Xterra Wetsuit Review (Size Chart & Comparison)

Xterra has been our go-to company for years. They provide high-quality wetsuits with exceptional customer service and an affordable pricing structure, which we think is awesome.

Xterra is a company that believes in giving back to triathletes and swimmers. Xterrains have been able to pass along some real value by being an active member of their community, even when they aren’t sponsored directly by this business model.

Many people know about them because they sponsor so many events around town or countrywide which just goes testament to how successful this marketing strategy has been for Xtra Aquatics I mean–XTERRA

In addition, we need not forget its loyal customer base either constantly providing us with great gear at fantastic prices due credit where credit’s Due.

If you are looking for a company that makes high-quality suits, then Xterra is the place to go. From their wetsuits which come in all different sizes and styles to other equipment like swim goggles or Speedo fins. This brand has something everyone needs.

Today we going to do an Xterra wetsuit review with comparison.

Xterra Wetsuits Sizing Chart

It is important to note that Xterra’s wetsuits are sized according to height and weight. So, if you fall somewhere between two sizes, it is best to go with the smaller size so that you can ensure the suit won’t be too loose during your race

Here is the Xterra Wetsuits Size Chart Check Out Recommended.

xterra wetsuit review


If you’re looking for something more standard like medium or large, then this brand might not be the one for you. However, there are other companies out there that offer fits similar to Xterra which should work out just fine for those who prefer a dry fit over speed.

1.  Xterra Vengeance Wetsuit Review: Xterra Wetsuit Review

For those looking for the best wetsuit Xterra has to offer, look no further than their Vengeance. This suit is 7mm and offers some of the best insulation on the market. It is an ideal choice for anyone who wants the perfect balance between flexibility and heat retention.

  • Durable construction provides more warmth and durability with less weight.
  • A hydrophobic collar lining keeps water out while maintaining comfort against your neck.
  • A standard zipper with back entry makes it fast and easy to get in and out of this swimsuit.
  • Reflective accents improve visibility during early morning or evening training sessions.

This suite also features two very unique properties: its superior thermal performance as well as its ability to be worn as a triathlon or open water suit.

You can use it for short-to-medium length races without any problem, but you can also wear it for long hours in the open water where you need that extra bit of insulation.

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The Vengeance is one of our favorite suits around because of its quality and how well it performs. The fact you can use this suit for all sorts of different activities is just icing on the cake.

2.  Xterra Wetsuit Review: The Freedom

If you are looking for an affordable wetsuit, then look no further than the Freedom line from Xterra. These suits are designed to be lightweight, flexible, and stretchy which makes them ideal for shorter triathlons and training.

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The XTERRA Freedom is a low-cost tri suit that is durable and versatile enough for both pool and open water use.

  • Nylon/spandex construction provides superior stretch and recovery, keeping its shape wear after wear
  • Flat-lock stitching prevents chafing, keeping you comfortable whether swimming or running
  • Full zipper allows you to easily get in and out of this swimsuit as well as adjust your neckline to your preference
  • Reflective accents improve visibility during early morning or evening training sessions

Now we will be the first to admit that these suits are not going to last as long as their higher-end counterparts because they are more lightweight. However, if you plan on doing only shorter races (less than an hour) then this suit will work just fine for you.

The only downside to the suit is that it runs a bit small, so make sure you buy a size up.

3. Xterra Vector Pro Wetsuit Review – Xterra Wetsuit Review

Xterra’s Vector is one of their best wetsuits because it comes with everything you need for triathlons or open water swimming.

It has a smooth polyester exterior, adjustable keyhole back, and thick seams to keep you nice and warm during cold weather months.

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Constructed of durable water-resistant polyester material that retains body heat without feeling bulky or restrictive. Distributed seams reduce chafing and discomfort by positioning panels, where they are most likely to touch the skin, maximizing stretch points on each panel for exceptional fit equals, reduced rashes, and pressure point disturbance

  • Full zipper offers easy entry/exit as well as adjustability at the neckline
  • Kicking pads accommodate a full range of kicking motions
  • The high neck offers additional neck protection against impact during diving

The Vector is one of the most versatile suits on this list because it can be used for training or racing. You can wear this thing for pretty much every distance, making it ideal if you are looking to get into triathlons.

This suit is 7mm thick throughout except for the arms which are 5mm. This gives it plenty of warmth while still allowing you to maintain flexibility and range of motion; however, you should still not wear this thing in really cold weather (anything below 50 degrees).

4. The Zipperless Suit: Xterra’s Crossover

If you want something that has all the benefits of a full suit with the ease of a zipperless tri suit, then Xterra’s Crossover is for you.

It has a nylon exterior and a mesh interior lining to provide comfort and comfort while remaining lightweight enough to not hinder your performance.

What separates the XTERRA Crossover from other wetsuits on this list is its unique zipperless design that uses flat seams instead of exposed stitches.

This makes it much more comfortable to wear throughout long races, training sessions, or open water swims. We would go as far as to say that this suit is one of our favorite non-zippered tri suits because it can be worn for so many different types of activities without being an annoyance.

  • Nylon construction. Provides lightweight stretchy durability
  • Flat Lock stitching prevents chafing, keeping you comfortable throughout your training session or triathlon
  • Smooth flat seams allow for optimal comfort and flexibility without irritation

Xterra’s Crossover also features non-kicking pads on the sides of the thighs which allows the suit to be more flexible in open water when compared to other tri suits that have kicking pads.

This means that you will not become fatigued as quickly when wearing this thing for an entire race or long practice session because it does not restrict your movements in any way.

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The only downside is that because the exterior is nylon instead of polyester, it will retain its warmth less effectively in cold waters despite having a mesh interior lining.

