Types of Swimsuits With Pictures [Ultimate Guide]

Summer is on its way and you know what that means: ladies are going to want to wear their swimsuits. But how do you know which type of swimsuit to buy? There are so many different types out there.

In this article, we will discuss the different types of swimsuits with pictures and help you find the best one for your style and personality.

What Is A Swimsuit?

A swimsuit is a piece of clothing that covers the torso and part or all of the legs, worn by both men and women for swimming or sun-bathing.

Who Invented Swimsuits?

Swimwear was first worn by people sunbathing in the late 19th century. It was not until 1915 that the first bathing suit was designed for women who would later go on to inspire what we now know as surf culture. However, this style of swimsuit did not become popular amongst women until much later.

Types Of Swimsuits For Ladies (Types of Swimsuits With Pictures)

Rash Guard

If you are looking for a swimsuit that will protect your skin from the sun, then this is probably it. It’s made of neoprene with UV protection and provides extra warmth in cold water. The best part about these suits is that they come in so many different colors.

 Tankini Top & Swim Dress

This type of suit can be worn by anyone who wants more coverage than what a bikini offers without wearing something long like shorts or pants.

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These tops often have matching bottoms which provide even more coverage while still giving off a stylish look. Plus they’re super comfortable to wear all day at the beach if she plans on doing some swimming as well.

One-Piece Suit

Last but not least we have the one-piece swimsuit. These are great for ladies who are looking to hide any possible problem areas on their stomach or legs. Even though they do offer more coverage, you can still show off your curves in these if that’s what she prefers.

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Types Of One-Piece Swimsuits

Racerback Swimsuits

Racerback swimsuits are the perfect combination of sporty and chic. Also referred to as regular one-piece suits, these types often have a keyhole cutout in the center which makes it easy for her to show off some skin while still being covered up.

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 High Neck One Piece

If you’re looking for something that will cover your stomach completely (and possibly give extra support), then this is probably what she’ll want to wear. These high neck one-piece swimsuits usually come with padded cups or removable pads so you can easily put them inside if desired.

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They also make breastfeeding during swimming much easier since they don’t offer any nip slips as other bikinis would do. This type might not be as trendy, but it’s a practical choice for any lady who wants to keep covered up.

 Halter One Piece

Another trendy type of swimsuit is the halter one-piece. This style often includes ruching or pleating that can make your waist look smaller and provide support at all the right places.

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They’re perfect if she feels self-conscious about her arms since they give full coverage on your backside while providing more freedom in the chest area where you might want to show off some skin.

Types Of Two-Piece Swimsuits


Bikinis are some of the most popular swimsuits that ladies wear. These types usually have a top and bottom which can be worn together or separate depending on what she prefers.

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They’re also great for women who don’t want to show off too much skin but still want something stylish.

 High Waisted Bottoms

If you know your girl is more likely going to go for high-waisted bottoms, then it’s important to make sure they fit correctly so nothing slips out while swimming.

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This style of bikini offers extra coverage around her stomach area as well as giving off an overall slimming effect throughout the rest of her body. Perfect if you’re looking for a cute one-piece with a little more pizzazz.

 Classic Bikini

Last but not least we have the classic bikini. This style is just as it sounds, a simple two-piece swimsuit that’s perfect for women who might prefer to go without any flashy details.

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If she’s more of an athletic type and enjoys spending time at the pool or beach in her free time, then this is probably what she’ll want to wear! It offers plenty of support around her chest area while still allowing for some skin exposure in other areas where you might feel most comfortable showing off your curves.

Types Of Swimsuit Tops And Bottoms

Tops and Bottoms  

The most basic type of swimsuit is a two-piece with both top and bottom included. This style is perfect for ladies who want to change into something more practical when they get out of the water or just feel like wearing separates instead of spending too much time putting on an entire suite at once.

 Bandeau Bikini Top

If she’s looking for a bikini with less coverage around her chest area, then this might be what she’ll choose! She can still show off some skin in these while giving herself ample support throughout since it comes up higher than other types that don’t provide full protection under your arms and towards your backside.

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 Tankini Swimsuits

These types of swimsuits are perfect for ladies who might want to show off a little more skin than your average bikini top and bottom would provide. They usually include a tankini top that’s paired with shorts or skirts so you can choose how much coverage you prefer depending on where she plans to spend her time swimming.

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 Halter Swimsuit

These types of tops help emphasize the neckline while also making it easy to cover your stomach at all times, which is why they’re great if she doesn’t feel comfortable showing off too much skin up around her chest area.

