What Do You Wear Under a Wetsuit| Best Guide For Both Gender

Wetsuits are great, but they can be uncomfortable if you don’t wear the right undergarments. What do you wear under a wetsuit? It depends on what kind of activity you’ll be doing.

If your main goal is to stay warm, then thermal underwear is perfect for this job. But if you’re looking to go surfing or diving, then there are some different choices that may work better for your needs.

Why Wear A Wetsuit?

Wetsuits are worn to help you retain body heat in cold water, since water conducts heat away from your body 25 times faster than air. A wetsuit will stop the wind and keep your skin covered, reducing evaporative cooling, but only if it fits correctly.

Wetsuits are designed to allow a layer of still air between your skin and the neoprene. If the suit is too tight or small around the shoulders, not enough wind can get through to reduce cooling.

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Too loose around the arms and hips, and you’ll have gaps where wind/water can flow in without being impeded by insulation.

As with any clothing, there are different layers of protection for different conditions a lighter wetsuit for warmer water and a thicker wetsuit for colder.

What Do You Wear Under a Wetsuit Male & Female

What To Wear Under Wetsuit Male

The general consensus is that wearing a bathing suit or boxers under your wetsuit is fine, but not ideal. Wearing nothing underneath gets you the best fit and reduces water flushing (water sneaking in through gaps/seams in the wetsuit), but for many people this isn’t an option.

Here’s what to do when you need to wear something under your wetsuit:

1)  A thin Lycra style swimsuit will help reduce flushing and give you a better fit than swimming trunks. Because it’s so close-fitting, it won’t bunch up or create pockets where water can sneak in; plus, it has less chance of coming off when you need it most. It also helps protect against sunburn on your back and shoulders.

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2) Tight fitting boxers, on the other hand, will give you a looser fit than swimming trunks and can reduce chafing between your thighs and arms. However, they risk bunching up or slipping off more easily than swim briefs under your wetsuit. If you choose to go with boxers make sure they’re tight enough around your thighs not to slide down during a dive.

3) Underwear such as briefs (not boxer-briefs) is also an option; though it gives you less freedom of movement than swim shorts or standard boxers do, if it doesn’t slip off too easily then it could be a good choice for added warmth and reduced flushing compared to something like bike shorts.

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If you wear any tight fitting clothing underneath your wetsuit, make sure it doesn’t restrict your range of motion. Layering up with big sweaters or sweatshirts isn’t ideal since they’ll reduce the amount of insulation around your core (which is where most heat loss occurs) and can also make it hard for you to get out of your wetsuit if something goes wrong.

 What To Wear Under Wetsuit Female

Women may want to opt for choosing a bikini over regular swimwear, even though some women’s swimsuits don’t stay in place as well as men’s do; while it will be more revealing than some options, it will give you a better fit and won’t bunch up or slide off as easily.

1)  Lycra bike shorts with a loose fitting tankini are another good choice for warmth without constricting movement, but avoid wearing anything that’s tight or restrictive since it won’t fit as well over your wetsuit and is more likely to bunch up or slip off under your wetsuit.

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2) Try pants like leggings instead of tights if possible; tights are tighter around the legs/hips, which can make them uncomfortable when you’re in the water and harder to put on after getting out of the water. Loose fitting sweatpants also work if they don’t restrict your range of motion, but be prepared for higher risk of bunching up or slipping off during a dive.

Do You Wear Swim Trunks Under A Wetsuit

Swim trunks are best for men who want to wear something more casual under their wetsuit; it gives you a looser fit than boxers or briefs, which would constrict your legs (causing uncomfortable chafing) and increase the risk of bunching up.

For women, swim shorts are also an option; they’re typically tight-fitting but will give you better freedom of movement than bikini bottoms do since they won’t ride up as easily.

Do You Wear Bathing Suit Under Wetsuit

Beach wear like a simple tankini or bikini top can also be a good choice for women since it will give you a better fit than a standard swimsuit and won’t ride up as easily.

Anything tight or restricting should be avoided under your wetsuit, so don’t wear bras with wire, tights/pantyhose, bike shorts, yoga pants etc. Tight clothing underneath your wetsuit is more likely to ride up or bunch up worse than something looser fitting would, which will increase the risk of injury if worse comes to worst.

 Will I get sunburned wearing bakini under my wetsuit?

Yes. Swimwear covers less skin than trunks do and has less chance of slipping off, so it’s more likely to cause sunburn or chafing if worn underneath a wetsuit.

 Do Guys Wear Swim Trunks Under A Wetsuit

Yes and no. For better flexibility and range of motion, men may want to opt for wearing boxer-briefs instead of swim briefs; though they can bunch up or slide off more easily than regular boxers do, the reduced risk is worth the tradeoff in some cases (especially for those who prefer dive watches as their primary timepiece).

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Swim shorts are another good choice since you’ll get a looser fit than with boxer-briefs. However, be prepared for them slipping off or bunching up during diving or other water activities.

Why Do Surfers Wear Black Wetsuits?

Black is a commonly chosen color for wetsuits simply because it’s practical; black absorbs more heat from the sun than lighter colors, so it can keep you warmer. This is especially important in places where water temperatures are very cold compared to air temperature, since it will help prevent hypothermia.

It also means that dirt and stains are less likely to show up prominently, which isn’t ideal for surfers but is great for divers who are more likely to get their suits dirty or have problems with leaks.

Final Thoughts

There are many choices of what to wear under a wetsuit. If you’re a man, your choice is a lot easier since you can just go without anything and the suit will cover everything up for you. Women have more options but they all have their own pros and cons depending on how much coverage or support it provides.

For example if she’s going with something like board shorts then there isn’t any extra fabric to get in her way while diving so it’s great for that kind of activity. But if she wants some breast support because she has implants, sports bra might be better option as well as being supportive even when wet from swimming laps at the pool.

I Hope this article will be helpful to men and women who are looking for some options to wear under their wetsuit.

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