padded bra without underwire, adjustable straps, and matching boyshorts that always give you the lift needed to look sexy in front of everyone else at your next beach party or all-out swimsuit season.

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With spaghetti strap designs as well as retro floral prints like those seen on vintage cars from decades past (just think outside belly).

These tankinis will make sure others notice how amazing YOU feel inside too–because we know confidence can come from somewhere besides designer clothes.

Product Spec:

  • True to size
  • Superior in material
  • Comes in all sizes
  • Hand wash in cold water
  • 2 piece swimsuit

What we like:

  • Padded bra without underwire
  • Adjustable straps
  • Matching boyshorts that always give you the lift needed to look sexy in front of everyone else at your next beach party or all-out swimsuit season.

What we don’t like:

  • Some customers complain about the product ‘I put it in a washer before the first use. When I got it out, the straps were a messy bundle’
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3. Tempt Me Women Two Piece Swimsuits Tummy Control Tankini

The women’s tankini swimsuit is a must-have for any summer vacation and pool parties. Made with high-quality fabric, the suit features colorful printed patterns that are lightly shirred at the breast area while still being very stylish without being too revealing or containing solid colors only to make it more conservative than other bikinis on sale today.

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You’ll love its FLIRTY boy leg bottom which covers you from the head down tories. This one gives total coverage but doesn’t overwhelm your figure like some others out there do.

Product Spec:

  • High-quality fabric
  • Solid color boy leg bottom
  • comfortable racerback design
  • 2 piece swimsuit

What we like:

  • Completely covers your curves
  • Flirty boy leg bottom to cover up your thighs
  • Made of high-quality fabric that won’t shrink in the wash
  • Sizes we come in: xs, s, m, and l

What we don’t like:

  • Some customers complain about product Sizing way off
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4. Yonique Two Piece Tankini Swimsuits for Women

Yonique swimsuits are perfect for beach days and water workouts. The two-piece suits with shorts that come in black, white floral, or paisley will provide you the freedom to exercise without having to worry about revealing too much skin.

With an attractive design on top of both pieces (front showing off your curves). This suit can make anyone look long leaner than before they put it on themselves.

The front closure is fitted which creates a slimming effect while hiding the belly button ring. There’s also an elastic band around the regular boy short style bottom so users don’t feel uncomfortable when wearing them.

Product Spec:

  • Halter V Neckline
  • Soft Padded Bra
  • Open Back
  • Twist Front
  • 2 piece swimsuit

What we like:

  • The perfect addition to your summer wardrobe
  • Flattering for all shapes and sizes
  • Increase self-confidence in a matter of minutes

What we don’t like:

  • None
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5. Holipick Women Tankini Swimsuits with Boy Shorts Tummy Control Two Piece Bathing Suits

The perfect swimwear set to wear at the beach or pool is this two-piece bathing suit from Holipick. With adjustable shoulder straps and removable cups, it offers great support for your bust while also being comfy enough that you can forget about its presence during any activity.

The top portion of each item features 3 layers – a ruffled bottom with peekaboo side slits which are long enough so they don’t show too much skin when sitting down but high enough not to have to ride up in back after bending over either.

The flounce middle layer covers the baby belly without revealing too much stomach area around the midsection.

Product Spec:

  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Full coverage swimsuit
  • Built-in wire-free removable cup bra
  • 2 piece swimsuit

What we like:

  • Great support for the bust
  • Ruffles and peekaboo slits
  • Doesn’t ride up when sitting down

What we don’t like:

  • Some customers complain about product Terrible Quality
  • Poor Packaging
  • Poor design
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6. Speedo Girls’ Swimsuit Two Piece Bikini Boy Short Set

Speedo’s swimsuit is designed for sporty girls who like to play in the water. This two-piece set comes with silicone grippers at each leg opening, so it stays comfortably on your body as you cannonball around all day long.

Made from durable fabric that can withstand chlorine and its acidic pH level (which means no burning), these suits are perfect not only during summertime but also any time of year when kids need protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

These colorful crops show off Speedos’ signature race back strap while still being soft enough against sensitive skin – something every kid deserves.

Product Spec:

  • 82% Polyester, 18% Spandex
  • Imported
  • Pull-On closure
  • Hand Wash Only
  • 2 piece swimsuit

What we like:

  • The only bathing suit a girl needs
  • Comfortable and functional for today’s active girls
  • You can do anything in this speedo!
  • Our suits will make you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all

What we don’t like:

  • None
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7. Modest Tankini Swimsuits for Women Two Piece Bathing Suits

The Women Tummy Control Tankini is a great option for women who want to make their figure Curve Smart. The material of this swimsuit keeps you comfortable and legal in the water, while still looking good on dry land too.

This top has wide shoulder straps that can be tied at different lengths (or not) along with an attached bowknot design which will add some flair when worn atop one’s head.

we recommend trying it low if desired so as not to distract from the chest area during use. It features underwire padding bralettes without wire running through them – making things lighter than ever before yet still providing ample support where needed most: around those newly enhanced curves.

Product Spec:

  • Long Torso Tankini Blouse Top
  • Boyshorts Bottom
  • Multiple sizes
  • Professional design
  • 2 piece swimsuit

What we like:

  • Curves are in
  • Keeps you looking good on land and at sea
  • Underwear-like fit with no wire running through for lightness
  • Available in 3 different styles: camisole, tankini, or swim shirt

What we don’t like:

  • Some customers complain about product  Sizing Way Off
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1.  What kind of two piece swimsuit with shorts?

Push-up bikini top and the high-waisted bottom are the most common styles for two-piece swimsuits.

Another popular style is the high neck bikini top and wide-leg bottom. So it’s better if you check the type before buying them online.

Shorts are suitable for different figures, but they are not good for all faces. If you have a long face or thin legs, avoid wearing short-form pants to make your body proportion harmonious. In addition, if your waist is much thicker than other parts of your body, choose a bikini top with adjustable straps to highlight the narrow waistline.

The length of the bottom should be longer than that on the shapely figure. Keep in mind that even if some styles look fine on skinny models do not need to look good on everyone! For example, one-piece swimsuits with high waists are the easiest choice for the pear-shaped figure.

2. What should you pay attention to before buying?

When choosing a two piece swimsuit with shorts, if it is true that everyone has different tastes, there are some key points to be considered. First of all, consider your body type and which style suits you best.

Second, think about whether you are just going on holiday or heading off to the beach for some more active pursuits such as windsurfing or snorkeling. If so think about whether you want to protect yourself from the sun with UPF protection or whether UV protection is not necessary because of your skin tone.

You can also purchase a separate top and bottom rather than having one with another matching style. After all, it is your holiday and you should choose the swimsuit that makes you look and feel good for the whole day.

3. Which brand can help me get related two piece swimsuits with shorts?

We know there are tons of brands on the market. However, our focus is to provide you with styles rather than brands.

If you are interested in known brands, we recommend checking them Above.

They have been well-known as makers of stylish but durable women’s clothing from all over the world for decades. Have a look online now You might find your ideal matches here.

Final Thoughts

No need to worry about what swimsuit you’re going to buy this summer. We have the top 7 best two piece swimsuit with shorts that are perfect for fitting any body type. Whether you’re looking for a bikini, tankini, or one-piece suit, we’ve got something for everyone.

With so many options out there it can be hard knowing which is the right fit and style of swimwear for your needs. But don’t fret because our experts did all the research for you.

You’ll find everything from flattering silhouettes, beautiful colors, and soft fabrics in these pieces. So go ahead – browse through our list of favorites Above then head over to shop now before they’re gone.


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