What Do Wetsuits do | Comprehensive Wetsuits Cleaning Guide

Do you love the beach, surfing, or kayaking? If so, then you probably know that wetsuits are essential to any water sport. A wet suit is one of the most important pieces of equipment for people who enjoy being in and on the water. This article will focus on what do wetsuits do & how to clean a wetsuit instead of all of its many other uses.

What Is A Wetsuit And What Do Wetsuits Do?

A wetsuit is a tight-fitting garment that covers the whole body, except for at least some of its parts. Wetsuits are made out of neoprene or another similar material designed to keep water away from the skin so it can remain warm.

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The main purpose of these suits is to reduce heat loss in cold waters by increasing thermal insulation. They also provide protection against exposure through abrasion and sunlight reflection. When considering what do wet suits actually do, they have many purposes including:

  • Wave surfing
  • Water skiing
  • Coldwater fishing

How To Clean Your Wetsuit?

The saltwater is the biggest threat to your wetsuit. Saltwater can damage it by corroding neoprene and other materials that make up a wetsuit, as well as eroding rubber seals on zippers.

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To maintain your suit’s life, you need to clean it after each use. Fortunately, cleaning a wet suit isn’t hard at all if you know what to do & how. The following are some tips for keeping your best-wet suit in shape:

  • Hand wash with mild soap
  • Hang dry

Never put in washing machine or dryer And there you have it.

The Benefits Of Wearing A Wetsuit

Wetsuits are beneficial in many ways.

  • Provides thermal insulation
  • Protects against abrasion
  • Waterproof material for protection from the sun

Can be used as a buoyancy aid if worn alone or with an inflatable vest, to keep swimmers afloat horizontally face-up at the surface of the water.

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This allows them to conserve energy and can prolong survival time after making accidental submersion/falling into cold water by giving comfort through insulation while awaiting rescue. Wearing a wetsuit is not only essential when swimming/kayaking/surfing but it also has other benefits including:

  • Keeps you warm during colder periods allowing better flexibility without fear of hypothermia
  • Protects against abrasion
  • It’s waterproof allowing swimmers to stay in water for long periods without being exposed to the cold.

Can Be Used For Different Activities Such As Surfing Or Kayaking?

Yes. Wetsuits can be used for different activities such as surfing or kayaking and so much more.

 Tips for picking the right size for your needs

Before you buy your wetsuit, make sure to pick the right size.

Here are some tips for picking the right size:

  • Measurements in inches
  • Circumference of chest
  • Circumference of waist
  • Shoulder width
  • Arm length

Use these measurements when buying a new suit and you can’t go wrong. It’s important that before purchasing any kind of clothing or accessory, it fits perfectly If not, then there is no point in wearing an ill-fitting item because it will be uncomfortable & won’t do its job properly.

Final Thoughts

When you are done wearing your wet suit, don’t throw it in the dryer. The heat will cause the neoprene to shrink and lose its flexibility which can lead to ripping or tearing. Instead, hang them out on a clothesline where they will dry naturally over time. If this post was helpful for you please share it with friends.

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