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She’ll still be able to flaunt those gorgeous curves in this type since it offers plenty of support no matter what size chest she has! And don’t worry about any nip slips, because this style of swimsuit is perfect for ladies who want to keep things modest. finitely a practical choice for any lady who wants to keep covered up.

 Backless Bikini

If your girl dreams about showing off a little bit of side boob (or even if she prefers not to), then backless bikinis might be perfect for her.

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This type allows you to show off all sorts of things like tattoos or tan lines depending on where you want them displayed throughout the year. These types also tend to provide more support in the chest area since they naturally keep things covered up no matter what size she is.

 Tankini Top

If she’s looking for something that will help her feel comfortable in the water, then this is perfect. It provides plenty of support while also giving you full exposure throughout.

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She’ll be able to show off some skin without feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable since it gives extra coverage around your backside and chest area where you might otherwise want to keep covered up.

 Swimsuit Cover-Ups

These types of swimsuits are perfect for ladies who like the idea of wearing a bikini but also want to feel covered up. They’re usually made from cotton and include shorts or skirts that will help her stay comfortable throughout the day without feeling too exposed in public swimming areas.

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 Tankini Set

If your girl loves shopping, then she’ll love tankinis. This type is two pieces: a tank top and bottom (connected) so it’s easy to change into once you get out of the water instead of having to put on an entire suite at once since these only consist of two separate parts.

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She might be looking for something more modest than most bikinis and this is perfect for that! It provides more coverage in the chest area where it might otherwise be too revealing while also allowing you to show off some skin if desired.


If she’s looking for a style of swimsuit that will make her stand out from everyone else, then monokinis are perfect. This type only includes one piece so no need to worry about changing into anything else once swimming time is over.

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They’re great since they provide plenty of support while still giving your lower half full exposure throughout. Plus, these types tend to flatter all body shapes without making any type of adjustments needed whatsoever which makes wearing them fun and easy.


These types of swimsuits consist of two separate pieces (top and bottom) like traditional bikinis but they’re connected. If she’s looking for something more modest than the average bikini style, then this is perfect.

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It provides plenty of support while still showing off some skin if desired. Just don’t expect to wear anything underneath it since there isn’t any coverage in that area provided by these styles.

 Swim Skirt

These types are similar to tankini sets except these consist of two separate parts instead of one piece with shorts attached.

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The top will stay on your shoulders so you can change into this after swimming time is over without having to worry about putting on an entire suite at once which makes them ideal for ladies who want something short-term rather than wearing suits all day long. They’re also much more affordable than other types of swimsuits which makes them an easy choice.

  Monokini Set

If she’s looking for something that will make her feel like a celebrity, then monokinis are the way to go. This type is two pieces (top and bottom) so you can easily change into it after swimming time is over instead of having to put on an entire suite at once since these only consist of two separate parts.

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These would be great if your girl likes shopping because they provide plenty of support without making any adjustments needed whatsoever no matter what size or shape she might happen to have! Plus, this style tends to flatter all body shapes including larger sizes, unlike other styles that require some minor sizing adjustments.

Things Consider while purchasing swimsuit for Ladies:

Fabric (Nylon, Spandex)

The color of the fabric should be bright and vibrant. It shouldn’t be so dull that it blends in with other shades on a beach or poolside. Bright colors will make your girl look even more beautiful than she already is! Plus, many styles come in prints which further helps to add some character while also allowing her to stand out from everyone else if desired.


As far as price goes for these types of swimsuits, you can expect them to cost anywhere between $20-$100 depending upon where you purchase yours at plus they’re typically available at stores like Target or Amazon who both offer great selections too.

If you love shopping then monokinis are great since they’re typically cheaper than most styles which makes them affordable.

The fit

You need to remember that when you purchase a swimsuit for your girl, she wants it to feel like a second skin and not be too tight or loose either. Make sure the fabric is stretchy enough so it will hug her body perfectly without causing any discomfort. There shouldn’t be too much material hanging off of her otherwise this defeats the purpose of wearing one in the first place plus if there’s excess fabric then she might end up accidentally revealing more than intended as well.

Since swim dresses consist of two separate parts (top and bottom) instead of one piece with shorts attached; these allow ladies who something short-term rather than wearing suits all day long.

It Should Be Comfortable

Comfort is always important when it comes to anything she might wear but especially swimsuits since there’s so much skin showing plus these are typically worn in public too! Make sure the fabric is stretchy enough that it won’t chafe against her skin at any point during time spent wearing one out.

She shouldn’t feel like she wants to scratch herself constantly or has a wedgie either because this will just ruin her entire experience and make wearing them less enjoyable as well. If you purchase from Amazon then amazon prime offers great customer service & a return policy if something isn’t to her liking.