  • Flatlock stitching prevents chafing—keeping you comfortable throughout your training session or triathlon
  • Non-kicking pads accommodate a full range of kicking movements in the water, ideal for open water races and long workouts

Crossover is a great suit if you are looking to buy something that has all the benefits of a full wetsuit with the comfortability of a zipperless tri suit.

It has been known to be able to last through multiple seasons without losing its quality which is why it is one of our favorite high-end wetsuits on this list.

5.  Xterra Vortex Wetsuit Review – Xterra Wetsuit Review

The Vortex has several benefits that make it one of the best suits on this list. It provides plenty of warmth despite being thin, is durable enough to last multiple seasons, and is also able to provide good buoyancy in the water which means less effort when kicking.

This tri suit also features crescent kick panels on both sides of the hip which allows you to have more flexibility while wearing this thing.

True to its name, one big advantage of having a wetsuit with crescent kick panels is that they help pull water more effectively since there are larger areas of fabric connecting your legs with streamlined body movements from side to side.

It is also worth noting that this suite consists of 100% Yamamoto rubber, which is one of the best materials for wetsuits because it retains its durability throughout long periods while still being able to provide warmth.

This suit’s forearm panels are made out of shoulder caps on other Xterra triathlon suits. This gives you more flexibility in your elbows when swimming without having to worry about losing the mobility or range of motion in your arms like you would with other tri suits.

Having mapped seams instead of exposed stitches means that there will be no irritation on your body when wearing this thing; instead, they end up providing more comfort than most suits with exposed stitching.

Made out of 100% Yamamoto rubber means that this suit is very durable and will retain its thermal properties throughout multiple seasons, unlike some other wetsuits which can lose their warmth over time.

This makes it a great choice if you are looking to purchase your first tri suit because it is one of the cheaper options on this list but still provides average quality compared to others.

A downside would be that when compared to other wetsuits from XTERRA that have mesh lining inside, this suit does not have much in terms of thermal insulation.

6.  Xterra Vortex Sleeveless Wetsuit Review – Xterra Wetsuit Review

The Volt and Vivid suits from XTERRA are the cheapest ones on this list. They both use Yamamoto rubber (which is one of the best materials for making wetsuits—it can retain warmth while still providing flexibility) but does not compare to other tri suits when it comes to durability.

However, what these two lack in overall quality, they make up for with their affordability and unique properties that cannot be found with other triathlon wetsuits.

The most noticeable difference between this suit and others on this list is that it uses an exterior material of nylon instead of polyester which means that the exterior will absorb water more effectively than a polyester-based suit even if it has hidden ventilation channels underneath its exterior layer.

This can be a problem for triathletes who prefer to race solely in the pool, but if you tend to do a majority of your training and swimming outdoors, this suit will work perfectly fine.

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This wetsuit is perfect for those that want an affordable option with plenty of warmth because it uses Xterra’s Thermal Plush technology which allows water to flow through the exterior nylon layer by creating tiny air pockets underneath it which trap heat from escaping.

In addition, there are rubber panels on both sides of the hip area as well as crescent kick panels around the lower back area so that you can have more flexibility when wearing this thing compared to other tri suits.

7.  Xterra Vivid Wetsuit Review – Xterra Wetsuit Review

The Vivid is a great alternative if you don’t mind sacrificing durability for affordability, but if you are new to triathlons and would like a cheaper alternative before committing to your first full tri suit, this is the one for you.

Xterra Vector Pro vs Vortex Pro

The Xterra Vector Pro vs Vortex Pro is an interesting comparison because they are both tri-wetsuits at similar price points, but each one has its unique properties that can help triathletes of different backgrounds.

 Vector – Best suit for cold water conditions, durability, and crescent kick panels for added side-to-side movement.

Vortex – Water will flow through the exterior nylon layer to give you warmth inside the pool even if it absorbs water quickly in choppy or open ocean conditions due to external material used.

Tips When Choosing Your Wetsuit

Pick a suit made out of Yamamoto rubber which ensures thermal insulation while being flexible enough so you can achieve proper swimming form feeling restricted in your movements.

Make sure the tri suit has hidden ventilation channels underneath its exterior layer if you are not planning on racing solely in the pool because it will absorb water faster than suits made out of materials other than nylon.

If you plan on transitioning quickly, make sure there are no rubber panels or seams that will impede your movement or create friction when running over wet pavement.

When choosing a wetsuit, make sure you pick one with properties suited for where you tend to train and race most frequently because warmer climates will require different temperature ratings compared to colder weather conditions.

Also, adding layers under your wetsuit can help compensate for high temperatures which is why it is important to choose something that fits properly so that air pockets won’t form between the exterior layer of your suit and body.

Figure out if you are more comfortable in full-length wetsuits or racing suits before choosing one because the wrong choice can make race day either more enjoyable or a miserable experience depending on what you pick.


Xterra is a company dedicated to creating quality products for triathletes which makes them a great brand no matter what kind of suit you choose from this list.

The Vivid may not be as durable as the Vector, but it has the unique properties that make it a great alternative for those who don’t mind sacrificing durability for affordability.

Choosing between the Vector and Vortex can be tough since they both have their benefits that could help triathletes with different backgrounds.

In the end, if you are just starting in triathlons and would like a cheaper alternative before committing to your first full tri suit, the Vivid is a great choice because it costs less than both higher-end wetsuits from Xterra while offering similar warm properties thanks to its ThermalPlush technology.

If you plan on transitioning quickly or race in colder conditions frequently, there is no better choice than the Vector Pro which has rubber panels in the hip area as well as crescent kick panels around the lower back area which allow for more flexibility compared to other tri suits that have these features.

If you need any help with anything regarding this article, please feel free to comment below.

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