What To Wear Under Triathlon Wetsuit [Rash Gaurd Or What]

It can be difficult to figure out what to wear under triathlon wetsuit. It’s important to have the right materials that will help you stay warm and dry when you’re in the water for a long time.

Many different types of clothing can work well for this, but it is best to choose one based on your needs and preferences. In this article, we’ll go over some of these options so that you’ll know what works best.

What To Wear Under Triathlon Wetsuit?

If you want to wear a wetsuit for short triathlon swims, be it a pool or an open water race, then the first question you need to ask yourself is: what to wear under triathlon wetsuit? Triathlon wetsuits are designed to keep your body warm during the cold water.

With this cut and specific design, however, it becomes impossible to put on long pants that will keep your legs warm. As for top layers, they should also fit tight so as not to come off during the transition.

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In order words, you will have no choice but wear a fairly slim-fitting triathlon suit if you want full thermal protection from cold temperatures in open water.

When talking about what type of triathlon clothing to wear underneath the wetsuit, there are several options. First, you need to know that to keep your body warm during the swim, open water races require a specific type of triathlon clothing that has no insulation since added insulation would create an extra layer of water between your body and the wetsuit.

The main material used for these tri suits is neoprene or elastane combined with polyester which provides the stretchiness needed by triathletes.

Since this is not running gear but cold-water racing gear, pockets are not what you will be looking for when deciding on what brand to buy.

Pockets can cause discomfort while swimming in a triathlon wetsuit due to water filling them up. One or two back pockets are allowed though, for such equipment as an MP3 player which you will need to put on your wetsuit’s zipper before the start of the race.

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Another option is to wear a triathlon sock and tennis shoes. This option raises another question: how should I secure my feet in my flippers? It has been demonstrated that there should be no compression between feet and flippers, otherwise it might end up restricting blood flow.

rash guard under wetsuit

In order words, do not wear socks with triathlon flippers since they can make them feel loose and unstable while swimming. A better choice would be wearing swim shoes (sandal type) such as those manufactured by Speedo or Finis which have Velcro straps for getting the perfect fit on your feet.

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It is highly recommended to get used to walking with swimming shoes on before the race in order not to be surprised by the difference between walking barefoot and wearing flippers.

What To Wear In non-wetsuit Triathlon?

It is better to wear triathlon clothing in cold water races for added insulation which will hold the body’s core temperature.

Some people may wonder if there are differences in how to wear triathlon clothing between races with or without wetsuits the answer is NO. Wearing a triathlon suit under your clothes in cold-water triathlons will keep you warm so there is no need for extra layers of tri suit, jerseys, jackets, etc.

Should I Wear A Wetsuit For A Sprint Triathlon?

The answer to this question depends on your swimming pace and how long the open water section of your race is. For example, if you are a slow swimmer then wearing a wetsuit for sprint races will give you an advantage.

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On the other hand, if you’re fast in the water, then wearing a wetsuit for a pool swim leg in a sprint triathlon may not be worth it due to added drag in the water which can slow you down.

Rash Guard Under Wetsuit

To save money, you should wear a rash guard under your wetsuit for cold-water swims. Wearing a long-sleeve triathlon suit has been proven to be enough by itself in terms of thermal insulation – but it is not very stylish.

But the most important reason why you need to wear a rash guard or any other type of long sleeve shirt before entering the water is skin protection.

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Open-water races mean that there will be rocks and people around, not to mention seaweeds which can give you nasty scratches on your skin when swimming at full speed. Wearing some protective layers will make sure that your body stays unharmed until after the race (usually no more than 1 hour total).

What To Wear Under Wetsuit For Warmth?

In cold-water triathlons, you should wear a polyester or nylon long sleeve shirt from your local outdoor shop under your wetsuit. Since this is a base layer it should be tight enough to not bunch up and make your life miserable while swimming.

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If you look for a good triathlon suit, make sure that it has flatlock seams since they will prevent chafing compared to traditional stitched seams. Another benefit of going with such as suit would be its antimicrobial properties.

Which can help to reduce body odor and lower the chance of microorganisms multiplying due to humidity which will eventually result in a bad smell after 1 hour of wearing it during the race.

Final Thoughts

what to wear under triathlon wetsuit or rash guard under wetsuit is important for success. But what’s more important than the clothes themselves is how they fit and if they’re comfortable to swim with or not.

For example, it might be worth considering wearing a wetsuit under your regular clothing as this will provide extra warmth and protection from injury during the race.

On another note, always make sure that whatever shoes you choose are designed specifically for swimming so that there won’t be any chafing issues while racing. I hope this article was helpful.

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