 It Needs To Provide The Necessary Support

This is especially true when it comes to larger cup sizes or if she has a tummy that she feels self-conscious about then adjustable straps are great for providing extra reinforcement whenever needed.

Plus, most styles also come with underwire which adds even more shape and definition around the bust area so this helps ladies feel confident in their swimsuits too without worrying about them being flat-chested or saggy.

She Wants It To Be Durable Enough Since They’re Worn Out Quite Often

Some cheaper brands will have trouble lasting through multiple trips but others like Hane’s offer high-quality fabrics that won’t fade easily either plus these can withstand excessive wear & tear made during time spent wearing one out.

 It Should Be Versatile

Since swimsuits are worn out quite often, you’ll want to make sure that the style of one she purchases can provide her with multiple wearing opportunities throughout upcoming seasons too.

This can help save money in the long run plus if it’s machine washable then this makes caring for them so much easier than having to handwash each time after use instead.


The functionality simply means whether or not a particular design will keep your girl safe during sun exposure while also providing UPF 50+ protection which blocks up to 98% of UVA & UVB rays from reaching the skin.

Sunscreen alone isn’t always enough but when combined; both items do wonders at keeping skin protected and healthy during time spent outdoors.

The right size

If she’s too small for one design then it will end up being baggy around legs or waistline but if she’s too large for another style of swimsuit, there might be excess material that can easily get in the way while trying to enjoy some fun in sun.

Plus, if a suit is cut wrong due to incorrect sizing on part of the manufacturer; you’ll typically notice fabric bunching at certain problem areas which only makes flaws more noticeable so make sure whatever piece your lady selects fits her perfectly before leaving the store with it instead.

 Swimsuits should be worn with caution

Ladies shouldn’t wear these in more conservative areas like the beach or public swimming pools since they might offend others who are easily offended.

On the other hand, if she lives on a private island where no one else is around then it’s fine to go bare but just avoid wearing them at school or work too otherwise she’ll likely get written up for breaking the dress code rules instead.

Plus, never attempt to tease anyone by flaunting her body while wearing revealing swimwear because this will only create unnecessary drama plus if you’re planning on spending time outside of the house during summertime; try not to look trashy either so always cover up when necessary.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

How Does A Period Swimsuit Work?

A period swimsuit is a swimsuit that works in sync with the menstrual cycle to counterbalance any temperature imbalances.

The suit has been designed with heat dissipation and cooling technology so it is capable of absorbing, storing, and releasing heat when needed most. Period swimsuits have a built-in heating or cooling system that allows you to control the temperature at will.

What Are Some Types Of Period Swimsuits?

There are two main types of period swimsuits: heating and cooling. Heating suits use waterproof fabric which contains an electric heating element sewn into the lining to help warm your core – similar in concept to a hot water bottle filled with rice, or a hand warmer from good stores.

Cooling suits are designed with heat reflection materials, which help to cool the wearer in much the same way as a mirror does.

What Is The Use Of Swimsuit In Swimming?

Swimming is a fun sport and activity that can be enjoyed by everyone. However, it is important to wear the right kind of swimsuits when you are going swimming to enjoy your time completely. Therefore you need to buy the best swimming suit for men or women depending upon sex.

Why Do Swimsuits Have A Hole In The Back?

Most swimsuit styles for men or women have the backside open, but you might wonder why. The truth is that it helps to make swimming more secure and easier for everyone involved.

Why Do Swimmers Wear 2 Caps?

Swimmers are required to wear caps when they are in the pool or other bodies of water. This is because swimming puts you at risk for hair loss, infections, and other problems related to the head.

The reason why swimmers need two different caps is that there are specific rules about wet vs non-wet swim caps.

What Styles Of Swimsuits Can Men Wear?

There are many different types of swimsuit style options available to men – including board shorts, speedos, square-cut suits, and board shorts with padding added.

These styles depend upon the preference of the wearer so you need to know what each suit has to offer before deciding on which one will suit your needs best.

Why Do Swimmers Wear Two Suits?

It is common for swimmers and surfers to wear two suits when they are in the water. The first suit should fit tightly against the body to help reduce drag while maintaining a comfortable level of flexibility. The second suit functions as a backup in case the swimmer loses their primary suit.

Final Thoughts(Types of Swimsuits With Pictures)

Women have a lot of different body types, and they want to feel confident in what they wear. They also enjoy wearing something that flatters their figure while still being comfortable.

If you’re struggling with finding the perfect swimsuit for her this summer, we recommend one of these options: tankini tops or halter bikini tops paired with bottoms; two-piece suits like bikinis; or monokinis (one piece).

We hope this helps you find the right fit. What type of swimsuits did you end up trying on? Let us know by commenting below.

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